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Ovi by Nokia (Finnish: ovi, lit. 'door') was the brand for Nokia's Internet services. The Ovi services could be used from a mobile device, computer (through Ovi Suite) or via the web. Nokia focused on five key service areas: Games, Maps, Media, Messaging and Music. Nokia's aim with Ovi was to include third party developers, such as operators and third-party services like Yahoo's Flickr photo site. With the announcement of Ovi Maps Player API, Nokia started to evolve their services into a platform, enabling third parties to make use of Nokia's Ovi services.

One angru user wrote this about OVI on customersaffair: Ovi Store has sent me four e-mails saying they've removed comments for violating guidelines. The e-mail is rather rude and threatens to terminate my account. I can't see anything wrong with these comments, they are ridiculous.


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