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Occidental Petroleum Corporation (often abbreviated Oxy in reference to its ticker symbol and logo) is an American company engaged in hydrocarbon exploration in the United States, the Middle East, and Colombia as well as petrochemical manufacturing in the United States, Canada, and Chile. It is organized in Delaware and headquartered in Houston. The company is ranked 292nd on the Forbes Global 2000 and 167th on the Fortune 500.In 2018, the company was the 9th largest petroleum producer in Texas.

A former employee said this in a review “It is a poorly run organization. A corrupt environment. As long as you tell their story, you can keep your job, if not your gone. Legal is the worst. IT is a go nowhere environment. Look for the hidden agenda and beware! Layoffs commonly occur at Oxy for any reason. There are other companies that are much better than Oxy...ok any company is better than Oxy."


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Current Employee - Automation Tester says

"management in over there head"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Incompetent management. Backstabbing. The people that get promoted aren’t necessarily qualified for their position."

Current Employee - Operator says

"Oxy is always changing, not for the better"

Former Employee - Geoscience Specialist says

"My manager treated my team horribly. When I reported them to HR for this, HR closed the case, and the manager immediately put me on a performance plan. Even though I completed the plan up to standards, I was fired at the end without review."

Former Employee - Senior Counsel says

"Self-interests of key management members presented insurmountable obstacle to success and advancement in the company."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Distrust of management, bureaucracy on all levels, 30% pay cut."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper management are some of the most worthless and worst decision makers in all of history. The Anadarko deal was an atrocious and dismal decision which absolutely ruined the company, and ruined many of the employees through layoffs and many more to come in the future, along with compensation cuts for all employees. The entire company is extremely silo'd. The right hand never knows what the left hand is doing. So much wasted work is performed because of this. Despicable business practices are common place. Numerous cases of harassment and discrimination have been raised to HR, but they sweep everything under the rug and still allow those practices to continue, and completely support those managers and executives. There is absolutely no trust by executive and upper management for the employees. Oxy was one of the last companies to institute work from home due to the Coronavirus, because they could not trust their employees, and they didn't care if their lives were on the line. As another example, simple low cost workovers had to to all be approved by the CEO, even before the Saudi and Russia market share war led to a drop in prices, because executive management does not trust employees to do their jobs. It is a completely micro-management culture, with most managers and executives dictating exactly how work should be performed. They want trained monkeys, and not independent thinkers. There is no accountability, even from the top. Executive management blames everything on external factors, not learning from their mistakes. As an example, executive management blames the downfall of the company on the Opec+ price war and the coronavirus, not once recognizing that they made one of the worst decisions in history with the Anadarko purchase (which was ridiculed throughout the industry even at the time). Another case in point is that when they made 30% salary cuts across the corporation, the CEO couldn't even be bothered to make the announcement, but she put it on one of her subordinates to deliver the message. Another case in point, is that when dealing with Icahn in determining control of the corporation, the CEO only cared about saving her job, and made a deal with the devil in order to do so. She also instituted a poison pill against investors from buying a large number of shares in the company, because she wanted to retain as much control as possible. The pay, benefits, and working environment are worse than most companies. Therefore, the quality of employees at Oxy are much less than at other Oil & Gas companies I have encountered. Also, many of the best left with the voluntary separation package, leaving behind a ton of dead weight. There is a ton of backstabbing throughout the company, especially against the talented and the innovators. Oxy is more interested in having individuals who tow the line and do exactly what they are told by incompetent upper management. Worst company I've ever known of or worked at, and I have worked at many throughout my long career. STAY AWAY!!!"

