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OnLine eXchange also known as OLX Group is a global online marketplace headquartered in Amsterdam, and owned by Prosus, the international assets division of Naspers, founded in 2006 and operating in 45 countries.The OLX marketplace is a platform for buying and selling services and goods such as electronics, fashion items, furniture, household goods, cars and bikes. In 2014, the platform reportedly


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- very unprofessional and careless attitude - lack of open and objective communication - very narrow-minded and biased team / management - no global or ever regional perspective - very low level of English - very far from the business (had no idea about basic marketing and product tools, projects etc) - no stability in the team. The whole team might be dismissed soon, as there will be a new global team which will take over. - The interview process lasted 2 months in which they never told me the exact role I was interviewed for and they didn't provide the job description. Within these 2 months I only had 3 very vague interviews with no communication in between. Eventually, they invited me to meet them in Dublin at a team building event. I still did not have the job description and the job offer. They finally sent both docs the night before I flew to Dublin. I was hoping to discuss the offer when I meet them the next day (negotiation is a part of the contract in normal companies). Unfortunately, the managers at Olx did not feel the need to discuss with me my contract. They did not give me a chance to voice any concerns or questions during the stay in Dublin. During my stay there I realized that this "European" team is has very low level of English. They are all Polish, very closed-minded and antisocial, quite apprehensive of new people, (especially foreigners). I spent a week with them and they hardly spoke to me in English. All communication within the team was in Polish, although I was told they are a "global" team, responsible for Europe. On my second day with the team, the team lead told us that there will be a new BI team in Berlin, so he would advise everybody to look for job there. Later, he told me, it was good I did not "give up" anything for this role because it might not exist soon. As I had no chance to discuss the offer in person, I sent an email with a request to review the compensation they offered, as it was inadequate for the role and experience, especially given the insecurity in the team. I expected a "yes" or a"no", and I was ready to negotiate. Instead, the hiring manager sent me a very personal, shaming email saying that they are very disappointed and they do not tolerate people with such financial inclinations. I tried to call him to get some less emotional explanation. At first he refused to take my calls. When he finally answered my call (I called from a different number), he said that he expected that from me, because I lived in Dubai before and obviously that meant to him that I only care about money. He even dared to tell me to go back to Dubai. I was speechless by this hateful and extremely unprofessional attitude. BOTTOM LINE: the "European" BI team in Poland are a mediocre team, that does NOT have a proper vision or strategy, does NOT have understanding of business on a global or even European level and has absolutely no clue about how to work with people from other cultures or backgrounds. They offer an average pay which does not reflect person's skills and expertise, but where they are from. Most probably they will not exist quite soon, because they will be displaced by the global BI team (based on their own announcement). --"

Former Employee - Global Leadership Gateway says

"A lot going on that you will never know about. Feedback/career progression extremely unclear, basically whatever your boss thinks about you (and he/she may not communicate it to you directly). HUGE gap between management and everyone else in terms of intellect, salary, etc., yet even there it's rather disparate - some general managers are professional and come from consulting/banking/tech/MBA backgrounds while others come from very entrepreneurial backgrounds, with the latter often doing things by "gut feel" and without justifying their decisions. If things don't go well, they will look for scapegoats. Depends a lot on which office you get. Some have a good relationship between colleagues, some are the 9-6 and go their own way type."

Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"Management not good, favoritism , humiliation"

Current Employee - Regional Sales Manager says

"Higher Management is useless.. All working to save their jobs only... Deserving people are pushed out of the company.. Not clear in their vision of job at hand. Autos still have some vision... Other business unit is completely mis-managed and clueless."

Former Employee - Software Development Engineer says

"...just get away from it"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- The worst management you can imagine: people getting to high level positions not even remotely experienced or skilled for it. - Obviously the goals, the priorities and directions are changing all the time, making any project obsolete already in 3-4 weeks after kickoff. - Everything is around optics, optics and only optics, nobody gives a damn for real deliverables. - All of the decisions made are political: you can clearly see how one “party” at the OLX fights the other “party” and which side is “winning”. - Customers are absolutely neglected. Despite of the big boards hanging around in the office showing fake customer use cases of OLX and even a semi-fake position in the company “Director of Customer Centric Transformation” the company is not at all customer centric. - Poland calls the business shots. Other offices, other markets other matters are not relevant. - Terrible HR: they are there for the company not for you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Highly political, corporate influence, heavy structure, too many people without real jobs, big investments with very little outcome, management has no idea how to run a business, constant change in structure without any criteria"


