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The Patriot-News is the largest newspaper serving the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, metropolitan area. In 2005, the newspaper was ranked in the top 100 in daily/Sunday circulation in the United States. It has been owned by Advance Publications since 1947.

A former Client Service Representative/Administrative who worked for The Pennlive (The Patriot-News) wrote a review for INDEED in which he/she described it as ¨Expectations very high with little support¨ also adding: "You must reach certain criteria to get your annual raise. Nothing like it used to be but with newspaper industry swindling it's expected. Revolving door. Management is more like a dictatorship."


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Classified Department Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I didn't have a long career there, but it was not a pleasant place to work because it seemed that folks were not treated all the same and it made hard feelings."

Client Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"Last minute meetings which always interferes with your daily schedule to get out and see clients. Co-workers are great. Constant turnover in sales dept. Low moral amongst co-workers. Cons: little if any compensation increases"

Client Service Representative/Administrative (Former Employee) says

"You must reach a certain criteria to get your annual raise. Nothing like it use to be but with newspaper industry swindling it's expected. Revolving door. Management is more like a dictatorship. Cons: just a number"

Mail Room (Former Employee) says

"Must be able to work under some pressure and be able to lift 10 to 100lbs of newspapers, fix machines that some times breakdown. Sometimes train others. I've learned to work with others, train, and follow directions. Must know basic math, and help others. Most enjoyable part is meeting the people, it becomes like a little family after awhile. Some managers help you become a better worker and make it less of a stressful place of work, while others tell what they want you to do and leave you to it. Cons: short breaks, can be a bit stressful, some times will be asked to do two jobs a once, some managers not easy to talk to."

Sports Intern (Former Employee) says

"management was great while i interned. i wasn't there long enough to do too much of an evaluation."

Carrier (Former Employee) says

"Its a 365 night job from about 2am to 7am where you put papers together and bag them. Depending on your route size you can deliver from about 200 papers to 500. The hardest part of the job is the toll it takes on your car. There is a lot of driving involved and they don't compensate for damage or fixing of your vehicle."

Delivery Driver (Current Employee) says

"Easy job just deliver papers to customers house's.also make sure you deliver them on time.and porch older customers papers.If you do all that you will get good customer tips at christmas."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I'm sure the job has changed a lot over the years since I worked there. It's pretty much all on the web now. I answered a lot of calls from people screaming about their papers. Cons: the pay was pretty lousey"

Independent Contractor (Current Employee) says

"The workplace is a little tight but all the carriers that work there are very friendly and some of the nicest people you will meet and the managers are very understanding. Cons: takes a toll on your vehicle"

utility worker (Current Employee) says

"Only about 20 - 30 hrs per week, but very good immediate supervisor. Good co-workers"

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