Packaging Corporation of America

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The company was founded in 1959 by the consolidation of three companies and was eventually acquired by Tenneco in 1965. In November 1995, the company's name was changed to Tenneco Packaging Inc.; in 1999, a new entity re-established the name Packaging Corporation of America. In 2009, the company opened a new design center and project-management facility in Hong Kong, operating under the name Packaging Corporation of Asia Limited. In October 2013, the company acquired Boise Inc (this is different from Boise Cascade).

A typical day at PCA consists of repeating tasks that a computer should be doing, manually managing projects because decision-makers are not informed enough to procure/implement/provide proper tools, and ending the day feeling like I could have done much better for my customers if the situation would have been different. I learned that trying to make any changes to the status-quo will endanger a manager's position. Executive management has no issue threatening subordinates with their job if they happen to point out issues in the system. The hardest part of the job was the feeling that the leadership in the company was adamantly against innovation or process improvement or so hopelessly ignorant that they couldn't see the value in it. There are so many levels of management that good ideas will have a very difficult time getting to the people actually responsible for making decisions, if they happen to meet the requirements of the lower-managers that gate-keep such things. The only enjoyable part of being employed by PCA is their 401k matching program.