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Peak Incorporated is a General Contractor specialized in Bonded, Public Site Work. Based in Baltimore-Washington D.C. corridor of Maryland with working sites in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. Experienced is in the Construction and Management of Public Projects such as Road Construction, Complete Site Work for Public Schools, Public Parks, Athletic Fields, Hiker-Biker Trails, Site Utilities (Storm Drain, Water & Sewer), Storm Water Management, and Bio-Retention Areas. As a fully-bonded General Contractor, they submit bids to Public Agencies to obtain our work. These bids are then opened in public and awarded to the lowest responsible & responsive bidder. Their Projects typically range in size from $1 Million to $15 million.

A former employee said this in a review “The owner of Peak Incorporated is crazy. One day he'll be nice, next day cuss you out. Obsessed with a broken typewriter. Spends half the week fixing it and the other half fighting with his wife and employees. A lot of verbal abuse. Stay clear".


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