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Paychex, Inc. is an American provider of human resource, payroll, and benefits outsourcing services for small- to medium-sized businesses. With headquarters in Rochester, New York, the company has more than 100 offices serving approximately 670,000 payroll clients in the U.S. and Europe.

Paychex company is out of control with counterproductive micromanagement, the senior market has poor leadership, and salary is below average, according to a review by a current employee at

"Counterproductive micromanagement is out of control. Small market minded senior leadership has no idea what they’re doing and they are once again driving the best reps away. Expect to heavy turnover over the next year, because the field is very unhappy. Pay is far below competition, Just terminated 401k match, and everything is a cheap bandaid solution, with no real investment into the sales team and overall product line."


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Current Employee - Credit Risk Specialist says

"Classic corporate job, upper management does not listen to entry level workers on how to improve daily life, low pay"

Current Employee - Client Service Representative says

"Everything else, they totally sucked there."

Former Employee - Territory Sales Representative says

"Your feedback has been heard and will be shared internally."

Former Employee - District Sales Manager says

"Our employees' experience is important to us and we're disappointed to see that yours was not ideal. Please reach out to us at so we can better understand where we can improve."

Former Employee - Outside Sales Representative says

"Internal mobility and promotion are and will continue to be a focus for us. Please reach out to us at so we can better understand your experience in an effort to improve."

Former Employee - Outside Sales Representative says

"Your experience is important to us and we would like an opportunity to talk with you. Please reach out to us at We look forward to hearing from you."

Current Employee - Senior Payroll Specialist says

"We appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback. Your experience and well-being are important to us and we would like an opportunity to connect with you directly so we can best support you. Please reach out to us at"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Really horrible company. Financial malfeasance, and management that loves to lie to make another $. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to ever step foot in there. Definitely a cult like culture. Very clique."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Big ole churn n burn. Don’t invest in employees training. Thrown out in the field without knowing how to navigate process or software and there’s no one there ever to help you through. Managers are desk jockeys. No one knows what to do"

Senior Payroll Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The managers are racists and will harass you until you quit or they create a reason to fire you. HR does not return your calls and are located in NY. The clients will lie on you and the supervisors will take their word instead of researching and listening to the calls. Depressing place to work since new management in 2017"

Specialist II - Premium Audit & OS (Current Employee) says

"You'll be overworked for minimum pay. After a team member left I was given their work on top of my own and never offered any assistance. There's little room for advancement. "Advancement at Paychex is just going to a different department."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I accepted what was to be a part-time afternoon position in administration ?n in the past year. My co-worker (or my on-site micro-manager) was my trainer, etc. After the first two weeks working side-by-side, my co-worker announced she would be getting a better position soon and leave me to the duties that I had just learned. I took tons of notes, paid attention to all protocol (even if it was not practiced before me) and basically was groomed to take over by the time my co-worker left (which was still with Paychex - just placed herself around the corner in order to Supervise my future and make herself better than as much as possible 24/7). Why did I say I would work full time while they obtained a better match for my co-worker? Great question. Two months went by as I mastered parts of the job I was not to have as part-time (like processing Same Day payrolls) and several other added small things like taking over a CPA that handled many clients that was a challenge for my co-worker and a daunting task to say the least. I quit after the two months when the temp came in with comments from my co-worker that she is the replacement for her! She was given the better desk, better computer and respect that was never given to me. This is a company to be aware of far as people like me that believe them when they say it is only part-time. Do not waste time or let them fool you. They are the fools. Supervisor won't approve leave you earned, co-worker plots evil ways to sabotage your excellent work. Reaps with toxic environment. Find better.Maybe a break?Too many to name"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Don’t do it they don’t appreciate employees they will let you die and leave you at your desk waiting for the police they really did this nothing shows how you care if your working next to someone who is dead"

Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"This is my OPINION having worked for them for quite some time: Paychex is filled with disingenuous people. Coworkers care only about themselves and no one is your friend. Management in Talent Acquisition, where I worked is pathetic. If you are young and female you will receive preferential treatment, as all of management except the director is female. Management, as they all often do, think they know more than the employees, but in reality, they only got to management status because of the the "good old girl" syndrome. They are proficient liars and will throw you under the bus if given an opportunity. You will never be appreciated unless you are with the "in-crowd". They profess culture and values then treat people as disposable. Am I angry at the way I was treated, you bet! But from my perspective, this is the absolute truth. Watch you back in HR and Talent Acquisition."

