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Eurofins is an international group of laboratories headquartered in Luxembourg, providing testing and support services to the pharmaceutical, food, environmental, agriscience and consumer products industries and to governments.

A former sample coordinator mentioned, "Eurofins Scientific was without a doubt the worst company I have ever worked for. The culture is extremely poor- I didn't even know it was possible to care less about your employee's work-life balance than Eurofins does, this is a symptom of their aggressive expansion strategy that values quantity over quality. Management never listens to employee concerns, sets unrealistic deadlines, and there was a policy of don't leave until all the work is done. I worked a lot of overtime and never knew what time I was going to be done. Staff retention was atrocious- but upper management and middle management largely ignored employee concerns- even after I has raised my own several times. Poor compensation, poor company culture, poor management that bordered flat-out rudeness, unrealistic deadlines, a heavy workload- I was embarrassed to say I worked for Eurofins. If you are a new graduate and looking for an entry level experience, please steer clear of this company: I've had nothing but negative things to say about how they handle their employees well-being."


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Sample Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work. Boss was a creep. Place literally gave me anxiety. People just do whatever and say whatever they want there. Upper management does nothing but expects all their direct subordinates to make the place run. Then management congratulates each other on productivity as if they had something to do with it. Astounding turnover rate. Cons: Management"

Analista (Former Employee) says

"Pessima azienda che fa lavorare i soliti raccomandati... Cons: ci vuole molto più spazio per elencarli tutti!"

Lab Technician (Former Employee) says

"No care given to staff expect high work loads paying minimum wage. Cons: Over worked for little money"

Secrétaire médicale (Former Employee) says

"Entreprise nulle, aucune reconnaissance de la direction, limite harcèlement."

Aesthetician (Former Employee) says

"I took the job and after 3 weeks I walked out the manager in the bio department was a nightmare. They bullied you and made fun of everyone so unprofessional."

technicien reception codage (Former Employee) says

"Surement la pire entreprise que j'ai fait. Cons: la paye, les horraires"

Lab Analyst / Safety Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"I have never seen turnover like this...people see the insane lying management and bail after a few months or at most a year. They fired someone on Covid leave...for no reason other than that...he has a lawsuit against them. Luckily, I have gotten another position. Food tastes better. I am nicer and less stressed out. Honestly I would rather dig dirt trenches than work in that extremely toxic environment. Cons: Hard work gets nowhere but condemnation...so toxic I can't describe it"

Laborante (Former Employee) says

"Slecht managment, korte termijn beslissingen ,veel overwerk, hard werken."

Business Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"Turn over important Cons: Tout"

Technicien préleveur (Current Employee) says

"Pour les jeunes pour une première expérience et entrer dans le marché du travail, pour les plus expérimentés voir ailleurs c'est mieu."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"In Eurofins there is no respect for science and no respect for people working there. Culture of blaming and backstabbing. Employees are encouraged to spy on each other and report negative things."

Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"Spoken down to on a daily basis from senior staff and other employees in the Lab. Respect has no meaning in this Lab and proper training is never given. Working environment is very toxic and gossiping, bullying, and the disgusting way certain staff members are treated is shocking. Unless you are extremely close to senior staff and the click they have going on you most likely won’t fit in. Courtesy doesn’t cost a thing and clearly doesn’t exist in this Lab."

technicien (Former Employee) says

"par quoi commencer, le chef département logistique qui prend les gens pour des andouilles et qui ne fait rien quand un employé vient bourrer au travail un chef de service logistique crétin qui prend les gens de hauts et aime rabaisser les gens mais n'a pas le courage de dire les choses en face alors ce sont les chefs d’équipe qui le font à sa place. Cons: tout le reste"

Technicienne de réception (Former Employee) says

"Aucun avantage, que des inconvénients et une pression constante"

Business manager (Former Employee) says

"-Harcèlement moral !"

Laboratory Technician (Current Employee) says

"Very poorly managed site with problems being buried as managers wish to not deal with any aspect in the running and operation of the company."

Technicien Préleveur (Former Employee) says

"aucune écoute,favoritisme, harcélement morale et bien d'autre encore"

Business Manager (Current Employee) says

"- salaire bas pour le marché"

Chargé d'affaires (Former Employee) says

"Vous appréciez être traité comme un pion parmi tant d'autres?"

Biochemist (Former Employee) says

"22.5$ for a scientist is awful. Work here for 3-6 months and keep appying for better jobs. Dont get comfortable. Management dont really care for you. The company is located in Lancaster PA but they will place you in big sites like MErck or other pharma. You will be responsible to answer to the team but theres a eurofins manager in everysite. If you are 25 and still working for this company you should leave."