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The Foundation for a Better Life is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2000 to "promote good values". The foundation creates public service campaigns to share with others its values, including honesty, caring, and optimism, in order to create a better social paradigm.

A former employee says, "The Foundation for a Better Life was great when they started out because no one was doing what they were. But, times have changed--especially with how media is being consumed--and they haven't adapted their strategy. There is a lack of structure and constant confusion as to what you should be doing in your role. All decisions must be run through several "higher-ups" and progress is extremely slow--as in months to years to make any kind of change. No ownership is given for projects, and you're constantly being micromanaged. All creative work is contracted out, so your role within the company will be strictly administrative and to maintain the day-to-day tasks. They have no measurement for success, so it's nearly impossible to see the impact the work is having, therefore, hard to find reward. This great "positive" place is extremely draining and I don't recommend anyone spending their time with it."


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