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PetSmart Inc. is an American retail chain operating in the United States and Canada that is engaged in the sale of specialty pet animal products, such as food, furniture, habitats, and accessories, and services, such as dog grooming and dog training, boarding facilities, and daycare. PetSmart also offers a variety of small animals for sale and adoption, such as small birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and several different pocket pets, like rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils except in California, many different species of hamster, and mice.

A former groomer/bather from Monroeville, PA shared his experience on regards PetSmart and it´s toxic work environment: "Harassment of coworkers. The staff in the grooming salon service was terrible the management of the salon is very hostile, not flexible, and hostile if you make a mistake and yell at you. I had a very terrible experience. Poor management, hostile work environment"


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Former Employee - Petcare Specialist says

"rarely received our breaks and late lunch"

Pet Care Associate (Former Employee) says

"All they care about is the money at petsmart not the well being of the animals so uneducated on animal care it’s sad, when customers are rude to you, you can’t stick up for your self which I find so wrong, someone can treat you so bad and nothing will be done about it, this is why I found my own way of making money f*** working for people that don’t treat you right Cons: People being to stupid to understand basic animal care"

Stocker/Customer Service/Merchandising (Former Employee) says

"Worked there for about a year. They force you to stay over time. Understaffed. Work you like a dog for minimum wage. You also have to pick up dog feces all the time and the base staff is very competitive. Also, they make you work in pet care and answer questions you know nothing about. Cons: Short breaks, health care"

Pet Specialist (Former Employee) says

"They literally couldn’t care less about you there. The management is terrible and all over the place. The managers are extremely bias. They put their work on you."

Groomer (Former Employee) says

"It might be a job that you get paid. But it's it really worth it? Isn't your mental health more important? Do you like being sane and enjoying your life? Don't do this to yourself. Run. Just run away while you still can. Cons: Everyone sucks. You're just a number. They don't actually care about you."

Grooming salon manager (Former Employee) says

"Petsmart is HORRIBLE they treat thier employees like garbage and will openly tell you your disposable. Store level management cant be amazing but above that are all terrible. This is the most soul crushing company ive ever worked for. Cons: Everything"

Pet Care Associate (Former Employee) says

"it was ok until corporate forced management turnover and then became one of the worst companies to work for. it seems to be true even to this day from what i hear from current employees even if it’s been years since i’ve worked there. Cons: minimum wage, impossible expectations, awful customers and coworkers"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Constantly understaffed and extremely rude customers during rush hour times with no help from management. Very exhausting and constantly overworked. Doggie day camp worse job I ever had."

Bather (Former Employee) says

"I loved what I did but the drama was unbearable. Being a bather the groomers treat you like dirt and make your workload harder on purpose. When I talked to my coworkers about it the girls said it’s different when you become a groomer... They completely work you to death and take advantage. Maybe I just had a bad location, but I wouldn’t recommend working as a bather. Cons: Toxic"

Pet Care Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I spent almost two years with PetSmart and hated every second of it. Management is terrible, you have to beg to take a 30 minute break after working for 10 hours straight. The way they treat animals is horrendous. I never want to work there again nor do I want to shop there. Cons: Everything"

Pet Grooming Assistant (Former Employee) says

"How is this company still open? This was the worse job I ever had. They don’t train properly they don’t treat pets properly they over work pay is horrid. They have poor ethics with animals. Cons: Everything"

Groomer (Current Employee) says

"I worked here for 3 years and always felt like the odd one out there wasnt enough space for all the people they kepy bringing in and nothi g was done about 3 people getting covid Cons: Yes"

Martha Drive - Hand Picker (Former Employee) says

"The management and HR are HORRIBLE. They only care about what work is getting done. They also are really bad liars and manipulaters. They will fire you for using the time you have to go home wether if it’s for being sick or emergencies. Anything."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Management are awful they talk and make fun of employes I would never recommend the company especially assistant manager store manager and the supervisors Cons: Treat you like you dont belong"

Petsmart Associate/Bather (Former Employee) says

"you’ll never be fully compensated for your work. petsmart is a selfish company that only cares about money. i worked in the store and in the salon and the ONLY good thing about the job were my regular clients (the dogs specifically because most of the customers were rude) and my fellow salon associates. i was treated horribly by core management and never received any support. A coworker of mine got really sick and couldn’t come into work (before covid) and they demoted her from being a groomer because of it. They only care about themselves. Don’t waste your time Cons: everything"


"A terrible company filled with upper management that was borderline evil. It's almost like it was a requirement to work there. After they were sold, all they cared about was cutting hours and overworking their staff."

