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POM Wonderful, LLC is a private company which sells an eponymous brand of beverages and fruit extracts. It was founded in 2002 by the billionaire industrial agriculture couple Stewart and Lynda Rae Resnick. Through The Wonderful Company, their holding company, they are also affiliated with Teleflora, FIJI Water, pesticide manufacturer Suterra, and Paramount Agribusiness.

Angel mentioned, "My husband grabbed 2 POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice for us to try when we were at Fresh Market. I didn't like them at all. The berry flavor is way too strong for me. I didn't like the packaging too, I thought it was so awkward holding it. I didn't even make it halfway of the bottle and let my husband finish the rest."


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Former Employee - Executive says

"I worked at The Wonderful Company full-time for more than a year Cons: Do your homework. Read articles from Forbes, The Atlantic, etc. Read about the lawsuits for FIJI, POM, Roll Global and JUSTIN. Watch the NatGeo documentary. Also - pay attention to the single-star reviews here. Look at the trends (and formulaic responses from HR). Also - pay is below average."

Former Employee - Director says

"I worked at The Wonderful Company full-time for more than a year Cons: Management. Ownership. Unprofessional/unqualified staff. Poor work-life balance. Backstabing very common."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"I worked at The Wonderful Company full-time for more than a year Cons: There are a lot of cons with this company. The office politics are like no other company I have worked at before. They thrive off of scare tactics, popularity contest and fear. If you don’t play the game, you won’t win. If you know your tactic and best practices but upper management doesn’t agree, they won’t follow your guidance, fail, and then blame it on you. Are you doing your manager or directors job for them? Do you and your colleagues all agree you should be promoted? Think again. They’ll only offer you what you deserve when you’ve got another offer in hand. This company turn and burns and doesn’t look back. Truly just another number. Finally, the pay is not competitive, especially for the LA market. Quick notes: Strict no wfh policy. Poor communication. Poor leadership. Low talent as the quality people always leave. This place is a stepping stone, that’s about it."

Former Employee - Wine Guide says

"I worked at The Wonderful Company part-time for less than a year Cons: No regard for employees they fire people all the time for no real reason. I know of many that this has happened to. They honestly do not care about anyone that works there."

Current Employee - Spray Manager says

"I have been working at The Wonderful Company full-time Cons: Hard place to work, poor culture"

Former Employee - Corporate Communications says

"I worked at The Wonderful Company full-time for less than a year Cons: Culture of abuse and bullying"

Current Employee - Production Leadership says

"I have been working at The Wonderful Company full-time for more than 5 years Cons: You don't have a future in the pistachio plant unless you're white"

Current Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"I have been working at The Wonderful Company full-time for more than 3 years Cons: The lack of transparency during the layoffs was shocking to the employees that were left. The company would do the layoffs, put people on paid leave, furlough and then tell everyone what they did. The VPs would not tell anyone what was happening and then after they furloughed (or whatever other action), they would then communicate it with the rest of the company. The lack of transparency is honestly so disappointing. The company prides itself in not laying people off during recessions and during a time when they are making tons of money - that is exactly what they did - even though they are making a lot of money. The owners say that they don't care about the bottom line, but they do. The Wonderful Company is making a lot of money right now and they chose to let 100+ go and furloughed many others. They weren't honest with their employees about what was coming and this was disappointing. This has lowered morale among my coworkers. The Wonderful Company is one that is very demanding on their employees, but they don't offer security."

Current Employee - Assistant says

"I have been working at The Wonderful Company full-time for more than a year Cons: There is a major lack of transparency between upper management and normal workers. The workload is very heavy. A director even once said ever person does 1.5 jobs. They don’t take care of their people when it comes down to it, even though they advertise themselves like they do."


"I worked at The Wonderful Company Cons: The leadership guidance and overall endorsement of the way work is done is really conservative and narrow minded. People stay at the company because they are comfortable and don’t get laid off to do the bare minimum work. Executives and the owners don’t know nor do they care about realistic deliverables that improve employee morale."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone, Management Very poor and uneducated.I wouldn’t even recommend this company to my worst enemy......................"

Regretful Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"Save yourself and don't get swept up in all the crXp they spew as a corporate machine that portrays and image as fake and deceitful as the Management and HR team themselves."

Grader/Packer/QA/QC (Current Employee) says

"They spoke Spanish only a few knew English. Perfect for someone bilingual. production is fast pace, tiring, and non stop until you were to take a break or lunch."

