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Pender Veterinary Centre has been a place where pet owners bring their beloved animal friends to receive care from an established team of passionate, experienced veterinarians. Today, Pender stands out amongst other animal care centers for its 24 hour, round-the-clock veterinary care, innovative and compassionate boarding and training, and for setting the highest standards for all veterinary teams through our philanthropic and development programs.

A former Vet Assistant in Fairfax, VA, shared his/her bad experience working for Pender Veterinary Centre: "Although they advertise that they prefer to "build you up" from the bottom rather than hiring people with loads of experience, the training program is nearly non-existent. They leave the "responsibility" of your training on as many as 5 different Assistants, who may only have one or two months seniority under their belts. They do not instruct the Assistants on how to train their new underlings; if you're lucky, you'll have a very experienced and good teacher once in a while. As things are, unfortunately, about 70-80% of your learning actually comes from the doctors and technicians correcting your mistakes on the spot. Each individual doctor and technician expects you to know how to get the job the way THEY want; it is not uncommon to be told to do a task one way by one superior, and then to get chastised and "corrected" by another while doing it just the way you were asked to. There is overall not enough consistency during training, and superiors are not very patient with the required learning curve. The result of this is that only those who are able to catch on extremely quickly, who happen to get scheduled with decent Assistant mentors, or who already know what they're doing, are able to stay; all others are prematurely weeded out for "poor work quality" when they are still just learning, usually by the end of the first three months of working there. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to make a difference whether you've got a great attitude or work ethic either. Thus, their turnover rate is insanely high. I understand that there is basically the same problem for those learning to become their Customer Service Representatives, or "CSR's"


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Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"I just started here and all i can say is management is terrible, they never listen to you. This place just takes advantage of you and wears you out, physically and mentally. I personally don't think I'll be staying for too long."

Technician Manager (Former Employee) says

"Pender has a poor reputation in the local veterinary community for a reason. Everyone is very overworked due to staffing shortages and extremely underpaid. When seeking new employees, upper management insists on hiring whoever will work for the least amount of money rather than hiring based on skill set."

Kennel Attendant (Former Employee) says

"It was very disorganized. It was never fully clear what to do, and I was given extremely minimal training. Whenever I had a question about something I was treated like I was stupid for asking."

Helper (Former Employee) says

"Understaffed is the theme here, as many tasks go to workers since their main focus is on making $$$. Cutting costs is a norm bad customer service is ok if it means bringing more money in for the Pender."

Small animal and Exotic Veterinary Technician (Former Employee) says

"A typical day involved being over work because we were severly understaffed. I was responsible for triaging patients, administering treatments, completeing all lab work, client education, answering phone calls and assisting the doctor. I often had to stay 1-2 hours later to complete my tasks. Any other technicians would not get in until 2 pm. My day started at 7 am. Cons: no breaks, under staffed and under appreciated."

Client Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"95% of people I worked with daily were great people and there was strong bond between staff. It is always busy so the days go by fast. Cons: bad management, bad pay, bad benefits, constant burnout"

Assistant/Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Pender isn't the worst in the world but it could be better. They are understaffed and have lack of compassion for staff. Staff is very under paid!!!!! Cons: Short/No breaks, No compassion, over worked, under paid"

Client Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"They love to overwork you and under pay you. Management is awful and there's absolutely no place to advance in CSR role before they start hiring old people back into the roles you were promised."

Client Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"No raises, bad benefits, they don't want you to stay. They're always understaffed. The Turnover rate is ridiculous. Managers are crazy biased. They don't listen to employee concerns. Everyone is burnt out because its so understaffed. Like only 3 techs and 5 assistants for 6+ doctors and emergencies coming in. Managers don't want to give reviews or raises. Cons: no raises, terrible benefits, poor management"

Client Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"The hospital was a fantastic stepping stone into the veterinary field. It was a lot of knowledge thrown at you at once and you are expected to learn quickly. Cons: inconsistent schedules"

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