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The New Zealand Labour Party, or simply Labour, is a center-left political party in New Zealand. The party's platform program describes its founding principle as democratic socialism, while observers describe Labour as social-democratic and pragmatic in practice. The party participates in the international Progressive Alliance.

"Social crisis worsens under Labour Party-led government" says "Socialist Equality Group" in an article about The New Zealand Labour Party on Scoop, on December 29, 2018:

"When the Labour Party-led government was installed in October 2017, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared that her priority would be to turn around homelessness and child poverty figures. Deputy Prime Minister and NZ First leader Winston Peters promised to restore “capitalism's human face.”

Liberal commentators, trade union leaders and pseudo-left groups all joined in a chorus of praise for the “reformist” government. The media fawned over Ardern for having a baby and being a “working mother,” implying she would be more sympathetic to working people.

More than a year of continuing austerity and deepening social inequality has exposed the government’s promises as a fraud. The gap between rich and poor is widening and levels of food insecurity, homelessness, and suicide are continuing to soar.

Official statistics released this month show that the richest 20 percent of New Zealand households have increased their net worth by $394,000 since 2015 and are now worth a median $1.75 million. This layer controls 70 percent of household wealth, while the top 1 percent has 20 percent of all assets.

The poorest 50 percent of adults, 1.8 million people, hold just 2 percent of net wealth. The bottom 40 percent has seen no increase in wealth over the past three years as the cost of living, especially housing and fuel, has soared.

One indicator of widespread social misery is the record number of people resorting to charity to feed their families over Christmas. The Christchurch City Mission reported that demand for food parcels had increased 45 percent as compared to the same time last year, with a large number of working people unable to afford the basics."


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Labourer (Former Employee) says

"Don't work for NZ labour hire. They allocate you to jobs with thuggish managers/supervisors who use fear and bullying as a motivator, a too-many chiefs-not-enough-Indians-culture and extremely strenuous work for chickenfeed pay. They also get eggy at you for turning down work because its too far from where you live and cannot be reached via public transport they only care about making money off you Cons: Thuggish bullying clients, near minimum wage for such physically demanding work, patronising attitude, erratic hours"

Labourer (Former Employee) says

"My review for NZ Labour Hire was that most jobs that i was allocated to do was at poor standards from going to work places to early or to late because of our drivers, which put a lot of pressure on me and my work mates for us to rush the jobs we had on that day. The people were friendly and our yard where all the workers were at became almost family. Cons: The pay that i received each week didn't compare to the amount of work i did."

Carpenter (Former Employee) says

"Commercial we install, stud framing, lay out for ceiling,gib fix, joinery, door framing, door jam.nogs timber, framing timber . and other general carpentry."

General Labourer (Former Employee) says

"was able to stay active which is something i prefer, but sometimes what was needed to be done was unclear because either absence of the site manager or multiple people giving different instructions or jobs they would like me to do which caused alot of frustration during work"