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Nine West, also known as 9 West, is an American online fashion retailer which is based in White Plains, New York. It was founded in 1983 and closed its brick and mortar stores business in 2018.

Meghan shares her disappointing experience on, "I've had so many issues with Nine West merchandise, returns & refund process, website, and customer service in these last 2 months that I don't even have the energy to rehash them all. Just look up any other website's reviews for them (Besides, because they don't publish any negative reviews) and take my word for it. I've ordered 9 pairs of shoes and returned all but 1 cute, but nevertheless uncomfortable pair. I've attached photos of my most recent (and final) purchase from them. They retail at $89.00... I am thoroughly DONE with this company and will never purchase from them again. Don't waste your time, unless you actually like making your life harder and throwing your $$ down the drain on restocking fees or cheap, defective shoes."


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Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"Having terrible senior management there."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"not bright outlook for future"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very strict, not understanding, not much time off, ridiculous expectations, rude customers, rude corporate employees. Just avoid Ninewest."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They hired people to run stores but only if it’s how the DM wants it. They are not open to newness. They throw away new employees if old employees lose their stores to closings."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Toxic drama among the workers. If they don't like you they will find a way to get you out."

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"This was the worst company I ever worked for. I was a DM previously with another company and regretted ever leaving. Upper management was horrendous!! I had a DM and area manager who were both fired for breaking policies after I left but while I was there, treat me like garbage. I was verbally abused by the DM and should have went to HR immediately but felt the whole upper management was so clicky it would have been worse for me. They spend more time worrying about how a shoe is displayed then they do with customer service. The metrics employees have to meet are a joke and I got out as soon as I could. This company is AWFUL!!!"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Management is very childish, lack of teamwork and organization within the company. Some stores including my location were still using dial-up in 2017. The store was not update at all and the lack of care from corporate shows how they are not concerned for their retail stores throughout the company."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You are expected to be available around the clock making it extremely hard to have a social life or be able to have a day off. i worked 6 straight months with out having a weekend off"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"low pay, I worked the outsourced call center they used for years, stopped working with us because the company wouldn't take a pay decrease (which filtered down to us lowly employees to what would have been minimum wage. Crappy/China made products that fall apart and leave the CS agents to deal with irate customers... no fun, no loyalty, no job security"


"managers are unprofessional and very disorganized pay is low some receive special treatment its a negative environment non flexible hours the talk badly about you to other employees behind your back instead of confronting you in how to do a better job you will be called randomly to pick up unscheduled shifts and they will only lets you know when you get to the store if your shift was cancelled ."

asesor de ventas (Former Employee) says

"Se aprende de temas de moda y demasiado perfeccionismo innecesario."

Traffic expeditor (Current Employee) says

"Ninewest is in bankruptcy. They split the company in different divisions, pocketbooks, shoes and jewelry. I have worked for both companies. DSW is hopefully buying the shoes and pocketbooks"

Logística (Former Employee) says

"La empresa tiene buen reconocimiento nacional, ofrece muchas prestaciones y servicios, lo malo es el ambiente laboral te tratan mal y nadie te quiere ayudar ni tus jefes parece que les molesta que pidas ayuda, el personal mas antiguo se siente intocable y que tiene todo el derecho de tratarte como basura, no te explican, te regañan por todo y no tienen bien establecidos las funciones de cada puesto, muy mala organización Cons: Pésimo ambiente laboral, te ven y tratan como basura"

Satiş danişmani (Former Employee) says

"Ürün yönetimi yok müşteri ilişkileri çözüm amaçlı değil gelen müşteriyi bir kereye mahsus hizmet veriliyor personel yöneticiler personelle ilişkisi hiç yok hiçbir maddi manevi bi destek de bulunmuyorlar"

Senior Sales/ Key Holder (Current Employee) says

"Of course not every store is perfect but in all honesty what brings the store together is the associates and some managers don't understand that. they believe that their associates have no life so continuing to not accommodate their associates but their self. Nine West Cabazon Outlet uses and abuses you with hours without giving benefits. Their pay is not good at all! if you want to get paid the right amount you must demand it!"