Inventory Tagger (Former Employee) says

"at least they give you your breaks on time"

Territory Manager (Current Employee) says

"A lot of favortisim and prejudice employees, makes me not want to go to work. I'd rather be in a better environment. Cons: Seniority means nothing, employer does not care about employees"

lead (Former Employee) says

"This is the kind of place you read about that overworks their employees and underpays the workers.They have to put up with gas forklifts operating feet from the lunch room (which is open) cranky bosses and unsafe working conditions Cons: too many to list...just dont work here"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"It is difficult to feel comfortable in your job each day as there is a lot of turnover. Management does not support employees to advance their careers."

Machine operator/Lead (Current Employee) says

"Working for Select staffing was a good experience because I had different jobs at different location. I picked up a lot of knowledge along the way from general labor, sanitation, and machine operator. Cons: Short term jobs"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"The executive management here changes so often difficult for employees to move ahead or be recognized for work. Cons: executive management, high turnover"

Unemployed (Former Employee) says

"As long as you're good with upper management, you have a job if not they end your assignment without "thank you". HR department only "plays the part" when they say everyone matters. But everyone who has worked there knows it's not true Cons: Not everyone is fairly equal"

Director of Reliability (Former Employee) says

"POM has a great deal of potential BUT the office politics was too great. The team while I was there did not know how to operate at the respective levels but rather operated 1 or 2 steps down."

Bottle Inspector (Current Employee) says

"Its a great company once your hired on through the company, but being through a temp agency its not the best place to work."

Forklift Driver (Former Employee) says

"I did like my manager he was really nice but I just did not like the pay. I would also get pulled from my primary position to go help out another area in the warehouse due to lack of coverage or just simply falling behind in work. Cons: The pay was terrible"

General Labor (Former Employee) says

"Seasonal job expected a challenging environment. Friendly and professional management. Only got to work for a season. Fast pace. Great for beginners to learn."

Territory Manager (Former Employee) says

"Pom Was A Good Place To Work .The Recession Hit Us Hard, Our 5 Year Plan was Changed. Warehouse Was Closed For Business. Cons: Low Pay"

Plastics (Former Employee) says

"Pays well. Try to Stay to yourself. Hard to get involved and stay neutral. They want involvement and welcome feedback. Be careful not to be to negotiate Cons: Hard to please"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"As a Sales Merchandiser, you are expected to be at your first store by 7am - every day - no exceptions!"

Quality control pooled (Former Employee) says

"My day consist of C.I.P operator. Cons: bad leads"

General Labor (Former Employee) says

"- A typical day at work would be working hard and time flies by very fast do to hard work. Cons: Dint have enough work for me."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Supervisor had a bad attitude not energetic I didn’t like working with her. The job there’s was okay I liked it but not my position I had."

Mogreen says

"They have very tricky replacement policy. I bought 5 trees in early march 2019, and a cherry tree died. I heard a reputation that cherry tree is easy to die, so i intentionally chose the stella cherry at $22.95, which is above willis' then-policy threshold: saying "above 19.9x (or 17.9x? I forgot the exact number, but defunutely less than 20) they replace and cover shipping for free, below it they issue credit for next buy'. In this way, if it dies i can get a new tree for free. However, at the end 2019, i got an email saying according to their policy, it needs to be above 24.9x to get free replacement, so they can only issue me store credit. I immediately rechecked their website, and that number didi bump up to 24.9x. Unfortunately i did not save the old then-policy so i could not argue with evidence. So i had to use that credit, of course added more money to cover shipping, to buy 3 new trees from them. Right now, one of the new trees died again. I am tired of trying to get compensation from them. Sounds like a good hook in bait so you have to buy from them forever. So i give up. If you buy trees frim them, make sure you save their replacement policy, because they might bump up their threshold and handke your case based on NEW policy threshold instead of the OLD one."

Sharon says

"one of the plant died after arrival. The bamboo is not muso bamboo, it is just a small type of bamboo."

Jack says

"Sent plants too early for zone 4. Had to put them in pots for a couple of weeks. Transplanted outdoors and they were caught in a snow storm a week later. Only the apple tree made it all summer. The other $400.00 of plants were a waste because of shipping date.. The plants looked good when they arrived, but keeping them alive for a month when you can't transplant them didn't work. . The 3/27 arrival date to a colder zone(4) should be reviewed.. They need to pay attention to where the plants are going. There customer service department didn't seem to care about "my problems"."

Bernard says

"Over the years I have bought numerous trees from yoo....NOT ONE OF THESE PURCHASES ARE LIVING. The last two trees from you were plum trees, they arrived "a whippit"....less than a quarter of an inch in diameter and 40 inches long. A few years ago an expensive peach tree from you did not live...after calling you a replacement arrived..but it cost me the shipping...and it didn't live. I will buy elsewhere or go without.....your products are below standard...and you are getting away with it. Chuck B. Clinton, Wi"

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