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One 31, fully known as Channel One 31 and branded as One31 or One31 HD, is a Thai digital terrestrial television channel owned by GMM Grammy. The network offers a variety of content such as drama, variety programs, competition, news and entertainment programs.

A disappointed customer shared this on Reddit "I really love and enjoy Thailand and its culture, language, food, entertainment, etc. and I would love to be able to watch their movies and tv series so can you guys please add english subtitles for us international viewers also is there anyway to download LineTV the app in America on the app store? Every time I have tried to it has said “not available in your country” can someone please help me out? The customer service of One 31 is lousy, they don't answer my questions, nor do they care about having good service. I regret having a subscription to this channel".


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Christy Hufton says

"We ordered a headstone for our 4 year old grandson that passed away from cancer.. The stone is beautiful but his birthday is wrong (their mistake). I have called and was told a new stone would be done or they would get someone to come correct the date but it has been 5 weeks and I want the stone fixed NOW....I have called numerous times and every time I call I get told that if by Monday we don't have a answer we will remake the stone. I'm tired of waiting and want a new stone with the correct dates NOW..."

Kevin Harrell says

"I received damaged good and I'm having the hardest time to get a refund worse experience ever and for them to respond I received another one is a lie I told them to cancel because I had purchased another one after waiting months for them to send me damaged goods now all I want is my money back not another headstone that they attempted to send me but I declined because I have purchased another my brother has been dead for 20 years and Legacy made a feel good situation terrible I would recommend them to no one!10/14 and they continue to lie and screw over me and my family not to mention my brother they refuse to refund after sending a damaged stone and no one can contact owner cemetery said they always have problems with legacy headstones never use them,they are lying after 3and a half months they sent me a damaged headstone I ask for a refund they attempted to make me take another headstone from them which I denied because the cemetery said they were terrible and said procedure is for place making headstone should reach out to them after asking for my money again this morning I was called a racist slur twice and hung up on"

Ameisha Lilly says

"My headstone was just what I ordered but some of my words was smeared in the name."

Sue Hutchens says

"Was sent a headstone I didn't order. Had to go through PayPal disputes to resolve the matter!"

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