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Former Driver (Former Employee) says

"Very exclusive fake environment. If you stand up for yourself to condescending, bullying remarks, you have a “bad attitude” and will acquire a target on your back. Because I didn’t join in on every miniscule conversation, I was pulled into the office and told that people are worried to be around me........so I’m supposed to talk when I don’t want to? And that’s what I did. And I wasn’t pulled back in the office about it. What happened to focus on your work, be friendly, work hard and go home? That’s not the case here. You are forced to contribute to a disingenuous atmosphere to get the heat off you and not worry the managers. If you get sick you better have someone to cover your shift. If not, you get written up. 3 write ups on the same thing and your fired. I worked there 9 months and only twice was I sick enough to call out. No one could cover because they don’t have enough drivers. And they don’t have enough drivers because most people come there and realize they can do better. Anyways, instead of consideration I was talked to like I was nothing. I had to still come in. So I did. And it got worse. I finally had to say that I needed to not come in and rest. I was met with condescending remarks and was not shocked. I stood up for myself this time and I was written up for it. Even though the manager apologized to me because I expressed my case well and she knew she shouldn’t have talked to me that way. Did she get a write up? Nope."

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"If you want to feel out of place, looked down upon and made to feel inadequate because of your appearance or beliefs, please do apply! Worst place ever and I strongly warn anyone who dare apply.."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I’ve been with tiff’s for a couple of months. A high volume call center with unreal expectations. You are expected to be on queue 72% of the time while still successfully filling out error logs, contacting the store, the customers, issuing vgc’s etc. Tiff’s Treats is trying to become the Amazon of cookie delivery service and not in a good way. You never get recognized for doing a good job only when there is an error. Forget getting a day off cause you don’t get PTO. $16 for cookies that probably cost them about 5% of that to make. You’re being being charged extra for products like, milk, ice cream, fraps. Overall my experience here has been negative and I do not recommend working here."

COURIER (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at tiff treats is under staffed and over worked Cons: everything else"

Driver Helper (Former Employee) says

"A good company cares about its ppl & its property...not Tiff's philosophy. During inclement weather i was delivering cookies...lighting,storming and flooding delivering cookies....not smart therefore I quit Cons: no breaks"

Rover/Driver/On Duty Manager (Former Employee) says

"Co workers are nice, managers are not your friend they use you to get monthly bonuses, and when you don’t do what they want, they take it out on your hours. Cons: No breaks bad managers"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Please do not apply for this job, they post a fake ad to get you there and then you will only make 10 hr, if you are in high school then the job is for you.. please dont think its a place for a career.. Do not apply for this job at all."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This company has the appearance of a family oriented, family driven business. It's all a lie. They only care about big businesses investing in their products, which is probably why you will never find a store anywhere that big businesses aren't in their delivery areas. They do not care about lower employees, they don't even follow their own policies and procedures, making exceptions for favorites but slamming others. They restrict overtime and cut employees hours at any given notice, and will drop employees from their insurance plans every quarter if they are not accruing enough hours. HR is biased, unhelpful, and only really there so they can let people know if they can get away with firing people without getting sued. Without facts or proof. They are racially biased in their corporate headquarters, their ads lack inclusive representation for a reason. Instructions and training and completion of projects by managment do not happen in a timely manner ever. They have problems that they refuse to fix and just sweep it under the rug. Lack of training, lack of leadership, lack of consistency and compassion. Their pitch sounds good, but it is a facade. I wouldn't recommend working here. Cons: healthcare cuts, poor management, inefficient training procedures, HR bias"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Bad management, no performance reviews so no pay increases, awful scheduling. Tiff's Treats doesn't value or appreciate their employees at all. This was the worst place I have ever worked."

Driver (Current Employee) says

"I wrote a review earlier from my hours being deduced hoping people would see this company wasn’t a pleasant experience from my standpoint. I was hired on as temp for the boost in sales from covid then offered an employee position, but all the sudden for no real reason they terminated my contract. Hopefully I can collect unemployment."

Assistant manager (Former Employee) says

"We threw out literally hundreds of cookies everyday. Some days (such as a big holiday) it might be 1000 cookies. These cookies were made with palm oil, which is an extremely environmentally unfriendly oil. Rain forests are destroyed to obtain it. Tiff's has no regard whatsoever for sustainability. Cons: Micromanagement, extreme waste"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"Great pay for drivers. Can use a store car for a little less pay. This company continuously changing processes that don’t need adjusting, and upper management who aren’t in the stores daily try to act like they know everything. If you aren’t a manager, you’re disposable and they do not value you or your skills. Consistent gimmicks for customers or programs for employees that are laughable and ridiculous. Hours get cut and hire anyone available(which in case they take your hours instead of nights and weekends.) I felt complete lack of respect and only recommend the job if you’re going to drive for a little while. Cons: Everything else"

Delivery Driver/Kitchen Staff (Former Employee) says

"Work is not difficult but the management is horrendous. You will not be heard if you have issues and hr is no help. You are not allowed to have lunch breaks. Even when working over 6 hours you are not allowed to take a break. You have to quickly eat any food you bring. Cons: No breaks. no benefits with drivers, poor management"

Delivery Driver (Current Employee) says

"Not even two weeks into being with the company somebody started a rumor about me saying something and I got written up for it without my manager even listening to what I had to say about it."

Delivery Driver/Kitchen Member (Former Employee) says

"Just know, when you encounter harassment or provocative behavior among the guy employees, the company will do nothing about it. The guy had over 25 behavior complaints and never got fired. They cut my hours on purpose in hopes I quite, which I did. It was uncomfortable working there after a good month and a half, then I started having that problem."

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"upper management sucks. company would be good if all district managers would be fired. they love to micro manage even though they’re not in the store half the time. also wanna say 10 an hour is horrible when you sell a 25 cent cookie for 1.50... and the ingredients in the cookies are highly suspect."

On Duty Manager (Current Employee) says

"The overall job is easy, fun and fast. You can move up at a jokingly fast pace, i would advise against it though, because that's when the job stops being enjoyable and most people try to get demoted."

Kitchen, Delivery, ODM (Former Employee) says

"Bad management & poor training. Policies & procedures only matter if the people around you care that day. It's hard to get shift coverage if you get sick or an emergency comes up. You get written up for elementary/tedious things, thus the elementary/tedious management. There is no incentive to be an on duty manager and HR does not have your back. If you don't take on extra hours/shifts you are "looked down" upon. You have to really know your job responsibilities so that you aren't taken advantage of. Cons: no breaks, immature management, inconsistent policies & procedures"

Manager on Duty (Current Employee) says

"The company is overall okay, but the management focuses too greatly on the small problems as opposed to long term growth. Micromanagement is the only form of management they practice. Cons: no breaks, constant hour cuts, stay late as needed and go home as soon as you aren't."

Assistant Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"Tiffs treats is not professional. Upper management only cares about themselves and a bonus. None of the DMs actually help the stores. You can file a complaint with HR and they don't investigate at all, they blow it off especially when it's about someone higher up. There is a lot of favoritism within the company. There are other companies that treat their employees so much better than Tiff's does."