Pet Care Manager (Former Employee) says

"Don’t stay here long. In all locations I worked at, favoritism and cliques run rampant and unchecked. Managers often cover their own mistakes and laziness by assigning huge amounts of work to unqualified departments and guilt newer employees into staying for longer shifts or coming in early/on days off. There’s a highschool level of hazing that happens within management and senior employees. If you aren’t immediately well-liked by the upper crust, you find yourself getting assigned janitorial roles — cleaning up all of the pet accidents, taking care of food spills, cleaning restrooms — and nonstop register shifts for 9 hours. Your shifts will consist of the least-liked managers and the least-reliable employees. If you’re well-liked immediately, you’ll find yourself getting pulled into the office for snacks, given advancement opportunities before they are posted publicly and offered more desirable shifts with more efficient coworkers. Advancement opportunities are extremely difficult to get unless all of management likes you, which often means answering phone calls on your days off and doing things that are way above your pay grade for no extra compensation. Employees are promptly thrown under the bus for any mistakes management or other departments make. I witnessed several coworkers get mocked or told they were lying during traumatic events such as illness, family/pet death, and accidents/injury that occurred outside of work. You don’t get paid enough for this. Cons: Poor management, unrealistic expectations, zero respect"

Receiving Associate (Current Employee) says

"Leadership team seems to only believe one side of a story when someone reports another associate. They will not help an associate. Cons: Mandated overtime every day."

Pet Care Associate (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work was stressful. Working in Pet Care is pretty much you coming in and assuming nothing has been done. It was never a team effort working here, even though that was the only way to be successful. Management was trash. The managers would only respond if they HAD to be called on the radio, otherwise they would toss up who has to leave the office. The scheduling problem was a whole issue within itself, never was posted on time until one of the store managers got reported than they finally started making it weeks ahead. Any "enjoyable" part of the job was the animals when they weren't coming in with infections. You only get a 15% discount so it really isn't anything to write home about. From the managers not wanting to take a dying snake to the hospital to never making the schedule on time, this is a job I wouldn't reccommend to my worst enemy. Cons: Literally everything else"

Petsmart Associate (Former Employee) says

"There was always some drama going on through the work days. You couldn’t call out sick at all unless you wanted to have the managers act funny towards you for weeks after. And the management also doesn’t help as much as you’d expect them to they just sit in there office all day. Cons: Bad management and work schedule"

Orderfill (Former Employee) says

"Don’t work here. The management is terrible because they expect you to consistently bust your a*s, and make over 100% and when you take a break to breathe or go to the bathroom they hound you for it. Rate was really hard to acquire and when you did make rate they expected more out of you. They say that when you make rate and work for 3 months that you get cross trained in another region, not true. I was there for almost a year and they kept me in the same region, but we’re hiring people straight into the region I wanted to be trained in. Can’t forget to mention that since covid, they’ve mandated every weekend to work for the past 5 or 6 months, and are now forcing people to work 60 hours a week. Their application is all a lie and they are liars because they never once stood behind anything they promised. When I first started working there I had intentions to build a career because I thought it was a great job, but there’s a lot they don’t tell you till your actually there and they treat their employees like slaves, ontop of firing you if you make one mistake. Their turnaround rate is unbelievable, 5 or 6 new people being trained every week. DONT WORK HERE. Cons: Anything and everything."

ninjatfp says

" bought a cat & it was so tramutized it hid & got lost havent seen her since 2019 and the petsmart in anderson sc has poor service & are slow to respond "

Kaden says

"Bahaman anole was sold to me with an untreated respiratory infection but died because antibiotics didn\'t work in time. If PetSmart provided any type of veterinary care to sick animals, he would still be with us!"

Kaden says

"Sold me a dying lizard with a respiratory infection."

Customer says

"I got a fish tank delivered, it leaks! No QA on these? When I left a review to warn others, it was removed?! What the heck! This is bad business!"

JT says

"I had taken my two dogs to the Petsmart Grooming on Louisiana previously and they did a good job. I brought back one of my dogs again for grooming. They asked me for my dog's vaccination record, I told them I gave it to them last time. They said there was no record of it, and could not take my dog without it. How did they take her last time without it? I had a copy in the car and asked them to watch my dog while I got it. They refused to do it. I told them my dog was crippled and it would be hard for her to go all the way to the end of the parking lot and back. They didn't care and showed no empathy at all . When I got back , I expressed my dissatisfaction with them. The manager started arguing with me and was very rude, and offered no apology for them losing the vaccination paper I brought in last time. I have three dogs and two fish tanks. I buy all my dog food there, and fish supplies there . I told the manager they were losing a good customer. She said she didn't care. I will never go back to Petsmart again and I will tell as many people as I can about my bad experience there. Don't shop at PetSmart."

