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PeoplePC is an Internet service provider owned by EarthLink.

Back in 2019, a customer under the name of Mckale from Maricopa AZ shared some thoughts about PeoplePC in a review published by PISSES CONSUMER: Father is 90 and had a stroke 2 years ago, he has not been able to move his hands for two years to use the computer. He has now completely disabled and I now have the responsibility to control his accounts. His bank accounts are now frozen and I noticed people are now billing him. I contacted PeoplePC to pay the outstanding balance and close the account but someone named Chris (from some far eastern country I was transferred to) said it could not be closed by me unless I had my father call and give him the passwords to his secret questions... My father can't even talk about how does this company expect to get that information from a person who can hardly remember his own name. I was told that he will continue to be billed monthly until he can verify the information. All I wanted to do is pay off the outstanding billing and close the account! My next step is the Lawyer.... Don't do business with PeoplePC


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