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The Pensacola News Journal is a daily morning newspaper serving Escambia and Santa Rosa counties in Florida. It is Northwest Florida's most widely read daily. The News Journal is owned by Gannett, a national media holding company that owns newspapers such as USA Today and the Arizona Republic, among others.

Png has constant billing and collection issues and poor customer service, according to a client at

"Paid our newspaper subscription by phone on July 10, 2020. Received emailed confirmation. PNJ doesn't show paid. Consistent problem. Every time I try to pay our subscription bill on-line, the PNJ website doesn't show that my payment has gone through so I'm thinking that it has until I check my bank balance and the payment hasn't cleared. When I call customer service located in the Philippines I'm told my debit card was denied. This does not make sense as this is the same card I have used in the past month after month. I was told again today by the chat feature that my payment didn't go through when they tried on July 14, 2020, even though I have an emailed confirmation of the payment received. I have been trying to get someone at PNJ in Pensacola to talk to me but no one is available but the call center. This is unacceptable. I'm wondering how many other people are having these same issues."


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Safety (Former Employee) says

"They find ways to look for the negative and undercut people. The company changed my last three years there. It was one of the best. Sad to be pressured to leave after years of never missing a day of work. Cons: Leadership. Looking for anyways to ridicule and harass and show prejudice."

Warehouse Worker (Current Employee) says

"Working at PnG isn't all that great. I'm hired through a temp service. They expect alot from you and have no compassion as to if you can handle the job or not."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"The job there was ok but they take too much money out for transportation and your never guaranteed to work. So some days you get there and get sent back after taking that long trip Cons: Too far away"

Electrical Apprentice (Former Employee) says

"as this type of job it is tough workplace with too much stress and rush that makes some errors.they have no program for learning .your job change every day."

Cst (Current Employee) says

"The people are very nice , and the management really care about there employees . Safety is the number one priority at png . No room for advancement . Cons: not very much training."

Package Handler (Former Employee) says

"I experience hard work but for the most part that payed off it was a safe environment and as fare as dress code we had to ware gloves to prevent cuts and scraps supervisors was all ways on the look out for our safety Cons: The brakes was a litle short for the work that was being done"

Sorter/Packer (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work consisted of sorting and packaging materiial and getting things done by a certain amount of time. Overall though, it is not a bad job"

Safety setup tec inventory tec (Former Employee) says

"My review was great I had a wonderful time learning different things but it was unfair how they let me go but I gain alot of experience to bring to other companies Cons: sometimes judge on your out of character"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Good people was friendly the environment was safe the equipment was always fixed and ready to go.i always got there on time.also the staff was very helpful. Cons: Breaks was cool"

爱美 says

"I give my credit card number to purchase a design from them they lotted my 700$ from my account. They are a scammer don't purchase anything from here"

Reyhan Abidzar says

"Being a contributor here is very disadvantaged by pngtree. Many had problems with payment and there were many problems"

ROG21 says

"Stay away, they don't Refund and its extremely mediocre quality. Once you signup you will know the download quality stuff is such bad quality and hardly useable and when I contacted for refund, they refuse claiming some 3 downloads policy which is a joke and basically a trap. Stay AWAY... better join FreePik much better stuff, much cheaper and they care about customers."

Optimum Printing & office supply says

"In brief, PNG tree suffers from weak platform system and bad customer service. - The problems will start after you purchase your plan. In my case I did not receive a receipt or payment conformation email. - when you contact the customer service they will reply really late ( in my case 3 days) - The customer service expect that you are the problem ( the customer is the problem) - They don't give you a solution. and possibly ignore you. My Case : I have purchased the lifetime premium membership, and did not receive any payment conformation email and even could not login to premium account. I contacted them by email and they replayed after 3 days with some serial number that I can't log in with and told me to try again. ( a good company will send you a reset password email or a link to access your account) I tried with them several times but still they telling me that I have to try again with different methods and still the problem not solved, and they did not give any refund. I hope that my review is helpful, and my advice is to find a better service that is reliable and appreciate the customer more. Hope a wonderful day for everyone"

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