John Gaerlan says

"If i could give a 0, I would! Recently bought a basking bulb for my Uromastyx and only a day of use, the bulb has already gone out! I have contacted my local petsmart about the issue and wondering if they could do an exchange and they said they could not do anything during the covid-19 lockdown. They even suggested a buy a new bulb in replacement for the one i just bought yesterday! I didn't even want my money back. I just wanted a working bulb to keep my Uromastyx from freezing to death! A shame Petsmart could not fix the issue they intially made!"

Anonymous says

"I took my Shitszu for grooming at Chantilly PetSmart and Aimee was the groomer for that day. I parked my car in the parking lot and called the grooming salon for a curbside drop off. Aimee picked up the phone and asked me to drive to the front of the store to drop off. I did like she asked me to, but when she came out she was yelling at me telling I should park the car in the parking lot and bring my doggie over. I was irritated but kept it cool thinking Aimee is having a bad day. I just started having conversation saying someone on the phone asked me pull over to the front of the store. Aimee snubbed me saying “I did not ask you to do that “. She was rude for the rest of the conversation. I wanted to take my dog and leave at this pout but did not do that as she badly needed grooming. Again when I picked my doggie up, I was disappointed with the haircut. Her hair was cut too short and she looked really bad. Please do not go to Aimee in Chantilly PetSmart."

Savannah Stafford says

"My pet smart is not all smart because there are several beta in there store with molded at the bottom and very ill. The water for the hamsters,mice's, and the guinea pigs there water is so low. If you are going to sell pet take care of them. Let's change this not for us its for the pets at there stores."

Eyeless Lulu says

"Took my cat in for a grooming, When I took her back home she was bleeding from the stomach and scared as well as she was horribly shaved absolutely awful work. I don't reccomend petsmart as she came back scared and afraid and she has to sleep with a blanket now. Horrible company."

JoAnne Hartman says

"Called the store in Amherst for about 4 1/2 hrs for a script for my cat that was placed online on Thursday 1/6. My card was charged on 1/7. Called them on 1/9 to see what was goi g in and explained my situation. Spoke to 2 different store reps and they told me how I could pick it up today. I finally get everything squared away go pick it up and was told they would have to charge my card again and when Corp sends them the script they can cancel it and refund my card. Neither of these 2 employees tell me that in the 4 1/2 hrs I talked to them all day. When I called this morning the first time I told the girl if I had to I would cancel my order and get the food at the vets she said no all I have to do is call the vets. That’s what I did until I got to the store to pick up the food."

Cindy Dubue says

"I am a faithful customer of PetSmart, but I find myself in the horrible position to lodge a complaint about one of your locations. This situation occurred in Ottawa, Ontario on Saturday, January 9 at around 12:45. My daughter just adopted two little bunnies and she needed some supplies for her hew charges. She looked online and was faced with a dilemma because there were stores that had some things she needed, did not have others and vice versa with other locations. She called to find out if she could come to the locations and order at the door and was told that would be okay as long as they weren’t too busy. We first went to the Merivale (meadowlands) location and they were more than happy to help ( in spite of being a little busy). The staff at this location were polite, pleasant and very helpful. We then went to the other Merivale location in an attempt to get the items we could not get at the first location, when we got there the two employees were just standing at the cash area and talking. When one of them came to the door she was quite rude and essentially refused to even entertain getting my items stating they were busy. As I said, they didn’t look busy and no customers were there at the time. I was put off by her needless rudeness, it was completely uncalled for, feeling a little angry at this point I said I would go to Pet Value to which your staff replied “go ahead”. I have noticed rudeness from the staff at that location in the past and I’ve let it slide, this time it was so unwarranted I need to say something. Btw, I did go to Pet Value and they were more than happy to assist. Sent from my iPhone"

calibri says

"So they hardly have anything on their website. Most of the things have less than one star. My main problem is that you can't cancel an order if you place it and it just doesn't tell you some things, like I ordered some fish gravel that was black and after it confirmed they told me that it was out of stock so it automatically changed it to bright pink. All the help section is automated bots. Petsmart's website makes me want to fist a cheese grader."

Extremely pissed off says

"I put a delivery order on dec30/2020 Said it would be delivered between 2pm and 5pm at 4:55pm i check status said order was cancelled. So i called called customer service after an hr on phone with them explained i could not pick up hence why i go delivery they said it would be delivered within 24 to 48 hours.on jan 4th 2021 i get a email saying my pick up order expired and was getting a refund knowing i only had enough dog food to get to tuesday and im on limited income. So i emailed them back they offered 10% discount on next order i said that does not help i need food for my dog i was told that is all they could do. So here it is thursday still no refund. Plus the 13 dollars i used of my treat fund u get for buying fund will not be applied back to my account. I advise not to use petsmart as they only have loyalty to their money not customers."