Current Employee - Staff Engineer says

"Over the years, this has been progressively stripped away by lethargy, complacency, nepotism and favoritism; perverted to the point where cartels in various departments are so abstracted from reality that any semblance of rational decision making has been abandoned. The apex of this hubris and detachment from the real world and real employees was the purchase of Anadarko. Only someone who thinks that they can do no wrong would elect to outbid a company far larger and more successful; clearly the fact that David vs Goliath being a story was lost among the yes-men. The company is now staring at bankruptcy with salaries cut by 30%, promotions and increases halted and benefits slashed. Careers are being ended or placed on hold, all because Oxy leadership structured the company in such a way that the 12th man in 12 angry men, the voice of dissent and reason was silenced or pushed out across the company. To paraphrase Marcus Antonious - Ambition should be made of sterner stuff. Yet Vicki says she was ambitious, And Vicki is an honorable woman"

Former Employee - Engineer says

"If anyone is leaving positive feedback about this company AFTER the acquisition, then they're lying. Layoffs and company morale is at an all time low. The purchase of Anadarko was the worst deal in history! Just recently they slashed all benefits and reduced our salaries by 30%! People that used to manage schedules are now managers because of rampant nepotism within the company."

Current Employee - Financial Analyst says

"Management lacks knowledge of roles they are put in. Company lacks understanding of financials and how budgets work. Every process is triplicate with a mentality to work harder instead of smarter. Work load is insane for below market pay. 16+ hour days are expected with unrealistic deadlines. Inadequate systems and controls. Lack of training. Bulk majority of people are confused by their roles and responsibilities, and how to do them. Unstable company - pay cuts, layoffs Over staffed"

Mechanic Technician (Former Employee) says

"I have nothing good to say about this company... They are letting people go to save money to buy out Anadarko. They do their very best to hide or change the story of an incident to make them sound more safe."

Drillsite Manager (Former Employee) says

"Did not have good communication through the ranks, did not have the best of pay, wanted you to do way more work than the pay was for, have to be part of the main group to communicate"

Piping Designer (Former Employee) says

"Too Much Office Pollitics, I did not like it, there was a lot of work and opportunity to do it and save the company Money, but due to secretaries running the department I decided to leave.WorkManagement"

Records Management Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"The records center was horribly managed, and the processes in place to efficiently operate were simply not in place. The revolving door atmosphere made it impossible to know who worked there and who didn't. I would NEVER recommend ANYONE works there.paycheckthe management was terrible"

contractor (Former Employee) says

"Upper management knows lower management has issues, but there's no backbone to support the workers needs. Shell stuck Oxy without any drawings and no P&id's to support the site locations, Oxy pays big railroad commission fines. Backstabbing and pettiness with the whites and Hispanics exist. Big bonuses big pay, off road vehicles given for personal usage with gas cards for perms nothing for temps. Nepotism, young egos run amuck. Sadly a big name with liability issues, I'm waiting for the news media to report a tragic loss and hefty fines, the governing agencies should inspect this company.only if a perm employeecontractors get nothing treated as nothing"

Gate Guard (Current Employee) says

"I truly enjoyed what I did for work. I learned a lot of skill that i think could help me in the future at a new company. I'm not fond of how the place was managed but i took only positive things away from this positionexposed to many situations and job taskspoor management"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Got offered a contract job after going through 3 interviews over 2 months. Basically told I'd be hired direct in a few months. Got the run around everytime I spoke with management. Felt like I was a filler until guys from LTD came back. Never worked at a place where everyone complained about each other so much. Nasty cancer causing chemicals require you to do 90% of the real work with supplied air respirators and other uncomfortable PPE. Not a nice staff, everyone there hates each other and talks behind everyone's back. Makes you wonder what they say about you when you're not around. They make it sound so much better than it is. They make you do 3 months of classroom training with tests and force you to memorize hundreds of valve tag numbers when you never need to know it again and then rush your on the job training which is awful. They have over 200 procedures which you just read and sign off on then are expected to remember at the drop of a hat. Half the work is outside in the winter with the worst having to climb up 200 foot silos to fix an automatic valve. Just not a good job unless you don't care about your physical and mental health.Good hourly wageEverything else"

