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The Palais de la musique et des congrès (official English name: Strasbourg Convention Centre) is a music venue and convention center in the Wacken district of Strasbourg, France, close to the European quarter. It is home to the orchestra, Orchestre philharmonique de Strasbourg since 1975.

Pertuy sounds system is horrible and damaging, and the experience can't be appreciated, according to Honore Stoeckel at google reviews

"Last night I went to Marcus Miller's concert, a musician that I like. We have been in the DECIBELS for years, but last night it was untenable, the ears are still suffering this morning I could not appreciate too much. I am a musician and I played in an orchestra so the sounds do not have never disturbed, I was accompanied by a young musician who also plays in an orchestra, he too was shocked. It is a shame because we could not appreciate it is absolutely necessary to review this problem of sound for me it is to sabotage the musicians."


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