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Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, abbreviated OPC, is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Tokyo, Osaka and Naruto, Japan. The company was established August 10, 1964.

A former employee said this in a review "Horrible company culture at Otsuka. Managers were horrible. Did not care about the administrative staff and continued to lie to me about bringing me on as a permanent employee. The assistant director was a liar and used the word wigger to one employee in describing a white person acting black".


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Clinical (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. Management is terrible and there is no flexibility. Benefits and pay are horrible and the office atmosphere is really bad. If you like your career, stay away"

Specialist-job description not accurate (Current Employee) says

"Little did I know that I would be a contractor for Canon-following the interview w Otsuka people. Once my background check was complete, received benefits info to describe 60-day wait, punching a tome clock, no ptoYou’re either in or outMostly out"

Administrative Assistant to 3 Directors (Former Employee) says

"Managers were horrible. Did not care about the administrative staff and continued to lie to me about bringing me on as a permanent employee. The assistant director was a liar and used the word wigger to one employee in describing a white person acting black.NoneManagers"

Clinical Trial Lead (Former Employee) says

"This company will suck you dry and spit you out. They do not care about your commitment and quality. Once they're done with you when there no money, study team or reorganizations, they will put you on a PIP, make up fake excuses and documentation to fire you. HR supports the manager that leads to the firing.good health care benefitshorrible management and backstabbing culture"

Hospital Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very focused on reports and details. Not very focused on the employee."

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"Otsuka is a joke of a pharma company. Everything is taken way too seriously for absolutely no reason, especially considering word is going around that there are contractors employed at Otsuka who have a high school diploma, but are in the same role/receive the same compensation as someone with a Master's degree. Otsuka should be ashamed if this is true (I'm pretty sure it is). Do not work here unless you enjoy being treated like trash. My advice to Otsuka: follow up with these recruiting agencies that are hiring contractors. They are getting rid of good ones who actually know what they're doing and getting cheap replacements and it's creating a nightmare for everyone. Also, stop promoting micro-managers. It's 2020 and no one should be micromanaged at this point. I can't wait to get out of this place. Also, most senior leadership does not allow WFH...meanwhile at all the other pharma companies, everyone typically gets to WFH once or twice a week. Stay away from Otsuka. There are way better places to work, especially in pharma."

Neuroscience Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Metics...enough saidMetrics, metrics, metrics, metrics, metrics, metrics...can’t say it enough. You could be #1 lads year but why are you so bad today."

Neuroscience Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"This is a "healthcare" company...but profit mean everything to them. One of their products is Nuedexta, which is not much more than cough syrup and quinidine....penny items, sold for over $1200 a month!! How can you feel good about that?? Pure G-R-E-E-D!"

Associate (Current Employee) says

"I have never worked with more incompetent people before. Work just gets passed around because no one want to take ownership while everyone stands around talking in a different language. People here are loud and ignorant. No one knows any answers to questions or is willing to help. People with no experience get promoted while others suffer with more workload but not an increase in pay or title. There is no recognition of national holidays other than the basics. The open floor plan is awful because people are loud and rude, talking on their cell phones and to each other about non work related topics. I have never worked anywhere with more gossip than here. The office is disgusting, bugs and mouse traps everywhere. SOPs are disorganized and don't make any sense. It's impossible to follow direction here as there is none. Work just gets pushed with no explanation and barely any training and it really shows in the poor quality of output.Free food in the break roomPretty much everything."

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"high turnover; infighting in pods; dm ride-a-longs were torture"

Associate Director - Market Access Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Senior Leadership is non-communicative & many employees have lost faith and trust in leadership Growth strategy is questionable The firm is still working to overcome a very bad acquisition and investment in viable brand franchises is being compromisedcolleagues; opportunity to mentor otherssenior leadership is dismal"

Contractor/Consultant (Current Employee) says

"As a contractor for this company, we are treated like a number, not a person. I am also one of only two or three people who are not Indian. I am surrounded by "Off-shore" contractors, that received their degree from some cereal box college in India. No work from home option. We are reminded repeatedly that Otsuka has paid a lot of money to provide us with a floor all to ourselves....Did I mention, it;'s not in their building? It in the building next to them. I guess they are embarrassed to have us all working there. The "floor" is fine, except for the fact they can't get the WiFi to work half the time and there are no conference rooms, just an empty office or two with no chairs or desks. I spend most of my day trying to find a better company to call home. Not allowing WFH is a freaking joke in this day and age. Most of the managers don't know what I do anyway. I guess they are afraid if they don't watch my every move, I may take their job. I hate this company."

Manager of Information Technology (Former Employee) says

"The new VP of IT barely speaks english, and when he does, he mumbles out orders while sitting on his big fat rear end the entire day.Great companyAwful new VP"

ACCOUNT MANAGER (Current Employee) says

"No pipeline, no future. Poor leadership, horrible IT support. HR support is none. Worst intra-company website and app that never works. Basically, this is a second rate company with nothing to offer vs. other pharma companies."

Senior Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"When I started there in 2004 is was the best job and environment I have ever been around. I was hoping to retire there. I resigned in 2013 for many reasons. The final straw was too many reorgs. around 6 since 2009 and poor management.FlextimeTook away work from home day once a week."

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Cons: lack of leadership which resulted in poor management. Most managers were unskilled and looking in direction of leadership for answers. The company also had poor employee retention. I did not have a good experience with this company. No Pros."

Account Manager - Hospital Accounts (Current Employee) says

"very poor pipeline, management disregarded work life balance, career progression. forced people into positions they did not want to accept and use threatening words if they refused. Unexpected layoffs."

Key Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Colleagues and management were professional on a daily basis. Daily tasks were a pleasure with customers.Having to take on additional dual roles was an exciting challenge which i value the experience taken.None"

Sr. Director CNS Marketing (Former Employee) says

"A political nightmare, like a reality show. Professionals who are trying to do good work are discarded like yesterday's newspaper in favor of some sycophant who can cozy up to the US or Japanese management.Operating budget are generous, open to new ways of doing thingsDrive out contributors, no one over 5 years who produses"

Senior Business Analyst (contractor through HCL) says

"Whether it is the Otsuka staff or the HCL staff who are providing their IT managing services, it is definitely a male dominant culture with a chauvinistic attitude and treatment towards female staff."

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