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PKF International (previously known as Pannell Kerr Forster) is a global network of accountancy firms. The network's 224 member firms operate under the PKF brand in 150 countries across 5 regions. PKF International has 20,000 professionals and is currently ranked 14th international accountancy network by International Accounting Bulletin. In 2018 PKF was ranked as 11th largest global accounting firm in the United Kingdom. The International Accounting Bulletin placed PKF at 15th globally based on their world survey, conducted in February 2019.

A former Tax Associate en Houston, TX wrote a review for GLASSDOOR about his/her experience working at PKF International: "High turnover at all levels, They don't let you know how to get to the next level. If you aren't in the "inner circle" and suck up to higher-ups, they basically ignore you. Management has no respect for staff/seniors - you get blamed when things go wrong. Tax practice leader is rude and dismissive to others. They don't treat everyone equally."


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