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The Norfolk Southern Railway (reporting mark NS) is a Class I freight railroad in the United States. With headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, the company operates 19,420 route miles (31,250 km) in 22 eastern states, the District of Columbia, and has rights in Canada over the Albany to Montréal route of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and previously on CN from Buffalo to St. Thomas. NS is responsible for maintaining 28,400 miles (45,700 km), with the remainder being operated under trackage rights from other parties responsible for maintenance. The most common commodity hauled on the railway is coal from mines in Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. The railway also offers the largest intermodal network in eastern North America.

A upset former employee said this in a review “At first The Norfolk Southern Railway seems like a great place but as everyone will try to warm you, management will use you to get what they want and disregard you and stab you in the back in a heartbeat. The treat employees horrible, violation every policy in place, bully staff and allow harassment to go on in front of them and do nothing. They make their own schedule, feel entitled, spend enormous amounts of money, while the real workers can't even get a lousy NS pen or cup. It's appalling that this kind of culture exists and is encouraged to continue because it's very well know, and senior leadership does nothing."


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Current Employee - Clerk says

"Plantation Style Management, Rampant Nepotism, NO work-life balance"

Current Employee - Machinist says

"everything. Hrs, days off, shift. They do everything in their power to fire you after hiring you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything. There is no value for employees."

Current Employee - Electrician says

"No life, always getting told your getting laid off. And well here I am, laid off"

Current Employee - General Laborer says

"Always on the road away from family"

Current Employee - Rail Road Conductor says

"-will lay you off to claim pandemic money from government -management constantly changing rules and trying to trap you -union bosses are in bed with the company -stake holders are the only thing that matters"

Current Employee - Supervisor says

"Since PSR came along it has been a rush to the bottom. People have been put in as senior managers that don't even have the educational background to be hired as an entry level person for the departments they manage. A lot of hacks run the show and only care about making the quarterly budget target. Don't bother complaining to HR or ethics about the unprofessional behavior that goes on. It only puts a target on your back. Protect yourself with a good lawyer and a body camera."

Current Employee - Railroad Conductor says

"Corporate greed and your job position is never safe from being cut"

Former Employee - Whatever They Want IT to BE says

"weekend and holiday mandatory work, forced overtime, just a number, horrible morale, hard to move up, management straight out of college no work exp. but they will tell you how to do you job and sign off your work (big no no but happens anyway)"

Former Employee - Pipefitter says

"Nothing but a number Money is only thing they think of Preach safety tell they need something done in a hurry Lie to you"

Conductor (Current Employee) says

"Stay away from this poorly ran company. There is a complete lack of caring within this company. Once hired, they will try every single day to either take you out of service or terminate you. You are on call so much that you cannot make any plans at all. That's not the bad part, though. They give you "personal days" to make up for the fact you work on call, but guess what. They can and will deny your request for a personal day, because they need the "man power" even though there may be 10 people on the extra board rested and ready to go. And getting a vacation request granted would be harder than figuring out how to travel through time. And to top it off, they're shutting down many of their terminals, which directly affects people within their seniority district. What this means is that there is no future for anyone and even though you've put in over a decade of your time, you may still get laid off or lose your job all together due to them downsizing and shutting down terminals. Don't say you've never been warned. There are no proseverything about this wretched company"

Conductor/Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Your just a number .... hours are the worst ... it's not family oriented... your just a warm body to move the freight... even the equipment use is unsafe DANGEROUS... and they steal right out your pay check week to week ... stay far away 👎🏾...."

Facility Maintenance Worker (Former Employee) says

"Stay away ! Management is horrid , People stay stressed out , Lies and mistreatment are daily happenings . The new PSR is ruining this company and you can be laid off anytime .benefitsEverything is hostile nothing is happy"

Conductor/Switchman (Former Employee) says

"management tries to get you fired to promote themselves. Bad pay compared to hrs worked. No time off and they even mess with your vacation days. It gets better with more seniority but your talking 10+ years of garbage life before it gets ride a traineverything"

Signal Maintainer (Former Employee) says

"Horrible work conditions! Forced to work 5-6 hours from home without hotel or compensation. The pay would be good if you were home, but you won’t be. A lot of employees live out there vehicles or in the headquarters and when bosses see you they will laugh at you because you can’t afford a hotel. The training that is provide is you driving all the way to Atlanta 3 different times in your first year to sit infront a computer while the “teacher” sleeps, if you fail a test you will be terminated. The bosses are usually some young kid out of college that never had a job before or some Jerk that doesn’t know what there doing. The best thing that ever happened was getting furloughed and getting away from the biggest $hitshow I ever seen norfolksouthern railway.NoneEvery minute being there"

