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P.G. 600 is a combination of serum gonadotropin (Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin or PMSG) and chorionic gonadotropin (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG) for use in prepuberal gilts (gilts that have not yet exhibited their first estrus) and in sows at weaning. It is supplied in the freeze-dried form with sterile diluent for reconstitution.

Pg 600 injections are painful for animals and may not work at all, according to Anna at

"I gave my golden retriever 6 painful injections of pg600 as instructed and it didn’t bring her in. I called for a refund and they said they don’t do refunds on pf600. They suggested Be Strong, which is refundable after 6 weeks. I bought this. She’s been on it for a week or so. It’s brought in a gorgeous coat but no change to the heat cycle. My vet more about review stating Full 6 injections didn’t bring her in has also prescribed Cabergoline for her. She’s taken four doses. Hopefully, it will help in conjunction with Be Strong."


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