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Normani Kordei Hamilton ( nor-MAH-nee; born May 31, 1996) s an American singer and dancer. She auditioned as a solo act for the American television series The X Factor in 2012, after which she became a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony. While in Fifth Harmony, Normani competed in Dancing with the Stars (2017) and released the song "Love Lies" (2018), a duet with Khalid, which peaked in the top ten in the US and was certified quadruple platinum by RIAA.

A Well-Known Member of LIPSTICK ALLEY under the name of jdpm1991 shares his/her thoughts about Normani from a discussion that threw the following question: Is Normani overrated? I don't see the appeal, what am I missing? are LSA just desperate for a new fave or something since Tinasha ain't giving them everything they want? Normani doesn't have a personality to me. She'll only be good for a hook on a rapper's "quick lil single" Why stan for Normani when you can just stan for Beyonce, Rihanna, Tinashe, Ciara, Dawn Richard etc.


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