Key Holder (Current Employee) says

"Company and management are not very good. Management is very bad. Not a good company to work for unless you are the store manager or store stock manager or assistant because they do not give more than 30 hours to associates and key holders Cons: no benefits not a lot of hours"

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"They only need when they can't handle the store you won't get any hours witch means your pay will be very low and your had to deal with rude people who worked in the store very uncomfortable Cons: Management"

Sales/Customer service (Former Employee) says

"Didn't like it at all, i don;t know why i have to write so much about not wanting to work somewhere this is dumb. is this long enough yet... because i just didnt like it."

satış danışmanı (Former Employee) says

"Nine West'teki kısa iş serüvenimden maalesef ki pek te memnum kalmadım.Çünkü,bu firmada yardımlaşmadan çok bencil ve bireysel bir çalışma sistemi hakimdi. Cons: şirkette yol parası, öglen yemeği verilmiyor, yrica prim sistemi de aydan aya saçma bir şekilde alakasız olarak değişiyor."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was very Stressed. Cons: Micromanaging"

Sales Associate/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Management was awful and made going to work miserable. I was only a part time employee and worked 40+ hours a week with no benefits."

Picker (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company to work for !!! I ended up having medical /health issues . My dr wanted my on light duty they claimed they didn't have light duty , all while someone was on light duty in an air conditioned room doing easy labeling work while everyone else was working there butts off in a hot warehouse !!! They ended up putting me out in medical leave!!! I was out for a month by the time my dr let me come back . After a week back to work , they let me go due to my numbers being low !!! Which is bs !!! They let me go cause I was on their insurance and I was costing them too much money with all my tests & all they were doing . I was a liability to them !!! They obviously favor other people favoritism at the best !! And they don't care about your health !!! Horrible company & management !!! & they can never keep workers people come and go !!!"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"worst job experience iv ever had. management there is HORRIBLE! and very unorganized. manager is very rude and unsupportive, not to mention has thrown shoes at employees and yelled at customers."

store manager (Current Employee) says

"This is an HR nightmare. Upper management is very uncensored and unprofessional. I was told that when hiring for staff to " pay them less, work them harder". Job security is non- existent unless you know someone. Cons: They make up policies as they go and makes your life horrible if you question it."

Retail Associate (Former Employee) says

"Only getting 4-10 hours a week, I was assigned to clean up after my coworkers and the store. I was hardly ever put on cash or sales I was to walk the store and make sure it was clean. It was not worth the money. Cons: no hours, bad work place"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"this was my 1st offical job i diidnt like it very much over work and under pay management lead the store with and iron fist nothin to enjoy about working here.. surprised i made it to three years"

Key holder/sales associate (Current Employee) says

"The job itself was a little stressful. If you're a college or high school student this isn't the job for you. How is a retail/part time job stressful??? It could just be the location i worked at. The store manager was lazy and put her work onto everyone else and expected that you work when she wants you to come in on your days off. Not only that, but she'll schedule you 2 in a half or three hours some shifts. If you're commute takes over an hour what is the point of coming in for such a little period of time? And i was a key holder and managed to get 8 hours for an entire week. I would never go back! And another thing the store manager does is discuss you with other co workers, which in my opinion, starts unnecessary drama."

Assist customers (Former Employee) says

"great workplace if its your first job. Theyre pretty much 100 percent sexist towards women Cons: theyre rude, they are sexist"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Nine West is a very stressful environment As a manager for fifteen years at this company policy was a learning experience every day. I enjoyed teaching new employees and watching them succeed. I dealt with customers did payroll, the banking, schedules, and maintain the sales floor. Cons: Did not appreciate loyal hardworking employees."

Co-Manager (Current Employee) says

"The company is currently laying people off. Closing low volume stores and focusing on high volume stores. Not a bad company to work for but the turnover there is constant. Cons: no quality of life."

Quinn Bella says

"I placed and order almost 2 months ago. I called a month ago and was promised it would be shipped. I called back today and asked to speak with a supervisor he advised me the order was marked fulfilled and now its out of stock...customer service was rude and kept giving me excuses. I waited 2 months to get a refund. Ive been a long time customer and Im so disappointed... my experience was terrible and if I could score lower than a 1 I sure would. Mr. Kelly issued me a refund and a price match but I would have to give my card number over the phone to do so. No one in this company understands the customer is what builds and sustain a company not lies."

monica says

"Horrible customer service! Reps are dishonest and poorly trained. I will take my business elsewhere. It has become too much of a hassle to constantly call in and complain about pricing errors etc..."

Desiree Cox says

"I have place order NW-560088 on Nov 27 for preorder boots due to ship on dec 11.Still haven't received any info when they were going to ship it and will I get it before Christmas. I spoke to 3 different people over the past week.But Chloe was so rude.I asked for her supervisor she said he/she wasn't available.I ask for a refund and she was like no.I use to love ninewest ,know I'm just very disappointed. I am so done."

