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Match Group, Inc. is an Internet company headquartered in Dallas that owns and operates several online dating services including Tinder,, Meetic, OkCupid, Hinge, PlentyOfFish, Ship, and OurTime. In 2019, the company had 9.283 million subscribers, of which 4.554 million were in North America.


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Alison Ashford says

"I've never signed up for this website, I'm a happily married hetro woman but you keep sending me female matches? Tried to delete 'profile' but its asks for my password, since I didn't create an account I can't delete it! And you have to log in to contact their customer service, extremely concerned about my data!"

Little Miss Mac says

"UPDATE: I felt it important to update this review to give potential customers further insight into this extremely transphobic website. I received an email from them this morning expecting them to apologize for being transphobic but it was just to accuse me of "not including truthful information" (basically - calling me a liar) and noting that "Similar to the member whom you have reported, every member on the site is hoping to find someone who has correctly provided genuine information of themselves".

ALL of my information is 100% genuine and correct. There is no mispresentation, no lies, no fake photos - everything is genuine. They are targeting because I was not born CIS female and they appear to be upset that I reported a member (who I could tell was a transvestite).

If you use this website you are supporting bigotry and hatred from a website professing to be tolerant and LGBTQ+ focused. I implore you - use Zoosk, or even "Her".

I had the horrid misfortune of using this website as a trans female and had my profile suspended because I am not a genetic female. You need to avoid this "dating" site at all costs. They are EXTREMELY non-inclusive, prejudicial and bigoted. Basically - if you are not a butch genetic cis female - you are not welcome on this site. There are many others you should use instead. For example: Zoosk"

Conor Mc gregor says

"I am obviously using a false name here .This site is far and beyond ,the most judgemental ,and financailly corrupt,i have ever comes accross.Only after my experience,and furhter research ,did i find out the extent of how this site is a scam.Unlike other dating sites,you have to upgrade 30 pounds to premium,to respond to a message.Against my better judgement i did.The following morning,i received an email saying my ad was not suitable,nowaftera week on the site,and was deleted.No complaints from anyone,just from cupid.I was told they haf refunded nearly 2 weeks later they keep responding ,firstly saying it took time,now its my banks fault,who have no idea what they are talking about.I find then nearly all reviews are,please please stay away,i feel so humiliated,in tears at home crying."

Ali White Hawk says

"Yikes. You have to pay 40 a month just to message people and your profile gets suspended if you try to communicate on a different platform.
The positive reviews on here are obviously fake."

Shelby Ford says

"So much fake I don’t know where to start.
Extremely annoying pop up that gives you the option to send a preset message to your ‘matches’ or ‘deny’ and move on. No matter how much you ‘deny’ it will send the message to those people anyway. They then get a message (which of course you have to pay to see) and the message is from someone that didn’t even voluntarily send it and has no interest in you. This is obviously to make you a paid member. Why ‘force’ messages to people you have no interest in?!
So many profiles are clearly fake, probably made up by the developers because I know plenty of people on the site and nobody has ever met these people.
The ‘help’ team is a joke, no knowledge of anything, seems to be automated responses.
Pathetic semi nude profiles that don’t even have face pictures. Isn’t Pink supposed to be a dating site? Not a wannabe soft porn site!
The minimum mileage distance search is 50 miles, and that’s as the crow flies, who has that sort of time on their hands?
Among your supposed matches’ you will find yourself. More proof that their matching criteria is a load of spiel."

Cherrelle Francis says

"Disgusting website very outdated the layout is horrible not many people on there and the normal ones have not been online for months people on there are only looking for threesomes sex and fun the women on there are trashy everybody part on show you can't send or receive messages unless you pay its a waste of money if your looking for an online brothel pink cupid is your sight"

Monique says

"To many lying FAKE women"

Dagnija Stiere says

"The site where u cannot even send a message without to be expected to pay. Rubbish"

Hannah Searcy says

"No1 on here in my area"

cris suan says

"Some are using fake profile photo"

customer says

"have 5 fake members who's asking for money."

Mak says

"It's ok hi just another dating site i"

sue says

"Only just back on after several months off. Let's see how it goes and I am positive!!"

Lisa Guzman says

"Not worth it wast of money"

Melanie G Jones says

"I'm not a full member so I can't reply they can't see my messages what can I do x"