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GP Strategies Corp. formerly General Physics Corporation, is a global performance improvement provider of sales and technical training, E-learning, management consulting and engineering services headquartered in Columbia, Maryland.

Back on 2013 a employee thinks that working at Physics corporation is not that fun, posted by Indeed: Work in a cube, very little input from management. Work with a mixed group of people, which offers plenty of opportunities to learn. The hardest part of the job is working with very little direction, when the role involves a lot of structure.


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Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The environment was stressful due to it being financial and accounting. Leadership did not talk to the employees. Not even a greeting in the morning. When the layoffs took place, everyone knew around us except for us. Pretty humiliating"

Communications Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Overwhelming amount of work with little to no communication. Unapologetic antisocial atmosphere. Management is unengaged and turnover is frequent. Science characteristic is admirable and I learned a lot during my tenure. Compensation is competitive. Cons: Management questionable"

Content Management Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I loved AIP! I wish they didn't let me go. At the time I was there, they had a daycare facility which helped out greatly for the little ones. Working was great, easy going, great team efforts. I picked up a few tips and tricks from other co-workers which helped speed up my job functionality. In my department, management changed so many times, it was tough to figure out what to do exactly. But the Supervisor was the same and was great, they tried real hard to keep things going smoothly during any transition - KUDOS to them! There was quite a bit of pressure at the job, but nothing overly stressful. There were many social aspects and the co-workers were all friendly. (Some grumps lurked around, but they never hindered the friendly ones.) One thing I did like, management did help out with additional resources (like new computers) when it was needed. But, when the company was downsizing, they let go of a lot of people. Mostly looking at their 'numbers' and not the person they were letting go. As I found it it was a negative, not just for me, but company wise. The people they did get rid of were the ones who helped bring the company originally out of the darkness and into the light. From what I hear from others who still work there, the morale is low & sad now. Pitty. It 'was' a nice place to work at. Cons: No more daycare, Management is always on your TAIL, Non-profit organization, mid-low salaries"

Executive Digital Producer/Manager (Current Employee) says

"Upper management can be a challenge to work with. The HR department does nothing to combat bullying behavior. The work for science though, and promoting science to the public is good and excels. Cons: poor upper management. poor HR department"

Production Editor (Former Employee) says

"Loved the job I did. Proofreading, contact with authors, making sure the page columns were properly balanced before articles were published. Proofreading and copy editing. Also some graphics were done. Unfortunately, the outsourcing of jobs was why positions were let go Cons: outsourcing"

Survey Assistant - (Temporary) says

"very different from most jobs I'd been at - very quiet. Most individuals stayed in their office. The environment was focused and driven. I also found that the group of people I worked with were very kind. Cons: flexible with part-time hours"

Associate Production Editor, Journals (Former Employee) says

"This company was wonderful in the old days. Restructuring has diminished the workforce."

Marketing Director (Former Employee) says

"I had 15 excellent years at AIP, with a boss who had sales and business skills. For the last 3 years I was promoted and worked under a new boss who was a PhD scientist and had no business experience. Decisions were made based on pet projects and subjective desires rather than revenue potential, product competency, marketing potential or financial considerations."

Director, Business Intelligence (Former Employee) says

"Honed my business analytical skills; created a data visualization environment; a not-for-profit that operated like a for-profit; open floor plan, no private offices"

programmer (Former Employee) says

"Almost everyday been a learning day for me."

Former Employee - Senior Principal Engineer says

"I worked at Spectra-Physics full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Top management hates people who know what they are doing. Knowing technical part well can work against you big time these days."

Mfg Engineer says

"I worked at Spectra-Physics Cons: too much politics and conspiracy"


"I worked at Spectra-Physics Cons: The only way to advance yourself is to do your job real well and threaten to leave. Then they'll attempt to dissuade you from leaving by throwing more money at you. Most, if not all, the processes from the life cycle development to inventory management (and everything else in between) is royally f-ed up."

Current Employee - Senior Optical Engineer says

"I have been working at Spectra-Physics full-time for more than a year Cons: culture, growth, personality development, communication, project management, marketing skills"