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The New York Times International Edition is an English-language newspaper printed at 38 sites throughout the world and sold in more than 160 countries and territories. Founded under the title Paris Herald in 1887 in Paris as the European edition of the New York Herald, it changed owners and was renamed several times: it became the Paris Herald Tribune, the European edition of the New York Herald Tribune in 1924, and then the International Herald Tribune in 1967, with Washington Post and New York Times as joint parent newspapers.

A former employee said this in a review: "Would not recommend working at NY Times. Employees are treated poorly and do more than extra work for the same pay and management doesn’t follow the rules they enforce on others".


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Retention Agent (Former Employee) says

"we were constantly forced to lie to the customers. The management would set impossible goals, and would get in trouble or fired if did not meet them. the company would be wonderful if they were more realistic and cared about what happened to the customer but they only care about taking their money from the customer even if it involved fraud."

E-Support (Current Employee) says

"unprofessional place to work. no raises at all. the only thing that i enjoyed was the people that i worked with. spoke to customer via email Cons: short breaks, no help from supervisors and constant call ctr complaints"

Customer service (Former Employee) says

"horrible employer,rotten place to work for a t a call center, i hated it. poor working conditons and supervisors recommend nobody work there Cons: plenty"

Internship (Former Employee) says

"Assisted Writer's with their articles. Assisted in the mailroom."

Inserter Operator (Current Employee) says

"Would not recommend Employees are treated poorly and do more than extra work for the same pay and management doesn’t follow the rules they enforce on others"

Decision Support Analyst (Sr. Accountant) says

"Financial review of business units expenses and revenue as well as compiling information for variance analysis reports. Cons: Negative Environment"

Warehouse work (Former Employee) says

"I did not enjoy working there because of the managers were too child-like, they never did there job and they made it uncomfortable for the people that was trying to work. Cons: not good."

Senior Systems Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I don't like to give negative reviews so I'll just describe employment at The Times as a nice place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there."

Inventory Manager - Video (Former Employee) says

"There is very little to no direction for new employees. Employees are set up to fail. The culture is more relaxed than I would of thought which is one small plus."

APAC Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I did not like having to work the phones with all the call center rules and having to rush through calls. I enjoyed data entry, but I did not enjoy the repetition and never getting to work on anything else. Cons: pay, repetition, call center environment"

Software Engineer/QA Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"One of the best companies I have ever worked. Great people to work with. I also love the technology that we implemented. Very successful company and still is."

Insert Operator (Current Employee) says

"Nothing but hopes and dreams. Honestly the worst full time job to every apply for is the mailroom. I regret investing my time into that job honestly. The pay is horrible. Cons: Everything"

Lead Customer Service Agent, Serco (Former Employee) says

"The New York Times contracted with another agency to operate a call-center for New York Times customers."

Offshore team lead/Associate (Former Employee) says

"The job needs more challenge and projects to learn and live. Cons: long hours"

Campaign Manager (Former Employee) says

"NYT has been struggling under "new" management. The money driven bottom line chasing leaders have been sucking the life of the company for far too long. It is a buyout party over there and not great at all for the work environment. Cons: work-life balance and only hiring-up with a "certain type""

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"There are a lot of old newspaper/union worker mentality in the business. Not a good place to work for young motivated individuals."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Poor management with little accessibility when needed. Resources to support travel were meager. Organizational discord and a lack of consistency on job description versus expectations."

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"The money/benefits are good but the higher management does not know how to treat/talk to people. They are unorganized and do whatever is needed to keep up with the service level. You are given unrealistic expectations like dealing with 10 subscribers at once(that must have a response within 5 minutes) via chat or doing phone calls with no phone training. The analogy is that you are a pilot being trained by a boss that doesn't know how to fly a plane, so when the pilot has a heart attack, the boss takes the heat out on everyone because they know the plane in about to come crashing down. If you do not mind trading your self-worth, respect, time, and soul for money, this is the place for you. At times it feels like modern slavery due to the forever changing constraints put on you as an advocate like not being able to go over 10 minutes off the floor outside of lunch or it being considered work avoidance. Even though their point system may give you the idea of stability, constant change, lack of help, ineffective tools, random schedule changes and corrupt leadership makes it feel like you are on a mental hot-seat every day. Cons: Unorganized, Ineffective Tools, Unprofessional Staff, Lack of Protocol, Bad Training, Lack of Stability, 2 30 minutes breaks and 1 10 minute break"

Reporter (Current Employee) says

"Tough place. Rewarding mission. Sink or Swim."