Exploration (Former Employee) says

"This company is quick to make you feel like you don't belong. It is clickish and would rather find ways to make you miserable than find oil. They don't want you to stay long so forget about any future there. 2 years is tops. Learn as much as you can during that time and then RUN !they do pay you.too many to list."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"It is a poorly run organization. A corrupt environment. As long as you tell their story, you can keep your job, if not your gone. Legal is the worst. IT is a go nowhere environment. Look for the hidden agenda and beware! Layoffs commonly occur at Oxy for any reason. There are other companies that are much better than Oxy...ok any company is better than OxyPay is goodToxic environment, layoffs, backstabbing..."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for 5 years as a customer service representative in the Dallas Area. This was one of the most stressful jobs that I have ever had. The managers are not supportive of their customer service representatives. They overload you with work and you have no one to assist you, if you get behind. They favor the salesman over the customers service reps. There is no opportunity for growth and everything is so micromanaged. When I left this job, it felt like a ton on bricks had been lifted off of me. I wouldn't recommend that anyone work here. Also, there is no diversity at this place. RUN from this place !!"

Chemical Process Operator (Former Employee) says

"The workforce is at each others throats. You really don't who to trust, your true friends are very few and far in-between. Your trainer who is also your Union representative can be your worst enemy in destroying you if they are overtime hungry. You're never really guaranteed a day off and the work-life balance is TERRIBLE. If you want to work there for experience or are really hard-up for a job, go for it. However, don't expect to be promoted to salary or a supervisor position unless you had a parent or some relative who was salaried there at some point in history there.fair compensation and decent benefitsEverything else"

Chemical Operator (Former Employee) says

"I own the faults I made while employed here. However, unless you had a father or relative that was a salaried employee at some point working at Oxy don't plan on advancing. The Union will only fight for you if it's in their political interest. So unless you have the ability to lie with a straight face and can transfer blame on someone else, you'll be quite successful. Should you unfortunately have a conscience, you're going to suffer.They love giving clothes.The schedule, the work enviroment, management......"

Risk Management Technical Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Occidental Petroleum has given me the ability to grown and learn more about the industry I am in. Even though they are going through hard time and relocating most departments to Houston, the experience I have received will be beneficial to me in the future."

Journeyman Electrician (Former Employee) says

"The work culture is absolutely terrifying. The bosses are awful. They have a "if we fire you today you can't get hurt tomorrow" policy. The preach safety while whopping you for production to increase their profits. You are a # that can be replaced in a moment's notice."

Pumper (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn’t *** on Oxy or its employees if they were burning and screaming for relief. All people do is backstab you to make themselves look better.!!BenefitsEverything and everyone else"

Maximo Technician (Former Employee) says

"Worst job of my life. Management was a nightmare. The stress was so bad I was getting physically ill and had to quit. There was no structure, no rules, no guidelines, nothing.InsuranceManagement, work environment"

Chemical operator (Current Employee) says

"Talk about a job where mgmt does not care about the hourly workers.... And the union is horrible although they do help get Workers jobs back after direct violation of key operating procedures which is ridiculous and not safe.BenefitsPoor mgmt., Paperwork so intensive that it interferes with safety"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"What I was sold in my interview was not what I received on the job.I was told about the teamwork and camaraderie, great work/life balance, little to no overtime (would be working towards no overtime with my addition), little employee overturn, and open communication.In actuality, most people don't speak to you (even when you speak to them with a friendly hi or good morning), overtime at month end was expected and not going to change (with no extra time off or anything to make up for losing days off or working extra time; no give and take), at least five people quit in the three months I was there, gossip was everywhere, and people were very two-faced. I was so unhappy that I became physically ill after my first two weeks on the job. I was literally sick to my stomach at the thought of going to work, which caused me to miss a lot. I didn't speak to many people who enjoyed working there, peer and manager level.The compensation/benefits will wow you, but the atmosphere is awful. You have to figure out what is important to you. Money or liking your job.compensation, benefits, pension, 9/80 schedule, free fountain soft drinks, free parking, cafes and stores at plaza levelovertime, no team atmosphere, high employee overturn, low morale"

Records Clerk (Former Employee) says

"This is not a company for contractors. There is no growth, or permanent positions. Some people has been there over 16 years and finally became permanent."

Environmental Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Oxy needs management changes in the worst way. It can really be a cut throat place and management seems to like that in employees. Employees are not treated the same and some are treated unfairly and no one seems to care. People who go to HR amazingly become poor performing over night and eventually fired.gym membership reimbursement - salary and compensationmanagement issues"

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