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Olive Garden is an American casual dining restaurant chain specializing in Italian-American cuisine. It is a subsidiary of Darden Restaurants, Inc., which is headquartered in Orange County, Florida. As of May 28, 2018, Olive Garden operates 892 locations globally and accounts for $3.8 billion of the $6.9 billion revenue of parent Darden.

An angry customer mentioned, "My experiences at Olive Garden are unfortunately less than poor. I have dined 4 times in which each case my pastas are overcooked, soups watery with no taste and sauces either greasy or tasted like they were poured directly out of a can. I have an Italian heritage and am ashamed to call this restaurant Italian. Anyone calling this food good has no idea what true Italian food tastes like. Shameful."


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Server (Former Employee) says

"They’re unsupportive, and don’t help their employees at all. They don’t communicate well. You express concern and you get no where. They don’t try to help you find a solution. It’s like it goes in one ear and out the other. It’s like they want to see you fail and then they get mad at you for not doing things “correctly”, when they never gave you the proper guidance!"

server (Former Employee) says

"Never again i staff and management were unprofessional. the good is that they gave me my first serving job but they never completed timeoff requests ever"

Server (Current Employee) says

"Horrible management. Many don't know how to run a restaurant. Very unsupportive of employees. Employees are degraded and called derogatory names. The "N" word is used too loosely in this environment. Cons: Everything. Run far away!!!"

Waitress (Former Employee) says

"Too much to do not enough pay . Soup and salad haves you walking around a lot . It’s too much and I don’t get it . Life there can get very hectic and Cons: Pay"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"I worked for olive garden for 4 years and I worked there at the beginning of the pandemic and I was expected to do the job of 3 people no help from management until I lost my cool. had to do triple the work while servers would just be standing around. they did offer us $10.00 extra dollars on our check for each shift we worked. my general manager said we could have a free plate of our choice of pasta and sauce but no protein and right after he told me that he came around the corner with a heaping plate of food with a good amount of protein in it. When I decided to finally get a new job I had my interview on a Monday went in the next day and asked them to take me off the following weeks schedule they did but then told me that my two weeks didn't count bc I can't just have them take me off the schedule even though we were in the middle of a pandemic and many servers would have themselves taken off the schedule last minute no problems. I would not recommend working at this place. horrible horrible management."

Line Cook/Prep Cook (Former Employee) says

"I have never had worse management. They favor servers and cooks are the only problem according to them but their cooks are quitting not being fired. They are childish and it’s not even worth getting a job here to be completely honest. Cons: Everything"

To go specialist (Current Employee) says

"Managements doesn’t take the steps the employees need to be set up for success. There’s no team work it’s very unorganized. The employees are over worked and unappreciated Cons: No team work, stressful, unorganized"

DMO (Current Employee) says

"management is more concerned about being everybody's friend instead of actually doing their job as a manager. When kitchen and back of house is short staffed, you will never find a manager, it seems like they run and hide. The managers also give the sense of if you cant do it my way then maybe you should look for another job way. I would NOT recommend working here, the waiters and busses throw whatever work, they do half of their job then complain about everyone else, waiters steal guest food and the managers allow them to eat it, thus making kitchen miss a guest plate. Cons: Overworked, Underpaid, unappreciated"

Culinary cook (Current Employee) says

"Olive garden is a nasty environment and the management is horrible and they dont practice social distancing the job is nasty employees are sick and dont wear gloves Cons: Everything"

Busser (Former Employee) says

"No lunch breaks, hours are never the same, dirty kitchen. Management needs updated. every once in a while keeps it interesting. Lost my passion for cooking after working here Cons: Everyone smokes weed and doesn't care about quality"

Cook/Prep (Former Employee) says

"Management is awful they only think about themselves and never the team, management gets to take vacation trips to Italy using the hard work of the team to get that privilege. They offer nothing to the team except pizza for the hard work they out in every day"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"It wasn’t a good company management treat you land it just wasn’t a good place to work we have 5 cases of covid and they didn’t shut us down or anything"

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"They say you are family, then turn around and screw you every moment they get a chance. Don’t be fooled, management doesn’t give a toss about you..... Cons: God awful management"

Sautee cook apps (Current Employee) says

"Never get your 3 hour bylaw .if you get sent home early . favoritism if you were not a cp or CT .just a bad experience personally they have caused me alot of grief and worry about endsmeet Cons: Everything"

