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Petplan Equine has been a leading horse and rider insurance provider since 1988. They are known for their professionalism and specialist knowledge of equine insurance and aim to offer their customers straight forward cover that they can rely on.

An angry customer said this in a review: "We went to feed our horse as normal on a Sunday night and noticed immediately hes was in pain with Colic. Emergency Vet called out and treated him. Several hours later called the vet again as he was prone on the ground and suffering from excruciating. Petplan Equine is the worst place, animals are in danger here."


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Jim Carroll says

"Normally Petplan are very quick when settling claims! On this occasion they were very very slow, my vet prescribed sensitivity food for her condition for 4 days and they would not pay, this I find not good as this is part of her treatment, I would change insurers but at 8 years of age and the fact she has cancer won’t benefit her or me, Petplan let me down this tim"

Tracey says

"Your profile picture Tracey Write a review Reviews 446 Filter by: Excellent 78% Great 5% Average <1% Poor 2% Bad 14% Tracey Tracey 18 reviews 1 star: Bad 4 hours ago DEFINATELY should be zero stars. DEFINATELY should be zero stars. Despite asking PetPlan a question, they are avoiding answering it. When they have answered, they beat around the bush with all sorts of rubbish, and then FINALLY tell you something completely different to what has already been agreed IN WRITING with their Head Office. Nothing but a conning bunch of lairs who are only out to make money with your premiums - they don't give a dam about animal welfare. AVOID AVOID AVOID AT ALL COSTS - unless you like being ripped off !!!"

Mark Lawrence says

"Always recommended but now going to cancel my insurance with them! It’s taken months to get a claim through and they made it as difficult as possible. I raised complaints as it is my right and never been a response or call. I have already reported to ombudsman. I have now provided you with the requested inf. I await your response."

Miranda Clapcott says

"Been with Petplan over 10 years. Never had a problem. Then traveled abroad with our Dog. he got sick and sadly died in France. Petplan as per T's & C's state all claims in English! i have complained that Petplan should therefore if willing to insure a pet abroad should provide a claims form in a different language. Not a big request but after my experience with there CS department and referral department i was not only left sobbing on the phone for over an hour but basically dealt with very sadly. This was not a service i expected from Petplan certainly after the trauma of losing my dog."