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Pierre Alexandre Claudius Balmain (French pronunciation: [pjɛʁ balmɛ̃], 18 May 1914 – 29 June 1982) was a French fashion designer and founder of leading post-war fashion house Balmain. Known for sophistication and elegance, he described the art of dressmaking as "the architecture of movement."

A piece written by a blogger under the name of wtorek in 2011 for A CLOSET FULL OF STYLE about 5 reasons why Balmain is overrated:

1. I remember when in 2008 everybody was so obsessed about 80's glam rock trend, Balmain back then was something untouchable no one dared to say a single bad word about the fashion house. Every fashionista had to have at least one piece with shoulder pads or Balmain-Esque rich beaded items. Emmanuel Alt and Carie Roitfeld were mesmerized with Decarni, cameras' flash followed him everywhere he goes, and there wasn't a single A list celebrity who didn't make a public appearance in Balmain. Within time though, like every trend '80s rock had to pass, but Bal main stayed pretty the same. Each season I see the same glam rockability style, ripped skinny pants, shoulder-padded mini dress with draperies/beadings. I admit it's effortlessly chic but its Balmain it should get better, different, and most importantly it should evolve.

2. Do you remember Pierre Bail's main, the founder of the house? His design was all about feminine silhouette and beautiful detailing. His clients included some of the world's most elegant and best-dressed women, such as Katherine Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, Merlene Dietrich. How did Balmain's classic heritage turn into punk rock, ripped and studded leather coats, and mini dresses? I can understand that when a young designer wants to give a brand new image he’s trying to do something else, new and hip, but take an example of Phoebe Philo for Celine she made a brand so desirable but kept the house's credibility.

3. Decani could still justify his 80’s styled collections each season when dresses were still beautifully detailed and had wonderful beadings. However, in spring 2011 show he let models on the catwalk wearing basic t-shirts with pins, skinny jeans, leather jacket with studs, printed tees, ripped shorts and stockings, and old denim. We buy luxury expecting them to be high quality and expensive looking then again can destroy denim shorts and ripped stocking give us the desired look?

4. Is it me or is Balmain trying to trick us? Besides the fact that 8 latest collections look like they're from the same catwalk, they want to charge us 1,625 $ for a basic t-shirt with holes in it.

5. Seriously 1,625$ for a t-shirt?!


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