Chef (Former Employee) says

"olive garden was very bad the food was bad i did not feel comfortable making the food because i felt people would be disappointed and not want to come here. not only was the food bad but the attitude in the kitchen was bad to there were lots of negative comments and people talking behind mt back with negative comments but the head chef was nice that was probably the only good thing. never go here. Cons: lots of bad things"

Olive Garden Server (Current Employee) says

"I worked for Darden for about a year. In that time, my schedule changed no less than 12 times. Typically they ask you to have open availibilty and really take advantage of that. If you have school aged kids, you wont get afternoons or evenings off without a major cut to your hours. So no lunch shifts on a reasonable basis. Also, their leadership support leaves a lot to be desired. I was told that they are trying to help me, but was often left wihtout support when I needed it. HUGE demand on their staff, working multiple shifts per day and often, switching roles from one department to the other without pay differentials. So if i took over as bartender after being a server, I rarely was compensated for it until I demanded it. Really sly way of free labor paying their servers only $2.13 which they are totlaly up front about but push you with sales goals and beverage goals that end up COSTING their servers money to work there for tips alone. Tips really suck, ( not the companies fault but they encourage it with their "specials" and quick cheap lunches) and you wont make your bills with just that job. I worked 3 jobs while working there and often had to change my other jobs to fit into the demands of my Olive Garden schedule. Schedule comes out sometimes a day before the week started, leaving me no time to make up a schedule for my other jobs. Cons: TONS! apply with caution."

Waitress (Current Employee) says

"There's no real moving up"

Server (Former Employee) says

"do not work here. especially the santee location. managers don't care about their employees, no breaks, they don't follow availabilities and constantly schedule outside your availability. the turnover rate is insane. managers treat you like trash and the customers are even worse."

Waitress (Former Employee) says

"Genuinely one of the worst jobs I have ever had. If you want to experience complete chaos then this is the place for you. The one upside is that this place was such a mess that every other place seems like Heaven in comparison Cons: Rude managers, under qualified managers"

Chef (Current Employee) says

"Pay & benefits"

AMSCP says

"Food was great but service was terrible at StoneOak and HWY 281 San Antonio Texas. The server did not know the menu. The server forgot straws and lemons with the drinks. Long Times went by without server checking. Four times we had to ask other servers to get our server for refills on drinks, soups and salads. A Long time waiting for dessert. Over 30 minutes went by and then we asked another server for the manager Cory then another 15 minutes went by when suddenly the manager Cory hastily brought out dessert to our server and did not talk to us as requested. While waiting for the desserts we had to go get our own to go boxes at the front. Manager Cory totally ignored us. Oh I almost forgot that while we were waiting for the desserts we had to get up and go to the bar to order a drink. While there the manager Cory was just sitting at the bar doing nothing. After our desserts were served we were waiting so long for the bill that myself and the children got up and went to the car while my husband stayed to pay the bill another 15 minutes. They did not bring us our $5 take-home entrées which were two stuffed Alfredo dishes. We were so frustrated to get out of there we forgot about them and we forgot the receipt. SMH."

Johan Wurst says

"Awful food you have to wait too long for. Never again."

Freedom says

"Olive Garden doxes and bans customers based on their political beliefs. Olive Garden also has terrible food made from cheap ingredients."

Liz says

"Me and my family went to Olive Garden in Sanford on 1/8/21. The food was good. The bad part was we had leftovers that we wanted to take home but our waitress (Meadow) never returned to our table and we also wanted a to go cup for our drinks. So we had to leave everything. We waited for 30 min. We even left her a tip"

Kevon says

"After many visits and have the food get worse than the last time, I give up. Chicken parm no sauce? Creamy chicken Alfredo, noodles and very very light sauce? Breadsticks old and hard as a rock. Now will be doing bravos, spaghetti warehouse, Ann and tonys or even fazolies. It will beat the torture of spending 60.00 dollars and feeling like I was robbed."