Small Business Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Very poor salary and commission structure. Cannot ever have a bad month or you our made to feel as if it is your fault the team is doing poorly. The job is never ending. it certainly is not an 8-5 job; it never stops. All senior employees are the definition of micromanagers. From the top down."

Payroll Specialist (Former Employee) says

"You are obligated to participate in things you don't agree with; baby showers for people you don't know. There is a cult atmosphere. Either you are one of THEM or an outcast. Very unfriendly managers. This was in the Allentown, PA office. Do not judge all branches by one bad team. I learned a lot working for them the 2 week schooling in NY was very beneficial."

Payroll Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Leadership is a joke which is why we have so many people quit. In this place it’s all about playing the game. Work life balance is preached but not lived by my husband is very ill and I have to chose between him and the job right now, unfortunately because he has a brain issue and I need the insurance I am forced to keep this job"

Sr. Payroll Specialist (Current Employee) says

"I had a death n my family was off for 90 days returned to 371 clients, when you ask for help you get wrote up. Some days I worked from 6am until 8pm never got a raise or bonus. Management is very rude and condescending, the take care of each other not the employees that's why turn over rate is SO HIGH"

Sr. Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"HIGH turn over rate! Managers don't know what they are doing. Sure they give you lunch every now and then, but when you're weighed down with 100+ clients, lunch doesn't mean anything. I had heard so many great things about the company, and then I started working there. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE! Supervisors don't know anything, but apparently they "put out our fires all day." Family oriented is a bunch of BS. They don't care about your family or any emergencies, they expect you to be at work 8-10 hrs per day. Your clients are your life... Do yourself a favor and DO NOT APPLY HERE. The compensation sounds nice, but for all the work you have to do, IT ISN'T WORTH IT! RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!!free lunch sometimesEverything"

Major Market Sales (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company that loses customers often because they can't consistently deliver good customer service. Regardless of which department you're working in you'll have to constantly put out fires caused by incompetent employees and managers. The company's biggest competitor is much better to work for and I'd recommend that company if you want to work in payroll services.Big companyIncompetent company"

Employer Shared Responsibility Specialist (Former Employee) says

"If you're not one of the "favorites", don't expect to get a fair shot of pay increase, promotion, nothing. I was a contracted employee training new hires for 10 months that I was there and did not get offered a full time position with benefits during my 12 month experience being employed. I didn't receive any pays compensation for being a "new-hire" trainer and supervisors assistant, performing duties OUTSIDE the job description applied. They will take advantage of you and if you express your concern you're on the chopping block. And they stick to certain races of whom they hire.Working with Great ColleguesUnprofessional Management"

N/A (Former Employee) says

"To be known as a "professional environment" they will make you feel like an outsider if you don't go with their "flow". I've never worked around a group of individuals who chat like teenagers behind your back in such childish way. I don't even know why they hired me if they didn't like me. The workflow was too much & clients were so frustrated being directed to so many different departments & they spoke so bad about this company. was one of the worst experiences I've ever had being employed. I wouldn't recommend anyone to work there honestly. The reputation is good, but behind closer doors is a terrible experienceNoneFake people"

Paychex Compliance - Senior Financial Analyst II (Former Employee) says

"very stodgy and old fashioned, far too buttoned up for present day office life. the pay was quite poor too, i'd recommend looking elsewhere unless it's your first job out of college like mine"

Enterprise Client Services Representative (Current Employee) says

"extremely overloaded with accounts, extremely hostile and stressfull environment. Favortism everywhere, trainings over time have dropped and management doesn't care.noneeverything"

Payroll Specialist (Former Employee) says

"They make you work hard for little pay. If you get a raise its very small. Would never recommend this job to no one. I had four different supervisors in the 2 years Ive been there because the turn over."

