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PEARL IZUMI is a company that produces sports apparel, primarily focusing on on-road cycling, mountain biking, and triathlon. It was founded more than 60 years ago in Tokyo. PEARL iZUMi USA, Inc., is its U.S. distributor.

Back in November 2018, a disappointed former employee shared his/her bad experience working for Pearl Izumi in a review posted by GLASSDOOR:

"A Misguided Company. The environment is toxic and no one does anything to change it. The leadership is either oblivious to the problems, are too scared to make the necessary changes, or are unable to make decisions for themselves due to the parent company running the show. Either way, the employees are the ones who end up suffering through it or leaving for better opportunities. Stop making huge corporate decisions based on your own personal wants/gains and start putting the company's needs first. In other words, stop talking about leadership and start being leaders"


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"Essentially everything about working here was a con. -Manager came and went as pleased, worked under 20 hours per week. Would ask someone to cover for them because of an "emergency" just for them to post on social media an hour later out with friends. - Lack of good leadership - The pay - No opportunity to advance here, at all - Terrible hours, who schedules someone to work only 6pm-8pm consistently once to twice a week. You only work hours that benefit the manager so their life is easier -Manager never has to clock in, so yeah why not show up an hour and a half late almost every shift just to leave early"

Former Employee - Product Developer says

"The turn-over rate at this company is extremely high for a reason! Get ready to be treated like a cog in the wheel and told someone in China can do your job better and cheaper."

Former Employee - Product Line Manager says

"poor management, no corporate vision, disrespectful leadership. dated view of the industry and corporate culture."

Sales Associate says

"pay is horrible, no room for advancement, huge integrity issues"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The environment is toxic and no one does anything to change it. The leadership is either oblivious to the problems, are too scared to make the necessary changes, or are unable to make decisions for themselves due to the parent company running the show. Either way, the employees are the ones who end up suffering through it or leaving for better opportunities."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Be prepared to take a pay cut without negotiation if you go there. Very little transparency for the future of the business or your own professional development. Most management and executive team worked their way up from the hard goods cycling business decades ago- they are not qualified or experienced in managing a dynamic, successful apparel company. Old fashioned HR protects these leaders because of their loyalty/years of experience and does not make necessary changes to improve morale. For leadership, they hire based on who they can afford, not who's most qualified. There is no accountability. Uninspiring."

Product says

"No advancement. Flat organization so you must find self motivation."


"There is no room for growth due to the poor budget Pearl is working with. Furthermore, I was told I would eventually move up only to have menial responsibilities added to my job description. These were worse than what I was responsible for in an internship. Look elsewhere for a company that can fully utilize and expand on your skills. There is also disfunction between upper level management and other employees. Needs of employees were not being met and this was clear in the multiple discussions I had overheard between prominent employees in the company. These employees had poor company morale which opened my eyes to all the negative things about Pearl."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Set a direction and get focused. Pearl Izumi needs to get a handle on their business, apparel is OK but footwear is a mess. Starts with upper management and works its way down, very hard to innovate as China seems to be running the show and development is caught in the middle. Management seems to be helpless."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"pay is horrible, getting hired with the FBI is easy than Pearl's process, managers all across the board are all over the place no cohesiveness at all in the company. Forget about moving up, taken advantage of"

Warehouse Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"When the company was held by a private board, things were good. Then Nautilus bought the company. They spent everything they earned, and it turned out to be a poor fit for the hard-working employees who had built the company for more than 20 years.Pro-Deals!"

Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was very excited about this job but after a short period of time, I felt beat down my a leadership team that is very disconnected from for their employees and the market. I never felt respected or that my voice was heard. The PI business is decreasing every year and leadership has no idea how to react."

Product Developer (Former Employee) says

"This was the worst company I've ever worked for. The upper management does not care about the employees below them and the communication is terrible. There is no training provided for managers (seemingly) and even when you try to discuss problems they are ignored. The overall environment is difficult to be in due to the lack of communication and most employees being set in their ways and unwilling to compromise or make changes even for the better. I would not wish this job for anyone.flex hourslack of management, communication, and willingness to improve"

Senior Accountant (Current Employee) says

"Good place to work as long as you fit in the culture. Not good with communication, miss communication, favoritism, yearly raises are low, not compensated for job duties."

Supply Chain Forecast Production Planner (Current Employee) says

"The culture at Pearl Izumi is great - some wonderful, creative people. The management doesn't understand work/life balance. Not a typical 8-5 job, long hours were a must in order to keep up with the work.The peopleLong hours"

Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"There is a lot of potential with this company, just a matter of the executive team getting on the same page and making some progress. Salaries are pretty low compared to similar positions at other companies in the area. The cultural embrace of physical activity is great. Having the ability to ride or do other exercises for lunch and other support from the HR team is nice. Typical cycling industry drawbacks to working here. A short list: lack of planning; over-leveraged employees trying to do a lot with just a little resource; employee turnover leading to additional tasks often; limited budgets for training or advancement; lots of bros and bro deals. You'll work here because you love bikes, not for the pay.Cultural embrace of cycling and healthSalaries and merit increases are weak for the area"

Director of Merchandising - Apparel (Former Employee) says

"Pearl Izumi was a fast paced, understaffed position. I worked hard, both as a team player and independently. It was very challenging and I traveled a lot. I enjoyed the challenge, but was traveling more than my manager stated, go to Europe and Asia on quarterly trips.Learned a lottravel"

Simon Troop says

"I bought a pair of cycling shoes but one of the "nuts" in the shoe (which you can access) stripped whilst fitting the cleats. I have written 3 emails to their 'contact us' service asking for help but have not had a reply. I am appalled at their customer service. At the present time I have wasted 154,28 EUR on PEARL iZUMi Men's Tri Fly ELITE v6 Carbon triathlon cycling shoes."

Henrik says

"I just wat to write my review in englich also . I just bougt a pair of cycling shoes and it was absolutely not a great experience . BR Henrik"