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Perdue Farms is the parent company of Perdue Foods and Perdue AgriBusiness, based in Salisbury, Maryland. Perdue Foods is a major chicken, turkey, and pork processing company in the United States. Perdue AgriBusiness ranks among the top United States grain companies. Perdue Farms has 2016 annual sales of $6.7 billion.

A former employee shares his experience on, "Trash company moved from Utah went to DE was very desperate for a job got hired by Purdue, seen their chickens in Walmart thought it would not be a bad experience but it was modern-day slavery."


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General Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Trash company moved from Utah went to DE was very desperate for a job got hired by Purdue, seen their chickens in Walmart thought it would not be a bad experience but it was modern day slavery."

Poultry Cutter Processor (Former Employee) says

"The company underpaid me for my position. When I brought up my abilities and experience with the supervisor, he placed me on a very familiar task for weeks without increasing my pay.NonePoor teamwork and low pay"

Production worker (Former Employee) says

"Poor training incompetent management, favoritism ,cut hours.. There is no room for advancement. They dont care about employees. All they care about is getting that chicken outt.Cut hours sorry management"

Line Leader (Former Employee) says

"They can’t stand when you take days off even if it’s for your children, they are all about getting product out the door and they do not care what it looks like, they treat their employees awful to a point nobody wants to work there but they stay for the pay."

Meat Cutter (Former Employee) says

"Dont work there only care bout chicken they lie they do not care bout you they will not work with you and they dont pay you enough i wouldnt work here again"

Floor Technician (Maintenance) says

"If youre desperate for a job work here. I personally dont enjoy it people lack leadership skills and talk to you any type of way. If you need a job this is the place to go though."

Maintenance Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"Management does not offer the tools, the time, nor the willingness to help anyone succeed. The overall mentality is so consumed with fear, that the plant as a whole suffers greatly. Managers fear training employees that they will either leave to find another job, or they are afraid that a person will become better and become a direct replacement; thus competition. This same mentality spreads from the top to the bottom. There is zero room for advancement. This plant is not expanding. There will never be anymore jobs than there already are, so in order to advance, someone must quit, retire, or get fired. Or, you become good enough that they can downsize their employees and then spread out the money they save. However, upper management cares more about personal bonuses than they do about the employees. I spent almost 3 years learning everything I could about this plant and how it runs. How to service each piece of equipment. How to weld at a food grade level. How to write 3 phase and 110v systems. How to wire 24v and 110v controls. How to be a fabricator, and electrician, a mechanic, and a technical writer for ever piece of work I performed. All I lacked was going to school for further education. However, all I was told were lies about how they forgot to enroll me in the classes or how they forgot to give me a raise. Lies about how the budget was upside down, and the plant didn't have the money to give raises. Or how the next round, I would be the guy. The only reason to work here would be if you don't need money, but you need insurance; or if you need"

General Laborer (Former Employee) says

"You'll be there 10 hrs some days and get paid for 5. People will steal your lunch so lock it up. Never ever expect to get out on time. Some mandatory Saturday work. Very annoying. Minimal training and don't as ask question unless you want to be belittled.Pays enough to scrape by.Time, pay, smells, disrespect, anti union"

gen labor (Current Employee) says

"The Pay is very low in the work is like slave work. I recommend no one to work that you're better than that company. I worked in deboned there. And you only get a break in the morning and then get a lunch and then you work, a lot of hours and no more breaks.only if you need fast money go there but do not stay there too longthe brakes are garbage in the health insurance is garbage it does not"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Managers we're messy not a good environment at all. They we're very demanding.didnt care about my needs. Need a better mangement system. Had a very hard time"

Laborer (Current Employee) says

"Se trabaja bien,solo se necesita pagar mejor,el seguro es muy caro,y deben de descansar los domingo porque nadie va a trabajar,siempre los mismos,y deben contratar mad personal,saludosNo"

Associate (Current Employee) says

"I really don’t know how this place still making money! They don’t follow safety rules and don’t clean like they should. They treat people like robots. They don’t want to buy new equipment but want us to make the machines run."

Line Leader (Current Employee) says

"The only thing that management care about is getting the birds processed and out to the customers. The associates are non existent and rotate in out of the plant like a revolving door."

Chicken plant (Former Employee) says

"This company don’t really care about employees. The only thing they care about is chicken and all. They want people to work really faster than the machines. I can’t deal with this company and I’m not recommend it to anyone because this place is very bad!!"

Manufacturer (Current Employee) says

"Poor management, poor pay and just work too hard for low of a pay I regret even starting out there I literally didn’t get trained in anything they threw me in a whole different dept and boom everyday they fuss me out like I been there years they suck never go to marination"

Laborer/Machinist (Current Employee) says

"no place for advancement or growth for better pay; better pay should be offered with type of hard work given to plant by employees; Attitude adjustments by Leads and Supervisors."

Ammonia Refrigeration Technician (Former Employee) says

"Very rude people, tools were stolen, experienced racism for the first time in my life. Also, the people up top are related so if you are not in their circle you will not succeed. I do not kiss butt. I work hard and show up on time. Apparently that does not matter in Gainesville, what matters is who you know and how much butt you are willing to suck on."

General Labor (Former Employee) says

"The worst workplace , environment, people. They exploiting the Latin people, we haven’t benefits , but we have more punishments. We work in extremely pressureNoShorts breaks; we can’t go to the bathroom"

Manufacturer Worker (Current Employee) says

"This job will drain you and not give you any credit or benefits for your hardwork. Manager doesn’t care about employee needs. It feels like highschool working there."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Way too much finger pointing, management undermining each other. No real sense of direction. A good ole boys club for sure. Women and minorities should avoid accomac, VA facility at all cost."

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