HR (Former Employee) says

"This company is based strictly on favoritism and who is friends with supervisors. The protocols and procedures are not followed through carefully for the job safety of the employee. Very poor management skills from supervisor. If a supervisor sees you perform in better than them they fire you. Instead of lifting you and congratulating you they become enemies and team up with others to push you out. Do not apply"

Small Business Consultant (Former Employee) says

"There are some great managers and some terrible, just like summer camp as a kid. Just don't get stuck with a bad counselor. Training was outdated, unfocused."

JAG says

"The Inland Branch 0079 appears it has no one with a high school education working there. They could not set up a simple new client with just hourly employees. "

C says

" Terrible toxic place to work never would I suggest to anyone I know to walk in the door for a job upper management doesn’t listen to any complaints they don’t care about us or the clients "

Stephanie Joy Burrell says

"Our company has 12 employees and week after week after major problems. I spend 6 + hours a week on hold sometimes up to 3 hours on the phone a day just to fix payroll issues. Pay rates are wrong or over payed, under payed employees, or employees just not paid at all. We were passed around through specialist leaving multiple messages and sent mail for no one to respond. AJ a supervisor spoke to me once and didnt follow through with anything he said. I got through to a receptionist several times asking for a supervisor but was just put into a que. Very frustrating. If you are going to use this company hire an extra employee just to handle their constant messups and lack of communication. They even had the audacity to threaten extra charges for their mistakes. If they mess up our small companies pay checks every 2 weeks I cant imagine how they handle larger companies. Paychex treated our team like we were not valued in any way. SERVICE EXCELLENCE is not something they should advertise. Very disappointed. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!"

RCS Ltd says

"I started with Paychex about 15 years ago - back when they actually had customer service and I was happy for a long time. Unfortunately, in the past few years their customer service has become non-existent, and their retirement services are even worse. It is virtually impossible to get a customer service rep to pick up a phone or return a call in a timely manner. The Retirement Services department will not allow anyone from their compliance department to even be contacted. Save yourself the headaches and DO NOT entangle yourself with this company."

Cory Miller says

"What started as a small typing error has lead to the loss of two employee paychecks. This company used an incorrect checking account number TWICE and refuses to submit a letter of indemnity to the employees bank. It has been more than a month since the mistake and Paychex has taken no action. The final straw happened five minutes before this review when the customer service hung up on us after we asked to speak to management."

Kellie C says

"I have used Paychex for 19 years. Over two years ago, I found out that 3 quarters of 941 forms were not filed. I ended paying over $6000.00 in penalties and $4000.00 in interest charges. After timely email correspondences and escalating emails in TaxPay, (there was never a phone number that I could call) I finally received acknowledgment that they made an error. They agreed to file an abatement request for the IRS, but refused to pay any penalties. After a year and a half, I finally received payment from IRS, but only for 1 of the 3 quarters. Apparently, Paychex did not submit the abatement for the 2 additional quarters. I am unable to get anyone to respond to me and I even escalated an email to Chris DeSalvo, Vice President Service Excellence and Operations, and never received any response. That encapsulates the level of "standard service" if the VP of service excellence takes no effort in responding to an email. Now it is 3 years and I am still waiting for any sort of reimbursement from the IRS and Paychex. I wanted to keep Paychex until this all was resolved, but I was just notified in on August 31, 2020 by EDD that there were 2 additional quarters in 2017 and 2018 that were not filed and there is an additional 1,900.00 in penalties and 700.00 in interest. Paychex has taken no ownership for the penalties I paid and the error they made in not filing my taxes for 5 quarters. After 19 years of paying for their service, this is not the way to be treated. I have been patient for 3 years and from the non-responsiveness, reimbursement, sense of urgency, or ownership, I have no other recourse than to take legal action."

Gloria Sommers says

"Very poor undependable service and non-responsive to concerns. Paychex personnel have a high turnover rate at least every few months. A mailbox for personnel who have left continues to receive email but is answered by others. You rarely can speak with a supervisor. No one is empowered to take corrective action. It is total chaos. I cannot make a recommendation to use them."

