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PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. is an American bank holding company and financial services corporation based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its banking subsidiary, PNC Bank, operates in 21 states and the District of Columbia with 2,459 branches and 9,051 ATMs.

An angry customer shared in a review "I'm on hold now with PNC Bank... for another hour. It's taken me two months to close an account. The people on the phone are really nice and friendly, but the management must be horrible horrible because they don't act or respond to customer requests. Two months later and the account is still not closed. Tried to escalate but no response. DO NOT USE THIS BANK."


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Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work here is not easy, the management was not respectful and the CEO didnt seem to care. the best part was co workers and customers they made the day. But overall this company is racist. I failed a charge with the EEOC and they fired me about a week later.NothingEverything"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work here is not easy, the management was not respectful and the CEO didnt seem to care. the best part was co workers and customers they made the day. But overall this company is racist. I failed a charge with the EEOC and they fired me about a week later.NothingEverything"

Teller Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"upper management does not care about you as an employee. You can tell them you are being bullied by your superiors and they do not care to listen to you. The environment is very toxic NothingManagers, breaks, toxic work environment"

Retail branches (Former Employee) says

"Most of the leadership is extremely conservative and republican — they talk a good game but the disrespect is everywhere This outfit operates totally on favoritism and a caste systemI spent over a decade here and am so happy I left Be careful Absolutely nothingRetail leadership / market presidents and regionals"

Loan Processor Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Company needs a lot of improvement. I would seriously reconsider working here. Poor management and very stressful. Employees are not valued. There is no room for growth. The system is horrible.It’s a jobEverything about it is horrible"

Lead Teller Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"You are merely just a number with PNC. Incentive programs have been removed, additional hours during week and Saturdays added to schedule with no notice and overtime is unacceptable. If you’re short staffed, plan to work like a dog without a break.Management on all levels is a joke!Good coworkers, if you’re luckyPay, Management, incentive, balance between work/life"

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Very low pay for all the expectations you are asked to do. There is an employee survey available every year. You’re asked about your opinions but if you give negative ones, be prepared for retaliation from management. Can’t think of anyUnrealistic expectations"

Full-time Teller (Former Employee) says

"Horrible managers and work/ life balance. Not a great company to work for especially the branch worked at. Managers never know how to help tellers, favorite line “ I’m not a teller, sorry I can’t help.”"

Teller (Former Employee) says

"Horrible, I was hired to work part time, little did I know they would be 4 hour shifts 5 to 6 days a week. Getting time off was impossible. They told me my vacation was 3rd week of Oct. and that was it I had no other time off.I liked being a tellertotally ridiculous schedule. Head teller was a nightmare, she should have retired years ago"

Financial Sales Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Sell sell sell sell. No concern about customers, no care for anyone else as long as the bank makes a boatload off money. Lots of pitting branches against each other as well as pitting coworkers against each other to see who can sell the most credit cards or loans. All this company cares about is sucking customers into products to make sure they keep them stuck with this garbage bank. NoneAll"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"There was no diversity at the branch I was employed at. Basically, there was preferential treatment towards a certain race. PNC as a corporation must first start educating within the branches before they donate anything to help the racism in America. My branch was racist and it was brought to upper management's attention.I loved my job before it became PNC.Fix the issues within first."

Teller (Former Employee) says

"This bank does not care about their employees or are loyal to their employees. They hire people in at higher rates than the employees that currently worked there."

Assistant Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"PNC does not care about the employees work life balance. They will have you working from open to close and then complain that they have to pay overtime. If you are management you can forget about having a life."

Customer Representative II (Current Employee) says

"They dont care about work life balance and do not care about employees. Training sucks and demands high performance. You get written for minimal things and be prepared to see new people getting best schedules and better pay.Nothing really. This is a call center position same or worse than tpNo promotions, and be prepared to be demoted due external/internal circ"

Teller Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Where do I start? The downtown district manager was arrested years ago for meth charges, they hire incompetent people to be managers, they don’t promote from within"

customer service inbound callcenter (Former Employee) says

"This place is a soap opera THE WHOLE COMPANY from the call center to the bank ceo i new his family and wife very stuck up thinks everyone owes them etc now this kinda behavior also trickledown through the whole bank after other ceo retired they changed from ppo health care to hsa and transformation of call center was horrible so now everyone works from home and the big new renovations on smithfi"

Vice President - Senior Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"They are a terrible place to work for. They had me fire multiple people for lies just to get rid of them. They had me not hire someone because they didn’t like their teeth. A bad dishonest place to work"

Branch Sales & Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"PNC is a true northern bank they do not cater to clients in the south with the southern mentality the Raleigh Durham regional manager is a snake in the grass he waits for any opportunity to get rid of you they do not care about employees just shareholders"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Honestly, PNC does not provide the tools to he successful in the workplace, either at home or in the office. In addition, management is mostly inept and you are stuck doing the same monotomous job, with no room for advancement. We were lied to in training when they talked about bonuses, programs for upper level education, a good work-life balance. I have been miserable since the day I starred in the phones.Inept management, pay, old technology, the company line"

Underwriter (Former Employee) says

"Pnc was a joke! I'm totally shocked to know they are still in business. These guys I heard changed I hope for the best. It was awful in the beginning they let every bit of somebody work there.It was sickening to see the things that we saw.NothingManagement very racist people at the work."

