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Overture com was the pioneer of pay-per-click advertising and used a system where search terms are auctioned off. GoTo.com was so successful that by the year 2000 it had up to 25,000 advertisers who had made around 4 million bids for up to 500,000 keywords. The company’s revenue in 1999 was reported to be $26.8 million even though it was losing money. Overture’s pay-per-click advertising was a business model that relied on providing listings to various other search engines. Each advertiser was involved in an auction each time a user searched for a keyword. The primary goal of the advertisers, bidding for these keywords, was to improve their visibility in those search engines that Overture.com was working in partnership with.

An article on launchpresso.com explains the demise of Overture "One of the reasons behind the slow demise of Overture.com is that it failed to develop a loyal user base. Talmadge O’Neill, a former employee of the company, supports this view in answer to a question on Quora about what happened to Overture.com. O’Neill says “We were unable to build a substantial user base that used our search engine as their primary search engine.” O’Neill also adds that from a marketing perspective, Overture failed to scale its business through marketing the destination site to end-users. Instead, Overture used its paid advertising system to advertise on websites like Yahoo, Snap, MSN, AltaVista, and AOL. This resulted in Overture giving most of its revenue to its partners."


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