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Passage Home—incorporated in 1991 as a 501c3—is Wake County's Community Action Agency and anti-poverty organization serving families living in poverty, families at risk of falling into the vicious cycle of poverty, and veterans.

A former employee mentioned, "Working at Passage can not be just a job for you, it has to be a passion in order to do the work that needs to be done because the pay is very low."


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Rosalie DiBello says

"A ripoff. They did deliver the vehicle late, but driver wanted more money than contract said. Called Armani. Said pay him and I will see that you get your money back. That was back in Nov 2016. I have repeatedly called, texted, wrote letters etc. Nothing. A big scam. Once they have the vehicle the driver won't release it until he gets his money. Ripped me off for $125."

Cathy Morrone says

"Do not do business with this company. They take your $75 deposit and you will never hear from them again. Terrible company terrible people."

Demetira Williams says

"Paid a $75.00 dollar deposit to ship a vehicle from California to Georgia. Was suppose to be picked up 1/16/2017 @ 12:00. No driver no call. No one answers the phone or email. They are a rip off, do not use this company. Now I got to come out of pocket even more because this person's dishonesty. Do not trust this company for any of your shipping needs. Armani is a fraud and a one man operation.... STAY AWAY PLEASE!!!!"

Alek1234 says

"They got my deposit after they said they had a shipper lined up. They took the deposit and wouldn't answer any emails or phone call. And guess what no shipper. Yes Armani is a scam artist. Look at all the yelp reviews."