Nat says

"The shoes are great. The customer service is horrible, so buy at your own risk! 1) Nine West is an online shoe retailer, but it charges a restocking fee. That’s a bad business practice. 2) I recently purchased a pair of shoes that were sale. Nine West took too long to ship my order and oversold the color and size after I purchased. This shoe is sold in nearly 30 colors. It’s popular. Therefore, I rightfully told Nine West I wanted the discounted purchase price honored and wanted to select another shoe in a different color but in the same style and size that I originally purchased. That only makes sense and it’s good customer service. Well Nine West hasn’t responded. 3) They make it difficult to redeem reward points and don’t give you the 30% discount for accumulating rewards as they claim. Once you earn 3000 points, you become a 9W Rewards VIP and should get 30% of your entire order. I’ve reached the 3000 tier 5x over (that’s how much I’ve spent), but I’m still waiting on my 30% for each time I’ve reached it..... 4) I constantly have to email customer service for support regarding various orders and the company honoring its reward policy. If Nine West is going to charge a restocking fee, the least it could do is actually honor its reward policy, but I digress. Nine West merges customer support emails regarding different orders which causes confusion. Don’t do that. I normally don’t write negative reviews, but had to in this situation. The shoes are nice, but the consistently horrible customer service, snail shipping, and restocking fees are clear indicators Nine West does not value its customers. So again, buyer beware."

Ashley E. Alston says

"I've spent A LOT of money... I have spent over $400 with Nine West in the last month, for this to be the second time I've been inconvenienced and it was not my fault! This is unacceptable! Completely unacceptable! I had to pay out of pocket for the last order I received because I was given the incorrect return information, now this?! Something else needs to be done! I do not intend to shop with Nine West or purchase any Nine West products every again after this SECOND unacceptable resolution, so a gift card that was offered to me will not suffice. I don't care if I have to take this matter to corporate as well as the unsatisfactory lack of resolution and compensation from the first order of almost $300 that I purchased, but something else needs to be done. I just placed another order 2 nights ago, and had I known this would be the case, I NEVER would have ordered from you all again. I hate this company and the lack of quality service and resolution that's been provided, especially to a customer who has gone out of their way to support this business. Who is the next person higher up that I need to speak to?"

Alex Asher says

"I would give 0 stars if I could!!! On November 19, I made a purchase on for 2 pairs of Quizme Platform Boots (one in black and the other in brown). I completed the order by doing the payment and my money got taken away immediately - most trustworthy websites don't do that, they wait until the order is processed, shipped and/or even delivered! Anyway that was a first red flag, then I waited to receive a confirmation email... I did NOT get one. So I called customer service and asked why, and they said the email I told them on the phone did not match the one they had for the order (which is quite weird, since I wrote down my email address during the checkout - second red flag!). Once I got my tracking number after that conversation, I discovered they had somehow not only altered my information, but one of the items as well! I called costumer service again and spoke to another representative asking why I was about to be delivered the wrong item and if I could send it back as soon as it got it. They REFUSED! on the basis that this item they changed from my order that they're sending me is in "final sale" and can't be returned. As a petite person with a very small frame, I would never buy the "Wide Calf" version of the same product as you all can imagine; I ordered the SAME boot in different colours NOT different styles! This is a straight up scam! There is something fundamentally wrong with this website for this many errors to occur in one purchase and the company clearly DOES NOT CARE about their clients. So BUYERS BEWARE! I would 100% advice people not trust this website and to save their money and not make the mistake I made of choosing this Brand. Will definitely not buy from them again. I wish I had read the review on here before buying from their website!"

Ana says

"They wait 2 weeks to answer my questions and did not receive my order, they said was too late, bad costumer care. I will not buy anymore shoes from this horrible company"

jam says

"worst customer service experience. You return an item that was wrong on fault of nine west. And they refused to send me back my refund. Horrible customer service."

Twila Mason Manneh says

"I've shopped at nine west since years ago. The quality of Nine West isn't up to par. Recently in March 2020 I purchased 7 pairs of shoes and 3 purses. In June 2020 I wore one pair of shoes to an event and stepping out of the car my strap popped. I called customer care line to see if nine west stores had in store repair and lady said no. She offered to replace the shoe but I had no return label because I assumed the quality was just as good from years ago but I was wrong. The lady did send me an email stating they would ship a return label never received it. I took it as a loss. Second shoe I wore started coming apart at the sole. I figured it would stop there but as I wore shoe a second time the whole sole came apart from the shoe. I called and talked to a manager about it she told me both shoes were 6 months past replacement. I asked what am I supposed to so with the shoes. Her reply was that's your choice. I was furious!! Do not buy from them THE WORST QUALITY SHOES! Wal-Mart shoes are better quality than nine west."

