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Grupo Bimbo, S.A.B. de C.V., known as Bimbo, is a Mexican multinational bakery product manufacturing company headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico. It is the world's largest baking company and operates the largest bakeries in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Peru, Colombia, El Salvador and Spain, and has some of the widest distribution networks in Mexico and the United States. It was also

A former employee mentioned, "When I was hired by Bimbo I was promised at least 20 hours a week to get medical benefits and I was told that school wasn't a problem. So I signed up for classes and I thought everything was fine.

I didn't get those hours. Bimbo kept me at 18 hours a week because upper management didn't want to provide a part-timer health benefits. There was the odd occasion that I worked over 18 hours I was only supposed to get a week of benefits. Which doesn't make sense but my health insurance literally turned off and on depending on how many hours I worked.

The other thing was I was only working 18 hours which was great for school because I had plenty of time for my class work. It was only during the end of the term that things got worse. I was nearing my 3 month probationary period and I got called in for a review.

I want to say first off that I am an exceptionally hard worker. I arrived on time everyday, I always communicated to make sure that I am doing things right, and I have a really strong work ethic.

This was the worst review I have ever had, ever. They blamed my schooling for not doing the job correctly. Which was untrue because the manager kept changing her mind. I had to ask everyday what she wanted me to do because everyday it was different. She even got mad when I did something that SHE asked me to do. My manager also blamed me for having to schedule around my school even though she said it was fine when I gave her my school schedule. She called my character into question by saying that I lied about a task that I did when she wasn't there which was untrue. They expected me to SKIP SCHOOL if someone was on vacation and it needed to be covered! I have never been in a job that wanted me to skip something that I was paying for that wasn't interfering with my job. They also told me that I couldn't go back to school in winter or spring because it would interfere with vacations. I couldn't believe what I experienced. I went home that night and I cried my eyes out.

I HATED going into work. In fact I dreaded it. It was awful. I was on a full job hunt to get out of this awful place. I felt like I was being slowly poisoned and that everyday was just getting worse and not getting better.

However, a week before Thanksgiving they decided that I wasn't a good fit and let me go. I guess that was a blessing in disguise because that was an awful, awful job.

Everything about it was just horrible and I highly recommend to avoid Bimbo like the plague. Save yourself, there are better places to work."


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