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Parlux is an Italian manufacturer of hair dryers and other related hair care electrical appliances, which sells largely in the commercial side of the hair electrical appliance market, and less so the household market.

Meagan shares her frustrating experience on, "The Parlux 385 PowerLight is the worst hairdryer I have ever used (and I've used $10 ones before). It made my hair so frizzy - literally worse than the $10 one! Biggest waste of money ever! I tried to return it as I thought it could have been faulty (surely a product that was top of the price range couldn't be such poor quality). And no one wanted a bar of it, not even Parlux quality control area. I ended up selling it at a loss just to get rid of it and went back to using a cheap hair dryer (and my hair is better off for it). I couldn't believe how inferior the quality of the product is!"


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Former Employee - Account Executive says

"Upper management has little direction- except to Micro manage the field."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where to start? Absolutely no resources, no benefits, and no strategy. This place is a revolving door, and young talent (who bring the ideas) don’t stay for more than a year. Bellport office spies on you through the cameras to see if you’re wearing jeans on days that aren’t dress down days, meanwhile the company is completely outdated and has much bigger things to worry about. HR is not only unhelpful, but prides itself on giving as few benefits as possible and is unnecessarily aggressive when you reach out to them. Everyone who tries to bring this company out of the Stone Age is bullied until they leave. Tenured employees left completely unchecked and allowed to treat newer employees badly. Office environment extremely catty and inefficient."

Former Employee - Associate says

"Anyone who is talented leaves this company within a year. The turnover is insane. There is zero direction on all projects, no previous templates/guides, and the work life balance/culture is horrible."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT. unprofessional, controlling, micromanaging and overall creepy."

Former Employee - Vendor Specialist says

"There is no fair employment at parlux"

Current Employee - California says

"Unfortunately very unprofessional lacks communication, high goal expectations, inconsistent hours, biased management, no team work, verbal abuse, little to no breaks since you have to meet sales, schedule is never on time, almost every shift is in a different location, hard to find HR to complain to,"

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Not enough work hours and no insurance."

Former Employee - Associate says

"No bonuses, no 401K contribution, barely any PTO, no annual reviews, no room for growth. Owners do not care about their employees, only about profits."

Former Employee - Operations says

"Management stuCk in the past"

Former Employee - Marketing Manager says

"Poor pay, benefits and PTO."


"Love what I did, generated retails and been profitable for the company, visiting stores and make sure the product was visible to customers, create events and work with store management in every account. Management change constantly and made it hard to be consistent business as every management had their own rules and this affected the business year after year. Work for the company 10 years had 3 different CEO, 5 VP, and 6 Supervisor."

Vendor (Former Employee) says

"working for this freelance company was ok but I was not treated fairly for the jobs I have succeeded in goals on a slow day. nothing was done fairly."

SALES REPRESENTATIVE (Former Employee) says

"Distributor Salesman of all Parlux company owned fragrances and products.Transportation and inventory of productsMeeting of new peoplechange in location of daily work"

Kieran McCarthy says

"Ordered my item and then a week later got refunded as they didn’t have the stock? Think they need a better stock keeping system."

Markus says

"I placed my order on 28th August and am still waiting. Contacted Beauty Kick and it’s being “investigated” - I’d heard so many good things about the company but am yet to experience it..."

Sabina Akbar says

"i havent received my parcels so how can i send a review its been 3 weeks"

Deborah Eldieab says

"Not received my item. Nobody knows where it is..... Bad service, i was told to ask around my neighbours, check places it could of been left!! Would not recommend. I've paid money for a product and not received it....."