Ov Nock says

"Bad business I went on the website and saw a pair of shoes I wanted. It was clearly written 40% off of price as marked. There was no promotion code, so I went to check out and the 40% did not come off. I called customer service and customer service person name Shelby said the shoes were not on sale. We went back and forth. I screened shot the page, so I could have it. She (Shelby) said her supervisor said I could have 20%. I did not accept that. Nine west would not honor what was showing on their website. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN."

Meghan Scott says

"I’ve purchased 8 styles of shoes (10+ pairs total, including reorders) from over the past 2 months. I’m a patient person and have really liked things from the Nine West label in the past, so I gave them every chance to get it right. EVERY aspect of my experience has been a nightmare. There’s a laundry list of issues so if you want the short version, it’s this: Avoid this company like the plague if you don’t want to throw your $ down the drain, waste your precious time, or have anxiety and frustration as a result of dealing with them. They are, without exaggeration, shysters. Liars and thieves... Issues below: -Sent 2 different sized shoes in the same box for one item. The reorder contained matching sizes that were still 2 different lengths (apprx. 1/2 inch). Paid two different prices for both. -Merchandise in general is cheap and poor quality/uncomfortable. They charge way too much $ for it. -Refunds are taking forever to come through with no communication from the company that they’ve received my return or are processing it. -Every aspect of their website is misleading or flat-out dishonest: Size chart is wrong, customer policies aren’t actually honored/lack of transparency, online claim forms don’t actually work (as explained by a live customer service rep) but their website doesn’t explain that, merchandise color in photos is misleading, etc. -They make you do extra work to resolve mistakes they caused. They also make you eat a $7.00 per order loss to return merchandise that they screwed up. I had 3 different customer service reps respond to an issue in the same email thread. -Their website is a mess: Difficult to navigate/slow load times/load errors. My Rewards discount didn’t qualify for the order I placed so I didn’t get the $$ off, but they took my reward points away anyway. They then refused to honor the original price I paid for a size exchange on the same exact item (which they told me they’d do in an email) because I attempted to use said non-functioning discount code."

Aileen Rosario says

"I have been a Loyal customer for years, even when returning and been charged a re-stocking fee of $6.95. but i will stop purchasing as there shoes are becoming a poor quality, there customer service are very unprofessional, and they don't honor exchanges. they will refund your money and you must wait over 14 days ! done"

andy Kwon says

"So I returned some shoes I bought online and after over a month I emailed customer service to see if they received my return. I gave my name and address and the stuff I returned. They told me that if I don’t have a tracking number they will not give me my refund. I have never dealt with a company that said if I don’t have a tracking number that they won’t give me my refund. Can’t they just look up my return with my address and name? Horrible!! I will never shop at nine west again"

Jackie Jones says

"I will NEVER order Nine West online again!!! I've done plenty of shopping online with a lot of retailers during this pandemic, and I've made returns several times. Nine West was the only one to reduce my refund by shipping, and it took them forever to do that!"

Devin Vinson says

"I purchased multiple pairs of boots from them and sent them back bc they looked terrible. 13 days later and they have credited one of my returns. I will never purchase anything else from them ever again."

Tina says

"I’ll never shop at Nine West’s online store again. I purchased the Mana ankle strap leather sandal during their after Thanksgiving sale. I received my item and saw that one of the sandal was damaged, the leather was creased so I called customer service and asked if I can exchange for another pair. The representative stated that they do not do exchanges but I can get a refund and repurchase. I asked if I’ll be honored the original purchased that I got them for and she stated no. She said that’s the drawback that they don’t honor the sale price. I’ll never shop at their online site again. It’s better to go get their shoes at other shoes/department stores. Never shop at their site because if you ever receive a damage item you’re either stuck with it or losing out on the deal if you return."

Juliza Castillo says

"Customer service horrible I purchase a silver pumps on sale for $33 badly that I choose the wrong size I return the shoes and about a week I call requesting the refund. The customer representative told that going to send me a gift card for the amount of $27 because they charge $6 dollars for restocking. I not only mad for what happened but if I knew were be a gift won’t make the mistake to purchase the shoes again with the right size instead to wait for the gift card now not only lost $6 but I end that with a gift card $27 that I am not going to used. Not happy hate such company as Nine West don’t have good customers service such as one how take the call saying rules are rules and no one can’t break it, really! I hope this will aware others customer to make sure what they are purchasing."

Toronto Real Estate with Di_Di_ says

"I get Nine West closed the stores in Canada but the company which still operate will not honour my gift card. Why would they sell gift cards you can’t use?"

Gregory L. says

"Poor services! Don't recomend"

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