Locomotive Electrician (Current Employee) says

"NS is going though PSR, which is to please stock holders. Mass lay-offs, selling locomotives, storing freight cars & shutting down entire yards. Management constantly comes up with new ways to belittle their employees, driving down moral & forcing the others that haven’t been laid off to find employment elsewhere regardless of years of service. The railroad used to be a place of pride to work at! Life’s to short to be forced to work all holidays & to be required to work weekends away from life & family. Save yourself the trouble, unless you like working looking over your shoulder being afraid that a supervisor is going to write you up for some made-up rules violation because they have a quota to hang so many people."

Supervisor of Ultrasonic Rail Testing (Former Employee) says

"I just can't say enough bad things about this company. I seriously felt safer in the middle east than I did anywhere in Norfolk Southern. At least I mostly knew which way to point my rifle and my rotation would be over in a year.The pay is very good.Management has no values, ethics, morals."

Signal Maintainer (Former Employee) says

"Management is a click, if you’re not in with them they harass you. Constant fear of layoffs. Constant traveling and unless you have a job on the gangs. Stay away this is a corrupt company who only cares about stocks. They laid off 200 men and notified us the day before Christmas with no compensation or severance package after years of service and personal sacrifice. Stay away or learn the hard way."

Electrician (Former Employee) says

"Horrible unprofessional unsafe lack of management (brains) poor communication bosses don’t have work experience no balance in man power between shifts or different areas"

Conductor/Engineer (Current Employee) says

"the company acts like they own you. Your on call 24/7. everyday you go to work you have to worry about management following you around trying to fire you."

Journeyman Machinist (Current Employee) says

"Management only has one focus filling share holder pockets every employee is a waste they do not want they hate payroll and they hate having to follow safety protocolsHealthcare was affordableYou Will likely be killed by corner cutting"

Railroad Conductor (Current Employee) says

"They don’t care about the employees or families of the employees. Management is a joke . They don’t give you the tools you need but rather throw you out to figure it out on your own. On call 24/7 never know when you will work because of poor dispatching and management. The company will send letters out of record profits then turn around and cut jobs because its slow. The company is nothing but a bunch of greedy toxic snobs. I would not wish that job on anyone. I hope every share holder and board members lose everything and have to be put out on the street and starve. I hope they all are fired and get back to railroading like it should be!NothingEverything about the company and the people running it"

Trainman (Current Employee) says

"Some days it’s the management, some days it’s the coworkers, some days it’s you. But it’s always the way railroad employees are treated poorly overall and it’s getting worse.Paycheck with benefitsHarassment"

Electrician (Former Employee) says

"Corporate is so greedy with money that they are willing to run it to the ground so that the government will bail them out. They do not care about workers. They use them and then throw them away like they are nothing. They are making enough money as it is. Their comment, they are lying and everyone can see through it. People that are still working there are looking for other jobs and those that have been laid off, they said they wont go back if they ever call them. They are getting a bad rep so fast that no one will want to work for them ever again. Good job corp. Hope you sleep good at night knowing that you are destroying families just for the money."

Managed a crew (Current Employee) says

"Cons On call 24/7 no set schedule ( that is why the pay is high), Current management looking to cut thousands of jobs eliminating positions and creating huge downsizing. Advice to Management Rather than focusing on expenses by eliminating jobs and doing less work you should focus on increasing efficiency to eliminate waste. This strategy would see more business and healthier long term growth. The current strategy will lead to stagnant growth and future declines in order to gain a shot term boost."

Intermodal Systems Analyst Contractor (Former Employee) says

"The employees working here are racist. They won’t give you a chance to improve anything. Management jumps to conclusions without asking the right questions first."

Conductor (Former Employee) says

"This place hires you to fire you I would stay away. Management and supervision are very bad and will let you go in a second. You are always being watched and harassed."

None of your business (Current Employee) says

"Worst decision I made in my life making a commitment to accompany who doesn't care about their employees only too line their fat pockets greedy CEO and investors. If you ever think or consider working for Norfolk Southern run the other way. And their Motto is you're coming home yeah LAYED OFF !!!!!!!! THANKS NORFOLK SOUTHERN........None at allDon't fill out an application"

Locomotive Diesel Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"Laid off and getting ready to lose my house cause of greed. Don't care about their employees just their pockets and how much money they can shove in them."

Conductor (Former Employee) says

"On call, little time off, plan on missing anything and everything your family does. Great if you are single and want no social life. Work a lot of nights"

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