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Pink (stylized PINK) is a lingerie and apparel line by Victoria's Secret, a subsidiary of L Brands, targeting younger women than their mainline. The target demographic consists of youth from ages 15 to 22. PINK had a regular segment featuring their products in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, held through 2018. Sales at the company were initially swift, reaching $1 billion in 2010. Reports of decline due to shifting consumer preferences appeared in 2018.

One of their great critics is that Pink sells "sexual" clothing to underage children then use social media to bait underage teens into buying their products. It might be seen as a terrible organization without any morals.

A disappointed customer shared this in a review" Customer service at Pink was very nasty on the phone and refused to do a price adjustment. When calling for the online order the first person I talked to didn’t know how to fix the order so he had his boss come over. She was very nasty and rude. So I just said thanks for trying to have a good day and returned the order to store for a full refund minus shipping, my loss I guess".


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Natoya Powell says

"My package is not where y'all say it the tracking number is fake the order number is fake"

Keisha Michelle says

"I ordered something 3 weeks ago and the order has yet to be sent out. No shipping updates. I am concerned, I will have to ask for a refund soon."

Michael Ward says

"Not happy with my experience so far I ordered and paid for unlimited delivery and I ordered again and got charged twice for delivery after already purchasing next day delivery not happy atall what is the point in purchasing unlimited next day delivery and still Getting charged"

Claire Chapman says

"Never again logged out and app deleted"

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