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Novell, Inc. was an American software and services company headquartered in Provo, Utah. Its most significant product was the multi-platform network operating system known as Novell NetWare, which became the dominant form of personal computer networking during the second half of the 1980s and first half of the 1990s. At its high point, NetWare had a 63 percent share of the market for network operating systems, and by the early 1990s, there were over half a million NetWare-based networks installed worldwide. Novell technology contributed to the emergence of local area networks, which displaced the dominant mainframe computing model and changed computing worldwide. Novell became instrumental in making Utah Valley a focus for technology and software development.

Dana Blankenhorn wrote an article back in 2007 in about suspicious activity from Novell regarding the case against Microsoft, "The Washington game of dumping incriminating documents late on a Friday is well-known. When someone does it, suspicions are raised. Now Novell has done just that with its Friday night document dump on the Microsoft agreement. Just to make us even more suspicious, the dump isn't complete. Tons of (presumably good) stuff is "redacted." Our own Mary Jo Foley notes that, among other things, the documents reveal Microsoft will cease to distribute SUSE Linux "get out of court free" cards once the GPL v3 is approved with restrictions against agreements like this."


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