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OnTrac is a privately held logistics company that contracts regional shipping services in the Western United States.

On September 2020 a pissed customer wrote a review for sitejabber about OnTrac service: For 7 days the item tracking info said delayed then the last 3 days there has been no update at all. Called them and spoke with what sounded like the same guys 3 times who said my package was lost. Had to fight for that info because they wont call back or email. This company needs to be shut down. If anyone knows the steps or who to contact to get this company investigated then let me know. Im pissed.


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Independent Contractor/Driver (Former Employee) says

"The manager was very pushy and non helpful. Demanding as in he needed a driver and wouldn't take no for an answer, was very pushy on the phone and in person, text you too much, bothers you and is picky or nit picky. Plus these guys I dealt with out of Spokane WA who work for their boss out of the HQ in Vancouver WA are all or seem to be all foreign nationals i.e. from the middle east. not a big deal fine you're here legally working the American dream whatever but you do not treat our people that way our customers, clients and especially your independent contractor drivers or would be newbies to said job. it's wear and tear on your person and your vehicle plus gas prices are outrageous right now so it's not worth it unless you want to spend a few hundred extra bucks a month just in gas alone plus you're out all day delivering and some days you get swamped. Face it our society wants everything now now now so most of those packages are 2 day delivery, they do a lot for Staples and I mean a lot. everything from office chairs which even unassembled take up a lot of space in your vehicle so if you don't have a van or truck forget about it. It's not worth tearing up your mini van or SUV over delivering packages. plus some of them are paper for printers i.e. computers but it's heavy and not all of them are business deliveries but some lil ole grandma who can't get out due to this stupid virus scamdemic. Anyways story short this company not only stinks for you the customers but for we who are looking for work as independent contractor driver couriers. I left after one day after seeingnothingeverything and then some."

AM Sorter (Former Employee) says

"This company is the worst I would never work for them again they don’t pay enough for all the stuff that you do at work and the people there are so ungrateful and unprofessional just horrible I hate this place!!!!!!!"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company to “work” for. I use the term work loosely as your actually an independent contractor supplying your own van, fuel, expensive commercial insurance, health insurance- and even your blue OnTrac polo shirt. The pay per stop / per package is ridiculously low - you’ll be lucky not to be in the red every single week and living in said delivery van at night (no joke- at the Phoenix, AZ location I know of at least 6 guys who did this . Run away!!!NoneCountless"

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company, OnTrac is a joke! You would think a company with such a high turnover rate wouldn't be so picky on who they decide to give an interview too. I have been working in call centers for at least 5 years. I applied to OnTrac cause its close to my home, and I know they're turnover rate is ridiculously high like all call centers. They sent me an e-mail saying to fill out the online application. I e-mailed them back stating I had ALREADY DID THAT! Then they never replied to that e-mail. They sent me another e-mail a week later saying they decided to go with other candidates as if people were lining up to work for a company that only pays 16.00 bucks an hour. Funny thing is they are constantly posting on indeed that they "urgently" need people bad lol. Really onTrac??? I thought you had so many other candidates you decided to go with? Liars!!! As you can see this company is looking for a perfect candidate that doesn't exist. OnTrac get a clue please nobody is gonna to get rich working for you!!!!Urgently needed peopleGame playing and full of lies"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They will hound you till you have enough references even if you didn't work in over 4 years! I even told her this she didnt care. When I didn't produce references.This company has no pros all there leads a jokeThis company is a joke they WILL treat you bad"

Sorter (Former Employee) says

"I worked at OnTrac for one month. Management is a joke and don’t take their job and employees seriously. Management lacked communication which was a huge disadvantage especially if you’re working with a huge team, early morning and also working with people that aren’t within the company.It was early in the morning.Communication and organization was horrible"

Package Handler (Former Employee) says

"Worst job I’ve ever had they don’t give you good hours and they take advantage of their employees. Please save yourself the time and apply at another job.Paid weekelyBeing taken advantage of"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I have worked for this company almost a year. This job is very demanding in all aspects. It can become very stressful especially when you have to lie and stretch the truth to customers on a daily basis because the company consistently lies to consumers. Packages are always being delivered incorrectly and consumers are out the money they spent most times. We are left with explaining Thst to the customer and it becomes to much. Beware."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"This company has been around for a while under a different name (California Overnight).The only thing changing is the amount of people leaving every other week because they are unhappy.graveyard shift is tuff but this company makes it harder for anyone looking for supplemental income."

Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"It’s extremely hard to get into and when you do it’s the worst place to work for. Would never work here again, don’t even bother applying to this place you will get rejected"

Package Handler (Part-Time) says

"Too much favoritisms and the managers suck. Never will work there again. I don’t know what else to say but ontrac is the worst. The pay sucks as wellNo prosEverything"

A. M. Soter (Current Employee) says

"Hardly have any breaks, sometimes 1 an a half hour lunch with only 3-4 hours of work. Most of the time we only work 2-3hours a day. No hours no money."

Class A CDL Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"This company is a one star company. Reason why they enjoy recycling people. They replaced all company drivers and made them fake contractors. They really don’t care about workers any more. It used to be a good place before they made all stupid changes."

Sorter/Packer (Current Employee) says

"Had girls lifting heavy boxes while guys scanned only . Send off early home didnt get enough hours the pay was awful. I would not recommend this job to anyone"

Everything (Former Employee) says

"This company hires 90% agency folks. Men n women who's bust their rear end in a warehouse, with little to no rest or meal breaks. The restrooms are filthy, staff and managment are a joke. People are always quiting and there aren't real supervisors."

Dispatcher / Belt Captain / Sorter (Former Employee) says

"They only hire friends in management. They pay $4 an hour less than the next lowest competitor. Hours are when and if they need/want you. Management calls in the people they are friends with prior to calling in the people who do the work making it impossible to advance or move up. And the manager is so stuck on people liking him that theres no discipline for attendanceor anything else."

Vendor Relations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Ontrac has a sorry turnover and it’s because those who are there to train and watch over don’t. Upper management cannot be trusted and they have done things that should have thrown half of them in prison. It was a horrible experience."

Package Handler (Part-Time) says

"The environment here makes you feel like you’re in High School again. Priorities are put on irrelevant stuff that are wasteful, yet there’s a great sense that many things are done to save money such as cutting you out of hours as a new hire. The leadership here is funny to watch but it gets worse the longer you stay. Wouldn’t recommend this job long term for anyone as there’s much better opportunities out there"

driver/courrier/contractor/managment/bussines owner (Former Employee) says

"Poor communication poor quality pay. Ok for a part time job Wrongful termination always a potential. Very bad contractors dont care about their drivers. Will be require to work over hours. Always delivering late hours late nights. Poor pay."

AM Sorter (Current Employee) says

"Let drivers' disrespect you. Talk and treat you with no respect. Short ten min break after two hrs. Don't work there, don't work there warning don't work therepart timeshort break, drivers' disrespect you, think you work for them"

Parker Batterson says

"My package currently stuck in some sorting center, perpetually delayed, less than 50 miles away. I’ve tried to contact them so many ways, but they’re really hiding behind the ‘influx’ of inquiries due covid... nice opportunity to axe customer service I suppose. I wish there was an option on Amazon to never use ontrac, because I would never willingly use them but Amazon defaults to the seller’s method. I have literally never had any package delivered on time by ontrac."

can cui says

"The customer service on shipping address change was awful. I input the correct address but when I clicked on 'submit' online, the system automatically switched it back to a previous address. Ulta customer support said they could not change the address. They asked me to refuse the package when it was delivered. But when the postman delivered the package, he did not knock the door so I was not aware of the delivery. I just called 'Ontrac', the shipping service partnered with Ulta. Again, they said nothing they can do and ask me to contact Ulta... It's a circle, back and forth and nobody helped me. What Ontrac customer told me was incorrect. They told me they can change the address for me once it arrives in their PHX facility location, and I can call them to change it. But the package only stayed there for 3 mins and out for delivery. How could I manage to change the address within such a short transition time? TOTALLY FRUSTRATION for both companies: ULTA BEAUTY and ONTRAC shipping."

J D says

"Consistently late and they leave the package wherever easiest for them, like at the curb. Merchants, I will no longer shop with those that ship my package with Ontrac."

Jayme Smith says

"The absolute worst delivery service on the face of the planet!!! And how the hell is it ok to deliver packages at 12:30-1AM??? I ordered something online and ONTRAC was SUPPOSED TO DELIVER!!! they said they did, but I never got it!!! And I got a replacement and it was supposed to be delivered yesterday, BUT I NEVER GOT IT!!!! AGAIN!!! F@#$ ALL YOU PEOPLE! THE HELL KIND OF DELIVERY SERVICE F@#!S UP TWICE?!? DONT BOTHER BUYING THAT ITEM YOU WANT, BECAUSE WITH ONTRAC, YOU'LL NEVER GET IT!!!"