"Some times people were hired to terminate other No worklife balance Zero growth 24*7"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"HR & Culture: - Don't trust HR, they're wont be there for you - they are there for the management, to save money and cut costs as much as possible. - Culture is non-existent, values change according to the wind, people dont even know what they're advocating for. Career: - People get sidelined and sacked if they aren't part of the "elite group" ideals. - They shut down hubs and products without long term warning or plan to integrate the people with relocation packages. - If you're looking for long term career, you wont find it here for long unless you know how to play the game. - Poland are the ones who really calling the shots and its seeping to the management in other countries. Check the hierarchy before jumping in a call. - If you're in Portugal - Good luck in seeing a good salary and progression to a top high management role. This will be almost near to impossible. Projects & Tech: - Chaotic at best, messy and malicious practices are done and management doesn't seem to know what they're doing. - You'll hear that you'll have to opportunity to raise the bar in the process, but its a great pipedream. If you don't sync right away with your direct report - you'll get shoved into the backline."

Catalina says

"Always suspicious buyers come forward.
A lot of scams from people that want to buy from you. Some even succed to take your money. And you are left without a sale made and without money."

Bhav Kumar says

"9/10 time wasters when selling. Not a good site to sell. Buyers think of Olx as a charity site offering little to no money for billed purchases of high value. It is a request to buyers, to look for pre owned goods as an alternative only when they have around at least 60-70% of the item's selling price. 1/5 buyers are warned via mail as suspicious buyers and they still find a way to join OlX again and again."

ilarissa miola says

"An account has been opened in my make fraudulently. I’ve contacted the safety support centre 4 times and no one has responded or helped as yet. Avoid as clearly a lot of fraudulent sellers enabled by a company who dont seem to care."

Bayan Albalushi says

"Yesterday I saw an add of a golden retreiver around my area that turned out to be a fraud and they stole my money through a fake shipping website. I tried to contact olx and didn’t get any replies. They stole over 200OMR. Please be careful"

Sandeep Gupta says

"Olx buyers full of fraud and cheats..
They fill with full details accept your quote then call for advance, take googlepay and phonepay details send 1/- rupee, in 1 min whole balance of yours is gone..
Cheats platform"

George Zachariah says

"I paid Rs.999 on a premium listing service. But they run it for 4 hrs & stopped. I contacted the support team at support AT olx.in (Ticket id 11811148). They said I may have changed the location.(Even I never changed my ad location) This is not professional & I fund it on a cheating case. They are not able to make my listing back or refund the money. For a 4 hr premium listing, I wasted Rs.999! This is public looting from Olx."

Sriram Bhoolokam says

"I am not getting any chat message since yesterday night for my Ad which is active though...
Utill yesterday evening it was ok ...

When I open the chat string I get the connecting signal as if buffering..not able to send or receive any msg..
Many of my respondents are waiting ..
Please rectify"

Sid s says

"To begin with let me tell you, Olx is the worst provider i have had to deal with. Your customer service is really below standards.

Now talking about my issue, I am trying to put my properties on your useless site/app but cannot do so unless I pay for it. Now since this morning I have tried to do so and I made a payment of 2199/- by card but it did not reflect till i called and spoke to someone who informed me that i will be refunded as i do not have a active listing. So again i went to the app and tried to activate one of the ads and made a payment of 499/- which never reflected and i again called you guys and someone said i will have to mail you guys but never sent a email address. So i call again and after explaining the whole thing all over new person keeps me on hold for a few minutes and comes back and said i will have to wait for 24hrs for the payment to reflect. I asked for a refund since i was fed up with this stressful series of incompetent service and agents. Now finally i got the email so attaching the screenshots here and i hope there is a solution to this. You guys want to charge people for every little service which is fine and its your call. But if someones paying at least provide prompt service.

Still waiting for a refund."

Dr. Anil says

"WORST, CHEATING, LYING, FAKE AND FRAUD olx and their buyers.

It had seen from last four months that most of the buyers are CHEATERS, LIARS, FRAUD AND FAKE. Firstly when ever the new ad is posted on olx there are many or most of the calls are FOOLING, FRAUD And FAKE they will inquire about the ad then after sometime they will begin their drama of sending someone but without money but instead of seeing the product they will pay online than they will inquire what we use for online transaction example paytm, googlepay or phonepay.

When confirmed, their LYING AND CHEATING starts, firstly they will do the FAKE transaction of 5 rupees but they will ask us the UPI pin if we don't give they will tell us to check the transaction and proceed with the payment, these SILLY STUPID GREEDY doesn't know when we are selling the product while will we proceed to pay.

