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Ortofon is a Danish manufacturer of electronic audio equipment. It is the world's largest producer of magnetic cartridges for phonograph turntables, with 500,000 cartridges sold annually. The company was founded by engineers Arnold Poulsen and Axel Petersen in 1918. Initially focusing on sound film technology.

Bluepearl, a customer shared his opinion about Ortofon on "Audioreview" in November 2009:

"This cart is overrated! It has a serious sibilance problem and only preforms well on top-notch recordings, anything less and you will run out of the room with your ears bleeding! I am now a believer that the cartridge is a more important investment than the turntable itself. As an experiment I purchased a Dynavector 10X5 ($350) and mounted it on a 1981 entry-level Onkyo table I picked up for free and it totally blew away the Project Xpression/2M Red combo. My recommendation is to put the money where the needle hits the vinyl."


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