Tom says

"My wife and I have been long time patrons of Olive Garden. Tonight, at the Augusta, Maine location, we had our final meal. The food quality has been slipping. The wine selection completely boring. And the service tonight was, totalitarian, due to cowtowing to the Governors draconian measures placed on restaurants. The mask mandate is being aggressively enforced even at tables. If you are not actively eating and drinking, you are expected to put your mask back on. We were confronted three times by staff. The dining experience was ruined, and the food arrived lukewarm. In Florida, restraurants are fully open. Masking is optional. People allowed to use common sense while dining. We are done with Olive Garden"

Curryy Stevenson says

"I ordered curbside Alfredo sauce and noodles were refrigerator cold. Soup was ok not great. Olive garden was good but now? Not so much"

Tim Schnelbach says

"I recently ordered Shrimp Scampi take out at the Southgate, MI location. I was very disappointed with the quality of the food. It was basically a plate full of pasta. The meal was mostly missing the advertised vegetables and the food was on the cold side. I have also recently experienced some bad service with take out at the Novi, MI location to. I will avoid their take out from this point forward. Not recommended."

MaryAnn says

"Order by phone Spaghetti with meatballs that was what my hubby wanted, my son had Chicken Alfredo his pasta was dry not enough sauce n chicken was undercooked, I had the Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara pasta was tasteless Chicken undercooked and Shrimp was tasteless I told cashier over the phone for my chicken n shrimp well well done they even forgot to add the bacon bits, My family is tired of them not listening to how to prepare our food, we no longer are going to use Olive Garden waste of time n money."

Nicole says

"I go to the Olive Garden on Rt 22 in Springfield NJ for lunch every now and then. I always get the Zuppa Toscana. It's my favorite. Today I received the soup with a whole RAW potato... It was sliced, but the amount literally made a whole potato and there was not one piece that was cooked. Not sure what happened there, but it was not their best. Please don't serve it that way again!"

M deans says

"I went to Olive Garden on Douglas blvd today. Me and my friend had our meal. After we paid the meal, and was on our way out. We were stopped, and asked if we paid, she was very loud, my friend said yes, we paid on the little machine at the table. The waitress, asked us to wait, she kept saying, just a minute, after going somewhere twice, then she bought the manager back, now I am angry and embarrassed. The problem was they said was the other waitress did not close out the last ticket, so it looked like we did’nt pay all of our ticket. The manager just said sorry, fixed the charges, and walked away. That was not enough, he should have said, here is a ticket of a free entree, or something. To show managerial customer service, because his restaurant f’ed up, twice. I am done with this restaurant."

renee m says

"Due to the virus, we did takeout from olive garden. Salad was ok. I mean you can't really mess up lettuce and a slice of tomato. Now to the 5 cheese pasta. The sauce was so terrible. No real flavor, sat congealed on the stuck together pasta. I never thought O.G. was that good, but this went beyond bad."

Sofire Syedan says

"I’m a big fan of Olive Garden but since covid I only do soup salad and breadsticks for pick up. I don’t know if they are in a hurry but the salad looks like it’s been unevenly trampled on, my lettuce is clumped, my onions are big pieces that I have to strip myself cause it burns the flavor of my mouth and my cabbage is so minced I could bearly picked them up . Please not because I’m picking up and don’t want to go through the hassle of returning and complaining through covid times you all would throw some bush in a container for customers. I had to review this a long time now cause I noticed it started looking not attractive to the eyes since picking up got risky . I had soggy lettuce one time.I have pics for proof but no where to insert it. I understand it’s very stressful now but when it comes to people’s food especially in ordering it could really get them upset."

Ray Remy says

"Yesterday me & my gf went into the Leominster Olive Garden & were told by the hostess seating us that we "had to sit at this certain aisle table because there was only sufficient servers for this section.. something about the 4:45 time frame? My girlfriend's been in the service industry for some time and I'm quite certain a restaurant with 2 tables in the whole place @ the time w/2 servers would have been able to handle my request for sitting at a different table (ANYWHERE in the restaurant!)a lot more professionally..then basically telling us "this is where your sitting" inspite of my objection. My waiter was nice but I dont appreciate the 1st impression @ all...not so hospitable."

Michelle Lee says

"i think not everyone likes spicy hot food, well my meals from u guys r always ruined because u think everyone wants a little spice on their ziti for the chicken parmesan meal. now i dont want to order anymore from there because i shouldnt have to expect everything is spicy n i have a sensitive tongue and that hurt im unhappy u should ask before serving people"

Paula Scott says

"Our meals were not worth what we paid. I was disappointed that the chicken for my chicken marsala was breaded. My boyfriend had seafood linguine, too spicy."

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