Brian Carpenter says

"I thought it was just our company that had problems with these guys but after reading the reviews that’s not the case, after canceling our service we get billed for five times the correct amount and put into collections, our representative is working to correct the issue but now they won’t send our tax forms to us unless we pay the bogus amount (really) they know we need them for our covid19 loan so we can pay and keep our employees working but the feel they have us over a barrel Not fair or ethical especially in times like this
The next letter is to Charle Baker and consumer affairs see what they say

Caleb Hoag says

"I would never do business with this company ever again. From high pressure sales tactics that are basically just scare tactics to extremely high fees. None of their services are worth what they want to charge they try to pretend that getting out of their services is simple and easy but of course it is not. They want to take advantage of small business owners and prey on you being naive. It has been the most difficult company to work with in my entire life I have never seen such Unprofessional people in sales."

Wes says

"Had the service for approximately 6 months and left because of the totally incompetent customer service.

Then the TRUE incompetence began.

We used their timeclock hardware. I have repeatedly contacted them to get a return label. They've emailed their own people internally multiple times to get it returned - no action. I continue to be billed.

After following all of their rules for leaving their service, my account being closed with limited service, we still are getting billed. I have had to go to my bank and have my bank reverse the charges.

Today, I received a collection letter from their attorney.

I cannot believe that these people are one of the largest payroll providers. This has shot right past ridiculous.

UPDATE: The collection attorney listens at approximately the same level of Paychex. I sent him the documents where we quit using the service and he sent me back the two bills that were due saying I owed the two bills. "I can't quit you""

customer says

"Words can not express how appalled I am with this company. I am not sure how they can legally be open still. First they are disorganized, have separate departments and fees for every single 'product'. There is no one to educate you on these and frankly I am pretty sure the person who handles HSA can't tie her own shoes let alone educate one.

Ok I digress. The reality is they took $600 out of my checking instead of my employers and it took 3 weeks to return it when I was buying a house. Then they started charging me extra again a few and returned it quicker. Now they incorrectly are taking close to $600 out of my pay for "HSA" which is completely crazy. I have written to them and been ignored repeatedly. I can't afford this. My employer, a small NGO, can't afford to change services (they robbed us of crazy start up fees and some were a surprise to us). The reviews here are correct. Do NOT make the same mistake we did. Don't do it!!! And to one other guy here mentioning law suit, I would support that if it's possible. They should be more than sued they should not be allowed to be in business."

John Wilkes says

"How can this company be allowed to treat their customers so poorly and cause errors that devastate people?! This is the 2nd time in 6 months that their incompetence put me in a bind. Paychex asked me for a voided check, bc I needed funds sent electronically. They sent a PAPER check last week, and that will take another WEEK to clear. I can't pay rent to keep my place. I can't pay my car or bills. They know it's their error but REFUSE to help me. I can't buy food, put gas in my car, or pay my rent. If anyone else has had this experience with this company (and I know there are many), please contact me and let's take legal action. Companies like this don't care about their customers and only understand LEGAL action. Please help!"

John Wilkes says

"My company has Paychex retirement services. I fell into hard times and had to take a distribution. I gave ample time and took all the necessary steps and was assured funds would be released to me on August 9th to avoid disruption to my credit and landlord. That was verified both via website and rep several times. Today (the 9th), their website changed my payment date. I had to call several representatives before one would even put me on with a "manager" who wouldn't even tell me WHY the date had changed- just that giving me more information wouldn't change the fact that I wouldn't be paid by the promised date. I never thought I'd fall on such financial difficulty that I'd need to draw from my 401k. I have never seen a company be so incompetent, then be so unapologetic and rude about their own mistake. Am I overreacting, or is this a theme of Paychex and a reason they have a 2/5 Star rating on Consumer Affairs??"

Suzanne Weast says

"In 2020 I ran 14 payroll checks with Paychex. The cost? At stunning $91.50 per check. The cost includes a year end final tax report/W2's. I got in touch with Paychex I was given a $300. refund.
I've been with Paychex 20 years with a number of businesses and employees. The company has changed. . I LOVED Paychex. Easy, easy, easy. Now I'll probably use Quickbooks.
Update: Discontinued the service. My 2020 end of year tax report was $300. which was 2X what I paid in 2019."