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The PGA Tour (stylized in all capital letters as PGA TOUR by its officials) is the organizer of the main professional golf tours played by men in the United States and North America. It organizes most of the events on the flagship annual series of tournaments also known as the PGA Tour, as well as PGA Tour Champions (for golfers age 50 and older) and the Korn Ferry Tour (for professional players who have not yet qualified to play on the PGA Tour), as well as PGA Tour Canada, PGA Tour Latinoamérica, and PGA Tour China.

The following piece was written by Tom Owens, who questions the integrity of the PGA Tour on, "However, despite such impressive financial gain, according to an ESPN report, the PGA tour’s U.S based tournaments gave roughly 16 percent of their income to charity, compared to the industry norm of 65 percent. So where is the rest of the money going? Well according to Charity Navigator president Ken Berger, the biggest chunk of the profit pie is “going to big prizes, cash prizes for athletes and all the promotion around it, so it’s really pathetic, actually,” “Every single taxpayer in this country ultimately is bearing the burden of having to pay the taxes for this wildly inefficient organization that’s giving so little to charity.”


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Mr Holmes says

"After attempting to book a golf break for Sept for 2 nights. I was told it was only 1-16 go free and nowhere were offering 1-8 go free until I pointed out it was all over the hotels Twitter. I was then told I couldn’t get any tee time on the Friday and I’d have to pay an extra £40 per room as standards weren’t available. I then contacted Glencorgolf Who booked us in for 1-8 go free, we got the standard rooms and got the tee times on the Friday. Feel like golfbreaks we’re trying to rip us off. Glencorgolf also offered the 1-8 go free without me having to mention it."

Kevan Leggett says

"I booked a 9 day golf break to Ireland for myself and my 2 sons. The break was due to start today but the first hotel we were due to stay in has remained closed (it re-opens on Wednesday). In addition Ireland still has i place a 14 day quarantine period so travel is not possible. I requested a refund of my deposit around 3 weeks ago but was told that "Until 2 weeks prior to your travel date, your booking is not considered affected by the current travel restrictions so payment and cancellation terms therefore apply as normal. If, once you are an imminent traveller, there are still travel restrictions in place or the venue has not re-opened, we would contact you to recommend changing your travel date to either later this year or even for the same time next year. If this does not suit you and your group you would be welcome at this stage to cancel with a full refund." I then waited until less than 2 weeks prior to travel to reiterate my request for a refund. I heard nothing back. I then phoned on Friday and was told I would be sent a "refund link" later that day. I am yet to receive anything. Despite assertions in writing that I would be due a refund I am yet to receive one. I would not normally post a review such as this but the lack of response from has left me with no choice Kevan Leggett"

Barry Baker says

"Like others who have posted a review, myself and my golf buddies were looking forward to our short golf break in the UK in May. We paid in full before time and know that nothing had been paid out to the course and hotel by the time the pandemic happened. So golf breaks have our money. As the lead booker, I was patient realising that others would need to be dealt with before me so I didn’t chase. However I heard nothing. When I did get in touch I was told I could have a voucher to rebook and then if I chose not to then I could have a refund after 31 July. I made it very clear I wanted a refund. I chased again at the end of last week and was told I my refund Would be processed on Monday by someone else. I have not heard anything I chased today and got an out of office with no date for return. I fear like others this means that refunds are not going to be forthcoming any time soon if ever. The lesson I have learned from this is not to trust a third party. I know these are unprecedented times but there is a distinct lack of communication and customer service from golf breaks."

Lee Gordon says

"Booking Reference 571970 A loyal customer to Gokfbreaks who had booked with them for 4 years on the bounce will be booking through other golf travel companies moving forward. Like many others the holiday had to be cancelled due to COVID-19. When requesting a refund; 1) Firstly they informed us that EU regulations on refunds had changed allowing companies more time to action refund which was a lie 2) When questioned couldn’t offer a response and instead stated a refund would be 3 months after the holiday start date (4/5) 3) Then offered a voucher instead even though we repeatedly informed them we wanted our cash back 4) Altered the refund date to 31/7 unilaterally. Considering some of the party who booked this had lost jobs and required to claim support off the state, when we informed them of this they didn’t seem to care. Obviously their priority is themselves at the cost of the customer. I’ll be filing a complaint to the CMA today regarding their conduct and advise this as an action to others too who are in a similar position. Furthermore I’d strongly recommend that people book through other golf agencies who actually put the customer first."