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Nor-Lake, Incorporated is a leader in the designing and manufacturing of quality refrigeration products. With its dedication to service and high-quality product line, Nor-Lake has earned one of the most respected names in the refrigeration industry.

Their workspace sounds abysmal:

• Management is ancient and unwilling to bend.

• They could benefit from new ideas and more capital.

• There's not a lot of security in this company.

• Stressful and poorly run work place.

• Poor relations between management and labor.

• Programs are implemented without knowledge of operations and procedure.


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Walk in Assembler (Former Employee) says

"This place is a den of vipers, back stabbing and shady deeds is common place. You will be treated like garbage and told to shut up and work harder daily if you work 1st shift. Management is self serving and uncaring, Don't expect important issues you may have to get resolved. Most enjoyable part of working here is after you quit you realize you won't have to go back. I'm not angry with this place this is just a word of warning. Cons: To many to name"

Assembly Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This place used to be a good place to work. They used to care about their employees. Now the only one who cares about them is (I know for sure) weekend supervisor."

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Norlake was a great place to work at but the training and politics were horrible Cons: not enough training time"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"People are rude and their training is awful. Never clear directions, get attacked by other employees for making mistakes, very unprofessional. I went home crying more than once"

CAD Operator/ Welder (Former Employee) says

"Norlake was high stress, especially in the CAD department. Custom freezers and fridges were put together with aging blueprints to try to get the orders correct. The people were hostile and unhelpful. The hardest part about the job was learning all of the weird little rules that applied or didn't apply to every job. Cons: job may be moving down to Missouri soon"

Shipping Clerk / Panel Crater (Former Employee) says

"if you like to work a lot of hours this is the job for you. expect to work 50+ hours a week. its very hot in there, no A/C. you do get health benefits."

Conversion Assistant (Current Employee) says

"when i first started to work at norlake i enjoyed it, until i got to learn how it is run and how people are "backstabers" I do not enjoy it much any more, its a paycheck and i would not recommend it to anyone"

Credit Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Learned how to be a Credit Analyst."

walk in refrigeration assembly (Former Employee) says

"expected to perform the work of multiple people , constantly being pushed to the limit is not a healthy or safe work environment, when the head of management tells you "if you don't like it here leave ,life is to short" you work for a company that doesn't respect there employees or there well being , my co-workers are hard working people (some of them) lifting panels of 300 plus pounds with one other person is extremely demanding, the best part of the job is punching out Cons: 2 ten minute breaks for a ten hour shift, half hour lunch"

n/a (Former Employee) says

"Before the new CEO our biggest concern was how much we would get in profit sharing. After, well lets say he's gutted it, fumbled a-lot, and now it's in a shambles. Cons: No advancement options"

"A" operator foam injection operations (Former Employee) says

"I liked what I did there. Worked with some good people. The nights were long and the building was always hot due to the nature of the operations."

Class A Production Spray Painter (Former Employee) says

"Typical work day included spray painting refrigerators and freezers. Learned how to spray paint. Received adequate training to be able to perform the job correctly."

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