NY Times Account Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Management and [professionalism require essential training in ethics, how to deal with internal customers as well as processes for assisting employees. Cons: High benefits"

Ken says

"They don’t report news. They report their opinions. Disgusting."

Lizzie Ochoa says

"They make it absolutely impossible to try and cancel subscriptions. Do not give them your money. They are scam artists. They are saying I can't cancel my subscription until February, saying I'm not eligible to cancel yet. Was left on hold. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!!!!"

Dee Dee says

"False stories. Supports terrorism. Unsubscribed!!!!"

Grace Weiner says

"Perfect Emmy’s ? Any award show continually bashing the sitting president .. whether democrat or republican is by no means perfect . Hollywood is way too involved with the government . People do t want to hear it anymore !! The nation is so divided . I turned off the Emmy’s because it’s more political news . Needs to change and no way Perfect !!"

Grace Weiner says

"Los Angeles times along with Californians wake up .. start writing the truth . Any man black , white , Asian etc.. continues to fight back a police officer is going to get hurt or killed . Please print STOP resisting , stop the awful behavior , work on getting on with your life in a positive way . You resist arrest , you fight back , you work the streets , get involved with domestic violence, drugs etc .. Any race , color or creed is going to end up in jail , hospital or dead ."

Russ Ewald says

"I agree with many others that have posted reviews. Los Angeles Times has no journalistic integrity anymore. Everything written with leftist slant. Facts left out if doesn't push their agenda. We are all told not to public gather by public health as it is greatest risk for virus spread. But Governor and Mayor never communicated that to protestors and let them roam and spread the virus. That is why we have had a resurge, not reopening stores, churches. I went to hair salons, church and restaurants and all followed safety protocols. Protestors did not follow ANY safety guidelines. Yet, LA Times didn't report this at all. Shameful what was once a great newspaper. I am dropping subscription."

Bradford Hobbs says

"These dam democrats. Need to worry about their broke atheist gay none Christian state and leave Texas and governor Abbott alone. You people don't have a clue really what's going on in your own city and state. Start looking at your on local government before going after other states or Trump."

Grace Weiner says

"Wow ,, pandemic concerns because of Trumps rally ? You can’t get anymore hypocritical. Protest after protest , looting , 12 people dead , business destroyed and not one word of pandemic concerns . Also not one word of the destruction the protests created . Journalists your all dead . I live in New York and it feels so much like I live in a communist state with propaganda journalists"

Sean Andrews says

"Overpriced for what they provide"

Emil Johnsen says

"Bad bad and bad"

Grace Weiner says

"Oh my God , for a news paper to use such hateful language . Calling the president a racist scum . It’s so frustrating to read news paper journalists voice their political views with criticism, judgement , and hate . I long desperately for a paper to tell me a story without their opinion, view or political agenda .. Los Angeles times change your ways . The president hates ? What about you ?"

Deanna Rivera says

"Propaganda.. im glad to see most people feel exactly they way i do . If you are going to share the news then the least you can do is use facts . I was a subscriber . It has changed the way they bring the news to the people.. terrible"

Ben Hamilton says

"They are putting up a paywall for coronavirus related articles.. this isn’t the time to charge money for articles that could be beneficial to people in the Los Angeles county"

Racer5 says

"Sensationalist reporting on Covid-19. You’re not helping."

N/A says

"Paywall up during coronavirus outbreak in LA.

Please pay to stay safe."

Barbara Starr says

"As a long time subscriber I am dismayed at the editorial direction
the LA Times has taken. The newspaper no longer is objective in
its editorial/opinion/ choice of columnists and has a bias that
is obvious. The Times has lost the journalist integrity of its past.
It is time to reconsider what its' purpose is- to inform or
to editorialize?"

Brooke James says

"I am not happy with the LA Times. I always pay my bill to continue my subscription until I moved out of the county. Then they want me to pay a past due bill when they kept delivering after I moved and no longer paid the bill to continue. I called Shy in customer service on 10/4 to discuss and she couldn't hear or understand me, and I speak clear English. I asked if I needed to speak with a supervisor and then she hung up on me around 10:50am. So long LA Times."

Morris Oshea says

"Report the news not be part of the news"

George Bush says

"too many sensationalist stories"

Cadyn says

"This media is just okay.
My parents always send me articles of LA Times, and sometimes they are well-written."