Rho Gentry says

"This past weekend I bought my usual cup of large mealworms as well as a cup of wax worms. This has happened every time I visit petsmart but this was the first time this degree. I only had 20/35 mealworms, the rest were dead. And I only had 25/35 wax worms, the rest were dead and the others looked dark, squishy and close to death. I will NEVER visit petsmart again. They are HIGHLY incompetent when it comes to reptiles. No one had any info about my animals, had no clue about their husbandry. I called to see if I could get a refund on the worms and the lady who answered (who claimed to be the manager) couldn't have cared less that most were dead and wanted me to drive another 30 minutes to get a refund or replace them and I only had that day to do it cause then they would think I fed my animal and tried to bring them back. My leopard gecko actually refuses to eat anything dead so I gaurentee he wants nothing to do with what you all sold to me. This is not the first time. I've actually never purchased a full order with all live worms. I'd much rather find an online vendor with insurance of live feed arriving ALIVE."

John Mann says

"My $10. Card expired"

Tonnya says

"I didn't use your service because PetSmart ask for rabbis proof. They never said they needed paper proof. My dog was wearing her tags, which the law requires. And that wasn't good enough. I think PetSmart should state that before you get to the shop..."

Buoy Coastal Market says

"Worst experience for my fur baby, BUOY. She went in for a “bath”, & was SHAVED & tourtured, theres no words that can describe the criminal abuse. The pictures say a thousand words! I was never Called /Notified of what was being done. She has blade cuts to see blood. not 1 not 2 not 3, 5 ! 5 blade Cuts !!why wouldn’t they take any responsibility and notify me??"

Alexa W says

"I don’t know how the Petsmart in the US is but Petsmart Canada seems to hire bad customer service representatives in general no matter in store or customer support online. When I try to order online, they won’t even ship to me, they also don’t accept my virtual debit card. I use this card for online shopping and never had a problem, only with petsmart I cannot purchase online and ended up needing to buy a gift card to make my purchase. They never ship to you, and instead cancels your order all the time. What’s the point of making an online website when you can’t even complete your purchase and it won’t even ship to you. Their online website is also super slow, like at snails pace with every click. Ended up spending like 30 minutes on the site to purchase like 2 items online. Whereas every other online store like H&M, Aritzia, even Walmart is faster and have no trouble completing a purchase online. Customer representatives are just abysmal lack of professionalism, treats you like you’re not worthy to buy their products in store or not worthy to even look at the pets up for adoption, when they are the ones treating the animals poorly. Look at the sad looking cats, and unmoving betta fish I mean. Also I witnessed abuse from the groomers toward a dog when I went inside the store (the Ajax, Ontario location). I was furious. Groomers not qualified to be groomers. Please don’t trust that your dog is in a safe place with groomers at Petsmart. You don’t know what happens to them since you’re not there beside them, while a total stranger handles your dog."

Sk Ah says

"I placed an order and only one item shipped. They were giving me a refund and charge me shipping on that one item if that was the case I wouldn’t have kept that item. The shipping charges was just as much is the item. I will not use this company again. And it’s been about 2 months now and I still haven’t received my refund."

Pumpkin pie Gaming says

"A pet smart employee said to let our water set for two days with these drops and pellets of food and blah blah blah. We come back two days later get the frogs and we are fine. 2-3 days later it STINKS! smells horrible! We call petsmart and THEN they tell us "oh yeah you let the water set for 3-6 weeks they are prob gonna die. they told us false information, our brand new frogs might die now!"

Charles says

"Last night at the Cherry Hill Pet Smart. A groomer denied my dog service. I arrived 30 mins early for my 6:00 appt. I had already confirmed a drop off of 15 mins early. For an appt. I made mins away. When I entered the salon the usual he is handsome big etc. There were two girls cutting and one girl shuffling a pet in back rm. As I stood there making small talk one of the girls says that’s your groomer. I decided to step outside the foyer and wait. As I am waiting I see another customer enter groomers foyer. I figured she was making inquiries. Come to find out she is checking her dog in for service. With the same groomer I am waiting for. I go in next Hello. Hey she comes walking towards the check in desk. I reach for the leash in her hand. I say I can put that on while you check me in. What’s the rush? I said I have been waiting 45 mins. Well your appt is not until 6 so. Yes but I confirmed a 15 min early drop off and it’s now 6:09. She replied no that’s not possible. Mind you the computer is still booting up. She says I can refuse your dog. I said for what? Because I don’t like the way your talking. I replied I would not have to say anything. If you check me in. You have my dogs name. We have no need to communicate. I have been coming here for almost 5 yrs. She replies I have been working here for 5 yrs. I replied and still no management position. She then called the manager. Who says she can refuse any animal."