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Canon Production Printing (until end of 2019 Océ), a Canon company, is a Netherlands-based company that develops, manufactures and sells printing and copying hardware and related software. The offering includes office printing and copying systems; production printers and wide format printing systems for both technical documentation and color display graphics.

A former employee of Canon Production Printing wrote this on indeed.com: The manager that was at Canon was horrible, the assistant manager did not know anything about the job. Also, one person that worked there criticized everyone about doing work and she was the person that made most work possible and she was always in others business instead of doing her job.


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Apprentice Electrician (Former Employee) says

"Well I worked hard for them for almost 10 years I had to have an emergency surgery for a vey rare intestinal problem that only happens to .1% of the adult population and most times it ends up being cancer 90 days after having surgery and with 18 staples in my stomach I was fired for failure to return to work by certified letter no one ever called me to see if I made it out of surgery alive or nor during that 90 day no one ever called to check on meNoneNot loyal to their employees"

Major Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"My opinion of this company is that it’s run by a bunch of pompous jerks monkeys. I worked a 3 state territory, there was no support and no assistance from management. Also the Branch Manager was sleeping with my Area sales ManagerNoneName it!"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"stressful and hard that management is not on your side not good at all was stress working with unprofessional people The culture was cool I suppose the employees are really nice.great teambad management"

Office Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Received, sorted and prepared all incoming/outgoing mail for accurate and timely delivery.  Identification and review of legal documentation to assist lawyers in filed motions.  Demonstrated self-direction and independent capabilities exhibited through opening/closing of the office on a daily basis.NoneManagement. Job responsibilities went way past the original job despriction."

Inkoop-Assistent (Former Employee) says

"Didn't work out as the manager wanted only higher educated people for simple tasks. atmosphere was bad between workers. You either adapt and stay forever, or you hate it and leave as soon as possible. Mind you this was a long time ago.people making maybe 5-6 hours a day."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Sorry but this place was one of the worst companies I have worked with. I would not recommend anyone to work here. A lot of negativity and no growth."

Mail Clerk, PNC Bank (Former Employee) says

"Provided clerical assistance to the site manager. Phones, E-mails, Filing, Photocopying. Sorted and delivered internal, external express overnights, and various correspondence throughout the building. Operated Pitney-Bowes Stamp Machine. Processed supply orders."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"This was a good job for learning how to sell one type of product with little consultative/solution selling. This is basically selling copiers as a commodity item.Freedom as an outside sales repNo versatility in product offerings."

shipper (Former Employee) says

"too many jobs are like this, replace you as soon as you are comfortable"

FSR/ OFFICE SUPPORT TECH (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn't recommend my worst enemy to work for this company. The management are unprofessional and rude. The pay ifs horrible and there is no room for advancement unless you are a man or white.looking forward to the end of your shifttreated like a modern day slave."

Scanning Clerk-Temporary Image/Scan Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I was practically a Per Diem Evening Shift Employee in which I prepared Documents for Scanning. This job was not the most ideal job that I can think of in recent memory as reflected by my ratings of this company. First of all, they only pay you a little amount of money per hour. Secondly, the Hours were unreasonable between 4:30 PM through 1:00 AM and by the time I get home since Transportation Service from work becomes sparse after Midnight. In addition, the scheduled half an hour "lunch or dinner" is very late which is bad for the body. Management was not very specific in giving directions required for the job to get done. In addition since they are an Outsourcing Company, they want you to work as fast as they want you to plus you have to account for those nooks and crannies like how many staples, rubber bands and paperclips which you have removed from those files that need to be prepped. This takes a lot of time and Management just don't understand that. My Co-Workers are much more like my Competitors there so there is not really much of an interaction with them since they are very much in the same boat as me and plus the nature of the work. This job might be right for a few, but not right for many others especially they demand too much from you for little hourly rate pay and unreasonable hours plus not knowing when they will need you to report.none except free coffee.hourly wage, unreasonable hours and management expects you to work like "speedy gonzalez"."

Site Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was just let go from this company for making some personal copies and they said I stole paper and time from them, as a Account Manager for the past 14 years in the industry I have never dealt with such a bad company that was so unprofessional and very unorganized! They are the worst company and the budget for the ECJ site in Beverly Hills is only 19 dollars an hour (a significant pay cut for me, but I have a family) do not work here they are not a good company to work for and they vend they're work out to people that do not know how to do anything! WORST COMPANY!! And not to mention the management they do not know anything!everything"

Mailroom Associate/Driver/Shipping & Receiving (Former Employee) says

"Mailroom duties as well as shipping and receiving. Management was mostly fair and co-workers helpful. The hardest task was to pack mail in seperate bags in a timely fashion and carry them down a ramp."

administrator (Current Employee) says

"A typical day involves answeing phone calls, answering emails, booking work in on 2 systems and dealing with customers face to face.As part of my work i check engenering drawings on a system, check to see if a customer can have the drawing by making sure the drawing is not restricted and the customer has the correct access to view it.The most enjoyable part of my job is the problem solving that is required. I find it interesting checking through old files to find out what has happened to a job, chasing members of staff to find out any information they may have failed to note with the job and any other things i can generaly find out.The hardest part of my job is dealing with certain members of staff. They do not repsond well to members of the team and have no teamwork, making it hard to deal with especially when they are required to complete a job for you. however with persistance they usually get the job done on time.I have learned how to take charge of a situation, how to assert myself within a team and lead the team where required.good hourslow wage, lack of promotion and training"

Mail clerk (Current Employee) says

"Slave labor no chance for advancment been with this company seven year i got promisses to advance seven years later no advancement pretty much a big lie... thanks oce for wasting seven years of excellent skillsnonnever advance thanks again!"

Floater (Former Employee) says

"Get treated like trash on a daily basis, pay is a slap in the face, benefit horrible, never work for outsourcing, its the worst move u can make in your like.nothing, horriblenot enough words to describe this company"

Sr. Solutions Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"No leadership, good old boys club, weak communications, no employee satisfaction.Very hostile environment.nothingno leadership, no teamwork, constant pressure"

Auditor (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working for OCE. My work day was always easy and productived.i was paid every holiday on the calender.benefits were not as great."

facilities coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Benifits not good, downsized several locatons a lot of emmployees are now working 12 hours day for and only getting oaid for 8 hours,the PTO system they have in place you can't build up enough PTO for vacation management needs training on employees relations.no room for advancement"

OSR 1, Site Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor often arrogant management. Low pay. Raises were about 10 cents per hour annually if your reviews were exceptional. This fosters a "why should I bother" mentality amongst employees. Promotions were hard to come by-nearly nonexistent. The promotions that did exist went something like this...you make about $5000 more per year go from hourly to salaried and your hours go from 40 to 60 per week. Which is about the same pay hourly for 3x the work! Company will take advantage of you if you let them (I suppose most will these days). Def not a career. Stay away from outsourcing companies. Working inside a company but not being employed by that company creates constant awkwardness and counterproductive divides between you and the client. You end up lost and subservient instead of being a colleague or someone viewed as equal. Don't try to take vacation or call off either.1 hour luncheverything else..."

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