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Petco Animal Supplies, Inc., or simply Petco, is an American pet retailer in the United States, with corporate offices in San Diego and San Antonio. Petco sells pet products and services, as well as certain types of live animals. Petco sells and holds fish, reptiles, small birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice for adoption. Pet services include grooming and dog training. The company also owns the naming rights to the Petco Park baseball stadium, which is home to the San Diego Padres.

Pet co overcharges orders and has delivery issues, Sandy shared a review at

"Somehow I got charged online for 2 bags of dog food that was in process to be shipped to me. I only have 1 dog So I called them to say I can’t use all that dog food. They can’t stop the delivery so I had to pay and now wait to receive 60 lbs of dog food for one dog. Don’t ever order online from Petco because they have a repeat delivery that is checked off and that’s how this all happened. I will never shop with them again!."


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