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PC World is a global computer magazine published monthly by IDG. Since 2013, it has been an online only publication.

A ripped off customer says, " They [PC World] will renew your subscription without asking. I had no idea that I would be charged again. Was six days ago now & can't find a way to get my money back.

Another disappointed customer said, "Others have noted that when their [PC World] subscription expired, all of the electronic issues they had paid for also disappeared...unless PC World lets me once again access and store the issues I've already paid for, I will no longer be a customer."


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Wulfrune says

"I went all the way to PC World in Croyden after a printer. There were 4 long shelves for all kinds, however they had the sum total of FOUR printers.. FOUR !. I sort one of the members of the apathetic staff to find out why they'd only got 4 on display and he told me "We sold all of them out this morning" BULL SHOT, he also said "Come back this afternoon there maybe more", No sir, I'm going to do what I should have done in the first place and that is ignore your store, because all you're interested in is selling PC's to mug punters who know no better. Where in the World? Never PC World, that's for sure, AVIOD."

Wall, John says

"still no reaction from ripoff currys with a bit of luck they will go under they are getting a great help from their "staff" . i will keep at them till the do go under english morons"

Rachel Charker says

"Faulty goods to return! Customer service is the worst I have ever known. Trying to contact them to return/collect faulty good, lots of emails that just bounce back saying we will contact you within in 6 days 🙄, finally they say you are over 30 days ring this number to discuss your options! Ring US, there's an hour's waiting time, and it wasn't 30 days from my initial email asking for a refund! There's a whole Facebook page on Currys/pc world Customer Service Complaints they will give you emails of managers etc.... Apparently this seemed to work, of and posting on her to let others know about their abysmal company.... Looks like I,m off to email a manager, fingers crossed!!!"

Colin Crichton says

"Purchased a wine cooler online. It was delivered as promised, but when it was unpacked it had a large dent in the top corner. Phoned the customer support number twice and both times waited 70 mins to be immediately cut off when connected. I now have a product which is badly damaged which I cannot return or get a replacement.All the local shops are closed so no possibility of actually speaking to someone who may be able to help. Currys PC World customer service is absolutely abysmal. They are quick to sell you goods and take your money, but offer no opportunity to complain about damaged goods."

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