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Steve Pfauter ("Human") (born November 7, 1963, in San Francisco, California, United States) is an American musician and set dresser and former bass guitarist for the punk rock band The Vandals, from 1980 until 1984.

Pfauter album 'Internet Dating Superstuds' is the worst album released by the band in their 20-year career, songs are dumb, not memorable, and have no catchiness, according to a review by AntiochArrow at

"Yeah, The Vandals finally did it, they released probably their worst album to date in their long 20 some year history. Why isn't it good? Because the songs are so dumb and the catchiness that was there in Look What I Almost Stepped In is not here on Internet Dating Superstuds. There are no tracks that make me like this album more, not one, not one memorable song. I feel cheated that they put this garbage out."


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Customer services (Former Employee) says

"Unfair management to all staff no much benefit to staff and not appriecate staff managment dont know how to evulate valuable bonus.unclear direction Cons: No benefit and unsedured work"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Showed how to assemble drills then NOT PUT ON THAT JOB, Stand in one spot for 8 hours, absolute cruelty and agonising. Like being in a prison. Really hated the place , noisy and no disrespect but working with ppl who’s English was so broken I had no clue what I was doing! Cons: Painful."

Assembly operative (Former Employee) says

"Full of foreigners they don’t care if your British. Was working on the same"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Running Around like a Headless Chicken and the Company doe's Not Care about You or care who you are. I Whould not Work for this company again, Even if there paid me more money.."

Shadow Mechanic/Apprentice (Former Employee) says

"dont work here it was not a good place to work and it was neither good money nor good hours it was a kin to working mules being beat by their owners is the best way i could think to describe this"

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Executive Marketing VP leads by fear and intimidation. He is the epitome of all those memes that compares a BOSS vs a LEADER..he’s a boss.. The executive marketing leadership is a TRIO of stale and unimaginative marketing execs that lead the product roadmap which is ONLY reactive to what the competition does. And from that TRIO, are two spineless lieutenants that are rubber-stamp yes men to their boss. They keep recycling marketing ideas that worked in the early 2000’s. Thinking outside of the Makita Box will only get you blacklisted as a NON-Yes Man. They say they want fresh ideas but are quick to shoot down anything new. The marketing leaders have never held a job at another company. They have no outside perspective of how a successful company is run. The only thing keeping Makita afloat are the international subsidiaries and a strong , albeit dwindling, following that is quickly learning that the competition is offering a better cordless battery platform and more useful and thoughtful products at a faster launch rate than at Makita. Japanese leadership is totally clueless as to how bad the executive marketing managers are screwing up the Makita Legacy. Japanese leadership has no idea of the US market either. The sales force turns over at an abysmal rate that HAS to be the worst retention rate in the industry. Training is non-existent. The first day on a sales job is basically the following: “Here’s a list of outdated client information... now go sell”. The product management team has immense talent on the Associate Product Manager level but they are systematically excluded"

Temporary Worker (Former Employee) says

"not a fun place too work very hot in warehouse in summer do not give you water breaks push you to much and ask for more but short staff on workers Cons: too hot and over worked"

Former agency employee (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place stay away upper management does not know anything too much pushing issues under the rug and too much micro managing . Bad bad horrible horrible Cons: Hot hours un fit warehouse"

Assembly Associate (Current Employee) says

"it is only a 16 month contract, they stopped hiring people on 20 years ago. They bring in new people almost daily so it is easy to be replace. So even if your sick and can not work you could lose your job."

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Full of Polish retards and romanians idiots aggresive work attitude stiff team leaders and a loot of discrimination for all of us This place is a dumb the end"

Warehouse Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Makita is a good company but they abuse their employees and have them working in unsafe conditions. Business is growing in which the building does not have enough space to work as needed causing delays and other issues"

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"This company has no regard for their employees. Makita's culture is toxic. Unreasonably long work days are expected while salary is very low. Cons: Toxic culture"

Shipping Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Lack of opportunities, company does not value employees."

Assembly Operator (Former Employee) says

"Its a machine your a robot there awful humans who run the place all managment are pervs and everyone in the factory are related to each other so no chance of moving up unless your hot girl who all thw managers can perv on Cons: Poor managment, hostile environment"

Res/Com Territory Manager (Former Employee) says

"Threaten your job when not hitting target. Manager will tell you to get reaume ready because you are going to be let go. Managment lets go bottom third each year."

DSM (Former Employee) says

"There is an internal power struggle between sales and marketing / operations. The marketing department has no vision and continues to be chasing the competition with poor results. The company has a lack of manpower vs the competition and is losing share daily. The national VP of sales has no vision and has no personal integrity which causes a lack of confidence The VP is not qualified for the role."

Oklahoma Territory Manager (Former Employee) says

"Makita is a great company for the right person who has knowledge of the power tool industry. Plenty of free time and great opportunities to build a good book of business if motivated. Cons: If no knowledge of power tools might not be the best fit."

Service Technician (Current Employee) says

"the work was ok but management takes advantage of employees and when issues arrive they sweep it under the rug-there is no team support and they are financially headed downhill they have not given raises in 4 years Cons: poor management and poor communication"

slave (Former Employee) says

"I was never given a chance. Constant promises of education and training are false. The yearly raise makes you feel like you work at a fast food restaurant. Management is unapproachable and afraid of parent company. in 4 years my salary rose $50. The only good is I can get off whenever I want because no one else wants this job. Cons: Poor Management, Tools are cheaper in store than to employee"

Territory Manager, Makita USA (Former Employee) says

"District Manager in Southern California treats you like your in the military. It's his way or the highway, over half the sales team in his District has either quit or been fired since he took over 8 months ago. Biggest micro manager I've ever seen although he claims not to micro manage. You will get no training and then get written up for,not knowing how to,do things. The company has so much potential but holds itself back. Cons: Horrible Compnay Culture and No Job Security"