Wanda says

"They have allowed the same person to take money from my account even after reporting it and two new bank cards. They do absolutely nothing to protect my interests. And they got snotty with me after the second report."

Abbey says

"If possible, they’d get -5star review. Here is their most egregious failures in customer service out of a tsunami of failures. My debit card was hacked,and $500 was stolen from the account connected to the card. They also hacked my Amazon and even worse,my Apple account, which has several recurring withdrawals. PNC does not provide any means whatsoever to call the bank and make a report. There is no way to report fraud, a crime, that takes place after business hours and after their pointless toll free # closes. I had to wait 11 hours to inform PNC, giving the hackers lots of time to create more damage, and lots of time for my fear about more damage to escalate very fast to unbearable levels. When I called, I was traumatized and emotionally discombobulated by being victimized online and by the theft of $500 only 11 hours earlier. The inexcusable manner towards me by the woman who answered the phone and took my report had no idea about how to treat customers who are fraud victims. She was rude, impatient. annoyed and frustrated by my inability to remain calm and in control. By her cold, callous attitude, she was PNC’s version of a law-abiding, abusive victimizer, which made me feel re-victimized She apparently believed that if this happened to her, she would be calm and in control. She was apparently uninformed that when crime victims are calm and in control, it may be due to shock. Shock functions as an autopilot so that a mom who is is a survivor of crime can handle its aftermath so she can take care of her children. The second time we were supposed to meet with her, she said Louis would meet with us instead. She did not want to deal with me. From my seat in the waiting area, it was obvious that Louis had no idea that he was about to inherit a fraud case. I also observed that she did not provide him w/any of her handwritten notes from my initial phone call or from an earlier meeting. Louis is a lovely, very young man. He is also a trainee who was not trained in handling fraud cases who was put in an awkward position by the offensive woman who had opened the case, and by default, the branch of the PNC office. Louis’s position as a trainee-not his fault-increased the stress of opening our case. As a psychologist who supervised many students who were in training, I consider the way this senior staff person handled our case, and her disregard for a trainee, highly inappropriate, and to me, unethical. No ethical senior staff, even ones who are not designated supervisors like I was,,would ever assign a trainee a case that required hours of training , supervision and experience. It would be like I transferred, with no notice, and w/o my notes, a severe BPD to my supervisee. While bank personnel are not therapists, and customers are not therapy patients, failing to notify a customer that their fraud case was being transferred to another bank staff who happened to be a trainee is very unprofessional. If I was informed that Louis was a trainee, I would not allow him to handle my fraud case. I would have insisted that on having a staff trained and experienced in handling fraud cases be assigned to me. If there were no staff at our PNC branch who were appropriate to handle my case, we would have left immediately and gone home so I could contact other branches to see if they had staff with experience in fraud cases. It is obvious to anyone reading my review that I am angry and insulted by how my case was handled. This is the worst example of many examples of how PNC earned a reputation so negative that it is a Twitter hashtag. I was told that it takes 45-90 days to resolve a fraud dispute. As soon as it gets resolved, we are transferring to my parents’s bank. It’s inconveniently located, but worth it. Our PNC branch is conveniently located 7 minutes away, which is irrelevant to how I was treated, and how my case was handled, by the conveniately located staff. and along with accounts unable to report immediately that my account got hacked via my debit card for $500. I had to wait until the next day, when our branch opened, leaving plenty of time for the hackers to get another $500, or $1,000. Their most egregious practice is locking PNC never told us that their was a $ limit on online withdrawals, let alone the amount and the option for us to set them due to the dominant stupidity and incompetence typical of most PNC staff. PMC prefers to lock debit cards down, 🚫notice. They have done this to us at least twice since COVID. They consider vague One They are behaving like punitive parents who are punishing otherwise obedient children who always follow their rules, but on occasion, It is well known that PNC behaves like punitive parents who punish customers who transfer to a new bank by making the process as miserable as possible. In "

Jim says

"I worked for NCC previously and then for PNC for 38 years. I retired last year and am so thankful I did. The IT department leadership is clueless on how to retain and motivate the staff. The IT operations area has no leadership just dictative management. No leadership and a certain person whose initials are DD is a reason why many talented people have left PNC. Used to be a good place but the current CIO and his leadership team have no clue. "

Wanda Kachur says

"I have had my account hacked three times. Pnc said they would only refund $50. They are slow in adding in my social security. I never get it until after midnight on the day it is supposed to be added. I am leaving if I ever get any covid relief payment."