And secondly when a new ad is posted there will be a FRAUD and FAKE mail's from olx for posting the ads to pay. But in reality olx had hired these CHEATERS, LIARS, FRAUD AND FAKE buyers for their profit, because if these CHEATERS, LIARS AND FOOLS doesn't have any support from up how do they dare to CHEAT the customers surely there is a tie between these CHEATERS, LIARS, FRAUDSTERS and olx people.

If they don't have any support they wouldn't dare to contact the customers as soon as the new ADs 0are posted it clearly denotes that olx people are definitely involved in these CHEATING and LYING.

And olx is so WORST, CHEATER, LIAR olx that after posting or telling the truth of the FRAUD AND FAKE buyers on olx they on purpose suspended my accounts and blocked me on Facebook. These olx CHEATERS and LIARS are least CONCERNED they are IGNORANT, NEGLIGENT AND BOTHERLESS towards the customers complaint."

Dr. Anil says

"This is to report a FRAUD and FAKE buyer on olx from safale(as said) named arun s bamy - 90xxxxxx94 for my AD ID : 15xxxxxx49 first innocently was asking the details and than showed his true colours of FAKE AND FRAUD buyer."

Robbi Robson says

"Used olx some time i put up just a handful of ads per year selling some stuff like a laptop or a monitor and things like that just normal buying and selling. sometimes i paid for it and without any reason the ad was published and then some hours later was taking offline and they said i should edit it but not giving me any hints. the ad was just like a foto and something like selling laptop specs and price nothing else. nothing wrong there. i registered with another email address i run 3 ads which worked so i paid for another two ads then they start blocking it again so i registered another email address and they also blocked it again. then they told me i should pay for my ads which i already did and they did not put my paid ads online. its a piece of crap. don't use it."

Dr. Anil says


This is to inform and raise a complaint against the FAKE and FRAUD number (070270 89242 named rutal sham on truecaller screenshot sent) who called for my ad inquiring for a Timberland Boots. The same technique he was using he called me in the morning first call at 11:16 am missed call again he called me at 11:17 am and told me that he is sending his boy in the evening he(the boy) don't have money and he will be paying online asked me what I am using for online payment I told him Internet banking and Google pay, so I so he asked me for a UPI pin but he couldn't talk or convey properly when I asked him why UPI pin so hurriedly without any word he disconnected my call in between. See everytime when encountered I am notifying of the said CHEATERS, LIARS, FRAUD and FAKE buyers to olx these type of FAKE, FRAUD, CHEATERS and LIARS should be sacked and thrown behind bars their actual place unnecessarily DEFAMING and RUINING olx.

This type of CHEATER, LIARS, FRAUD and FAKE buyers on olx will be posted on each available site, because olx made me to do so for blocking on facebook. You olx doesn't like the customers who speaks the truth."

Kyle Roberts says

"I spent the good part of 3 hours this morning uploading many ads.
I informed a gentleman named Feddi Owen(a potential buyer) that the price of a certain item had changed.
To which he got really upset and said he would report me for fraud.
Every AD has now been removed from OLX 6 hours later.
Would they like me to go and repost everything or create a new account, stuff them.
I find this pathetic and have since deleted my account and will make sure all i know do so also as i and we are not wasting our time anymore with this bunch."

Spanglish360 says

"I paid for an ad so it could be seen by more people, I contacted Customer support, sent 10 times the receipt but the guy just kept saying he had not received them. 10 Times including some email in which I shared a link on the cloud with the images. The guy Andres Triana Never seemed to get the attachments or the link to download the images. How convenient"

James Christy says

"Online fraud is happening after posting a ad for a TV sale and they are so clever that they contact the customer and told us to scan the QR code and take the money from us, I would never recommend any one posting it."

Rohan B says

"Olx is a pathetic service. Don't use it at all.
Olx is a pathetic service. i posted an add today for selling my scooter vespa. i immediately got a call from a person who said he works with indian army and he would like to buy my scooter immediately. he told me that he is working in a confidential place now so he has different kind of merchant id. he made me do a 10000 rs transaction to his account by sending a qr code for google pay saying that once i do this he would be able to pay me the advance amount for the scooter. After i made the transaction he dissappeared."

Mi 19 says

"After a time just blocked my account and force me to change password. Why, just like that, forced, no adviced, no asked?
Sh..ty site!"

VisionedCap3395 says

"Only frauds are there in olx and I hate even the interface please just discontinue it's servers it's 🐂💩"

Rahul Pandey says

"bad services, never safe for purchasing a products online"

Rizal Abdillah says

"As an OLX user who quite often buys goods on OLX, it will obviously be greatly helped by the online payment feature, but if it's not available it's also okay, maybe it's in the process"

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