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Plum'Art it's a Belgian store site in which you will find a large choice of mattresses, box springs, beds, box springs, bed linens, pillows, duvets, ... adapted to your expectations, your body type, and to all sizes. From latex foam, through "Bultex", pocket springs, memory foam,… jacket technology can meet your needs.

Otilia Trandafir from Luxemburg made some comments on SOCIAL MEDIA about Plum'Art: "The art of NOT sleeping at all !" I am so disappointed by the quality and the services you offer. Briefly, I ordered Osmose 700 on 28 October; you brought it on 12 December 2017!!! Was it coming from Belgium or some other country? On 6 January 2018, I came to your shop to complain that it is a disaster and the body just sinks too deep into it - which is too much after only several days. You said it was too late because one has a 7 day period of trial – maybe you should write that somewhere because "verba volant". If I have to count the hours I slept on your mattress I do not even arrive at 7 nights… it will be less (given also the holidays when I was away). Then, you said you would phone the producer to see whether it was still possible to make an exchange. On the same day I bought another mattress – Sylvia – but you "forgot" to mention that it produces so much heat when you sleep on it – or at least try to sleep because you feel like a chicken on a grill all night long. Does anyone test the mattresses before you sell them on the market? Now, what am I supposed to do with the 2 mattresses I - unfortunately- possess? I am looking forward to your reacting to the message because I was told I would be contacted – but so far nobody had the time to say a word. It is easier to take the money and afterward – "le deluge" – the clients do not matter!!! (I even wrote an email to the email address on your site but… no answer)! I am sure you will be able to find a suitable solution given the high cost of what you sell!!!


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