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The Osterfeldhalle Berkheim is an elegant and stylish wedding location of premium comfort. About the highway A8 your guests can reach the venue quickly and put down their passenger cars directly in front of the house. The entertaining of your wedding company is taken over by our experienced catering partner.

The big hall (max. 500 people), the small hall (max. 160 people) and the foyer (max. 100 people) are available for your wedding celebration. If you use the big hall and the entrance hall in combination, you can celebrate with even 669 guests. Otherwise the entrance hall is ideally suitable for the reception of your guests.

A guest from a former event shares the experience at Osterfeldhalle Berkheim on social media, "Despite the other arrangement for the seating, we experienced poor service on the part of the team on our wedding day. Even in retrospect, it was said that there were communication errors with the caretakers, and not an excuse for the lack of seating on our day. No customer-oriented service to be expected from those responsible."


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