Joaquín says

"On late 2016 I opened two accounts on 3320 S Congress Ave, Palm Springs, FL 33461 after a few months they offered me a credit card which I accepted, PNC points and later on PNC cash rewards. I started using PNC points for home expenses and PNC cash reward for work purchases, all my tools and materials, were paid weekly using cash rewards card and they were giving me peanuts as a cash reward because it is a cash reward account. Week after week for months and my credit was improving, one day around September 2018 I didn’t use the card for the entire week because I was off that week, but my credit card continued accruing expenses like if I continued working that week( around $1800 dlls) (I use PNC online banking app) where I monitor in real time my expenses so you always know your daily and weekly expenses pending and posted transactions which reflected in the balance. Balance plus pending transactions you always have control of your debt and know exactly how much you owe. Somehow they managed to use my previous transactions to which I believe they included in my weekly expenses to steal my money but I was in doubt so I said to myself maybe I was wrong and I owed more and accepted the fact. I continued my life like if nothing happened and about a few months around March 2019 my balance on my cash rewards was around $3500,00 and and my PNC points was about $2000,00 so that Sunday morning using my computer I logged in and made 2 payments $1500,00 to my PNC to my cash rewards card and $500,00 to my PNC points visa card so Monday morning Y was expecting my balance to be Cash rewards $2000,00 and my PNC points $1500, guess what, my PNC points visa card was reflecting $1500,00 but my cash rewards was reflecting $2380 where did my $380 dollars go. So again a payment was showing that I paid $1500(in green numbers) but my balance was missing $380 so $1800 on September 2017 plus $380 on March 2019 please note that I had no pending transaction over $100,00 coming in that week. when I confronted them by phone and I was speaking with someone a clown voice in the background stated (How did you know) At which I responded because I’m not stupid, I used PNC app online banking to track my expenses but they never credited the disputed amount stealing my money and did challenge me to prove it in a mocking way. I visited different local branches including the one where I originally opened my accounts and they refused to believe that this was happening, then I visited my closest branch from home 6535 Lake Worth Rd, Lake Worth, FL 33467 and the branch manager a woman Which surname is (Fifi) invited me to close my accounts instead of refunding my money. Again, I want people to know that this guys are vulgar rats, stealing my kids future. Nevertheless saying my interest rates increased to criminal 35% and every month I was paying almost $300 in interest charges for cash rewards and $90 for PNC points and that’s not the worst, I paid them interest for over a year from money stolen from me. At this point in time I’m sure I was targeted by the bank administration to steal from me instead of profit from me, because when my credit was around 780 I asked for a loan to buy a mobile home for my family an they declined twice one for a home and one for a dump truck. I just moved my money out of this racist people. I hope this helps other people to watch over their accounts closely and thanks for reading all the way here and please like and share so other people know. I believe they’re targeting Hispanics (Mexicans?) may they wanted to charge me for the Border Wall. Well they don’t want my business I just moved to another bank. So beware amigos!"

MsNickie says

"One star is way too generous! PNC deserves a zero! I have had nothing but problems since banking with PNC and it has only been a couple of months. Their employees are rude, nonchalant, and racist. I recently needed to visit a local branch to get some cash since I had not received my replacement card at the time. The branch lobby was closed and by appointment only, but I was unaware of that. I did not want to go through the drive thru since I was not driving. And you cannot use the cardless feature on the app at the ATM if you do not have a PNC bank card activated on your account. One of their elitist and nasty employees saw that I needed help and refused to assist me or even ask if I needed anything. I left because I did not want to end up getting shot for being Black or arrested for assault if I would have lost my temper! I contacted corporate and of course they apologized but it means nothing. These companies could not care less about Black people. How can any company say that Black Lives Matter when your entire executive board is filled with White people??? There are countless persons of color, including myself, that have college degrees and never even get considered for executive positions, so let's just keep it all the way real. The PNC phone and chat employees are also rude and incompetent. How can you not know about the products and services of the company you choose to work for??? This is why customer service is dead and a thing of the past. These companies make billions of dollars and they pay lower level employees chump change and they come to work miserable with the pay and their personal lives. What kind of s*!t is this??? Makes no sense whatsoever. I will be more than happy when I am done with PNC. I realize that all companies have problems of some sort, but it seems like many of these corporations are run by people who lack working brain cells and simple human decency. This can't be planet Earth sometimes I swear! Do yourself a favor and bank elsewhere. Preserve your mental and physical health and move on."

James Godbold says

"Tried to purchase foreign currency from a local Chesapeake Virginia branch, and boy what a wake up call. I called over the phone to enquire about a certain amount but soon changed my mind and went for a lesser amount. When I went to the branch to order and pay they bought the higher amount after I instructed them that I wanted the lesser amount, I even wrote it on the order form. They deducted both purchases from my account. How does a bank do this? It took me several phone calls and as of right now, it is still not straight. I am now waiting for them to credit my account for the higher amount, DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS BANK. THEY ARE NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE!!!"

Ujjval says

"Worst service ever. I was emailed to contact them, so i call them up and they never picked up the phone. I waited and waited but no luck. Dontdo business with pnc bank they are just rip off. Or you will be waiting for hours to just talk to some one."

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