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P Gand E Sucks. The Pacific Gas and Electric Company is an American investor-owned utility with publicly-traded stock. The company is headquartered in the Pacific Gas & Electric Building, in San Francisco, California, United States.

The PG&E Corporation has determined that profits for executives and shareholders come before the customers who provide them with those very profits. Over the 30 odd years I have been a PG&E customer, they have consistently raised their rates in order to raise their profit margin. In addition, even after the Camp Fire in Paradise in 2018, the Public Utilities Commission in Sacramento voted to allow them to raise their rates to fund the bankruptcy PG&E filed after the fire that resulted from the neglect of their equipment that killed 85 people. Unbelievable! So, in a nutshell, PG&E is willing to reach into the pockets of its customers to cover their liability and line their own pockets.

One former employee complained "I have 30 years at company at one point great place to work Now they micro manage everything you do. You simply cannot trust any management or the corrupt worker's union. Union local 1245 will sell you out to save 10 and they don't care if you're right, they will turn on you I had no form of discipline over 20 years tried to ruin me over personal issues."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We are sorry to hear that your list of cons outweighs your list of positives at Mosaic. If we don’t respond to every detail, apologies in advance and please know that we would love to have the opportunity to have a dialogue around your concerns. We couldn’t agree more that Mosaic is a great place for folks who are starting out. We are proud of our demonstrated ability to develop strong consultants and ID’s from diverse backgrounds (including those with potential but who are at an earlier stage of their consulting career). PG&E, one of our larger clients, has been in the process of implementing time limits on how long consultants, vendors, and contractors can work uninterrupted. Their NEWP process and policy have been in a state of change and update since inception. We are sorry you feel something was misrepresented to you on this. Mosaic places a significant emphasis on client success and happiness, as anybody in a service business should. What sets us apart, however, is that we firmly believe that employee success drives client success. Our consultants use Mosaic’s core values and branding traits to engage with clients and pursue client success. Sometimes being flexible and adaptable means changing previously held positions and pursuing sudden shifts in direction on projects. A risk we constantly face is direction shifting and not communicating as well as we could. When we don’t communicate as quickly or as well as we might like, we try to take accountability for it and learn from it. We work very hard to be transparent and frequent in our communication. The reality of consulting work is grappling with constantly changing situations: project timelines, deadlines, stakeholders, clients, and company policies are all in a constant state of flux across all projects and all clients. That complexity has an impact on how we communicate. We hedge. We qualify. We generalize. In all honestly, we sound vague. It is not ironic that we thrive on murkiness and complexity. In response, we communicate what we can, when we can, and as often as we can. When we are faced with the choice of giving an accurate, but likely to change answer or offering no information, we make the difficult choice of the honest, but sometimes hedged answer. We are an on-sight consulting firm, and the bulk of our work in other locations would require travel for CA residents. The commitment to 100% travel is a big one. Frankly, it is often not the best choice for all our employees. The reality is, as with all project-based work, there are ebbs/flows and times where we are busier and slower. Coordinating project timelines and resources needs across client sites, time zones, and states is not an exact science. We do our best, but we run into challenges where people will have down time between projects. This doesn’t mean we terminate employees once they reach their tenure limit at PG&E. In the consulting business, change is constant. We work hard, and are proud that we succeed, to keep our attrition rates consistently lower than industry standard. We have a long tradition of welcoming returning employees who bring back even more experience with them upon their return or when, as happens often, we work them again in the future as clients. Based on information available on this site, other public sites, and the compensation benchmarking and review we do biannually, we feel we are very competitive in our industry. As woman owned and led business, pay equity is very important to us. We take our efforts seriously to pay people fairly and consistently based on their qualifications and experiences. We have found that in research, as well as in our own experience, there is some significant dispute over the topic of annual/regular performance reviews being beneficial. Waiting for a prescribed time for feedback allows problems to fester, be forgotten, or ignored. We have purposely moved towards 360-degree feedback. It is a practice a little more grounded in adult learning best practices and it helps prevent turning the regular, prescribed performance review into an empty exercise. Regarding the work environment, cubicles and fluorescent lighting are obviously less than desirable features of aging workspaces. However, as many of our employees are citizens and rate payers in CA, we find that most of us are glad that PG&E is focusing more on system/employee/customer safety, reliability, and efficiency rather than on remodeling their workspaces. At Mosaic, we work where our clients are: in some cases that means Ontario in February, Tulsa in August, or Houston in hurricane season.The clients we serve provide critical services in conditions that are frequently less than ideal. Ensuring their workforces are ready for those challenges and getting the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with them is something we couldn’t be prouder of at Mosaic. We relish the opportunity to partner with our clients on serious challenges and meet them wherever they are."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We are sorry that you had a negative experience with a client. At Mosaic, we always strive to meet our clients needs while taking care of our employees so they feel supported and energized about the work we do. Client Success is a core value at Mosaic, and we pride ourselves on working collaboratively with both our consultants and clients to find solutions that work and meet our clients’ unique needs. Overall, Mosaic has had a very positive experience with PG&E as a client, but we recognize that some projects and relationships can be difficult. We purposefully have a regional management structure in place to discuss any challenges our consultants are having with clients and vice versa, and we encourage all of our consultants to come to us early and often to mitigate the risk of projects being unsuccessful or uncollaborative."

Senior Civil Inspector (Former Employee) says

"I would fax over my time card every week and recieve my paycheck, never really spoke to anyone from Amerit unless it was in regards to my payroll"

RGC says

"Poor attitude of delivery/install team. They were dismissive of our concerns; just seemed to want to finish as quickly as possible. Scratched a washer in the process (subsequently replaced). We got one follow-up voice message from a service manager, but our attempts to reach him or any other responsible manager afterward failed. This poor experience has impacted our view of Airport Home Appliance to the point that we'd rather purchase elsewhere in the future."

William Kirkpatrick says

"Do not do business with Airport. Once the sale is completed, Airport ignores you. I purchased an extended warranty on a product & Airport has ignored my claim even though I was approved for a replacement product. AIrport simply does not return calls. I suppose I will have to use small claims court."

Bill Manning says

"Do not, under any circumstances, do business with Airport Home Appliance, unless you like getting so-called "new" major appliances that literally fail in a few months. California law imposes an implied warranty of merchantability on companies like this, but they breach that statutory obligation, and sell you junk. Be warned and shop elsewhere."

Victor says

"I bought a new Samsung washer and dryer After installation and on the first use the washer soap dispenser overflows with water I call airport appliance and they told me to contact Samsung This unit is straight from the store Sad I purchase a extended 2 year warranty with airport appliance who sold me a defect product and offer no recourse Extremely disappointed and not satisfy I will contacting the proper authorities regarding this bait and switch"

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